How To Protect Your Food Production And Storage From Moisture?

Did you know that improper moisture management can cause food to spoil and lead to product recalls? Controlling and managing moisture levels are an important part of food production and storage, yet often it is an overlooked aspect. The importance of controlling moisture levels in food production and storage, as well as how to achieve optimal results. 

To produce and store food, controlling the moisture levels in the air is crucial. Too little moisture can make food brittle and tough, while too much will cause it to rot. Controlling the humidity also prevents the growth of mold and bacteria, which can contaminate food and cause illness. In commercial food production facilities and warehouses, integra boost packs can be used to keep the moisture levels under control.

Need For Moisture Control 

Here are the reasons explained for the need for moisture and humidity control to protect the food and storage. 

  • Minimizing The Risk Of Mold

Mould is a common problem in food production and storage, as it can cause illness and spoil food. Because humidity levels are so important, you should use a humidity control pack to keep mold at bay. In fact, if you are storing food products or running a commercial kitchen, the FDA recommends using them in any area where there is a risk of moisture buildup. 

They are also popular among home cooks who want their ingredients to stay fresh longer. Humidity packs come in two main varieties: gel-based or silica gel-based. Gel-based packs are more flexible than silica ones but tend not to last as long. They usually need replacing every three months on average while silica tends to last up to six months before being replaced. 

Silica packs are also easier for many people because they don’t require refrigeration. The gel packs need refrigeration even when dry because microbes can grow inside them over time if left at room temperature for too long. But make sure never ever put wet gels into your fridge!

Integra Boost Packs Keeps Food Safe From Low Humidity

  • Keeping Food Fresh And Edible

One of the most important aspects of food production and storage is maintaining proper humidity levels. This is true for both dry and refrigerated foods, as well as for frozen food storage. Keeping your food fresh and edible is important when it comes to keeping customers happy, but it can also help you avoid costly spoilage and loss due to power outages or other conditions that interfere with refrigeration. 

By training your employees on how to control moisture in their specific facility, you can ensure that all products remain safe for consumption. Even during times of emergency or unexpected loss of power. The best way found to accomplish this goal at our facility has been by using boost integra packs

These packets release an allergen-free powder into the air. It helps maintain consistent humidity levels while keeping airborne particles away from your product lineups! You want to make sure that your food is safe for consumption. This means that you will need to use humidity control packets. The moisture in the air can affect the quality of your product, so it’s important that you keep an eye on it.

  • Prolonging The Shelf-Life Of Produce

One of the biggest problems that produce companies face is the fact that their products have a very short shelf-life. This means they will have to throw away food products before their expiration date, and this not only wastes money but also harms our environment. To combat this problem, some companies are using drying techniques to extend the shelf-life of their products. 

Drying preserves produce by removing moisture from them. This halts or slows down fermentation and putrefaction processes? Both of which cause spoilage or rotting in food products. In addition to providing better control over the supply chain and reducing costs due to less waste, these methods also allow stores to sell fresh produce for as long as possible. It is done while maintaining high-quality standards throughout every step of production and storage. 


Since it is a component of food production and storage, too much humidity can cause food spoilage. Also, too little humidity can hinder the growth of some foods. In the former, ensuring that produce is exposed to the right levels of humidity can help to extend its shelf life. Whereas in the latter, maintaining an appropriate level of moisture helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. 

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when it comes to humidity control. It includes temperature and air circulation, equipment selection, and product storage. Packs like integra boost 62 4 gram maintain the humidity level preserving the quality and safety of food products. The topic of humidity control is a broad one that has important ramifications in both the food production and storage industries!

Chad Marshman

I work as a Manager at Humiboost which offers the best humidity control packs to cure and maintain your valuable harvest. Our solutions are 99% biodegradable, non-toxic, salt-free, and FDA compliant.

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