How to Shop For Parker O-Rings

If you are shopping for a new Parker O Rings, there are several factors to consider. Here are some important factors to consider: Size, Material, and Application. You should also consider whether the material is chemically compatible. If you’re not sure which type of o-ring to buy, read this article. It will help you find the perfect Parker O-Ring. It will also help you determine which type of application Parker O-Rings is best suited for.


O-Rings are the most common type of seal in the world. Morover, available in a variety of materials, they are highly versatile and can be used in a variety of projects. The Parker O-Ring Company is a leader in the manufacturing of o-rings for a wide range of applications. Parker o-rings are ideal for applications where pressure, temperature, and aggressive chemistry are grup Escort

Parker o-rings are available in a variety of hardness levels, polymers, and compounds. A knowledgeable customer service representative can assist in determining which material is right for their application. With unmatched experience, Parker o-ring experts are able to help customers select the proper o-rings for a variety of applications. They are committed to providing complete customer satisfaction. A Parker O-Ring Selector tool helps customers find the right o-ring based on their specific needs.

The O-Ring Selector tool is designed to make choosing the proper material and size easy. The O-Ring Selector tool covers both metric and imperial standards. The tool utilizes a database of sealing materials and a calculation platform to help companies choose the correct O-Ring for their applications. The tool includes the operating temperature, fluids, and dimensional control into account when determining the ideal material and size.


When you’re shopping for o-rings for your automobile, it’s important to know the correct size and type. To help you out, Parker offers o-ring size charts in both metric and standard sizes. You can also check out the Parker O-Ring Selector to find the perfect fit and material for your vehicle. These guides are available at many auto parts stores. However, they are especially helpful if you’re shopping online.

This Parker O-Ring size chart includes all of the sizes available for all of the different types of o-rings. It is important to note that this chart does not represent the actual size of the O-rings. Nonetheless, it provides a helpful guide in identifying the correct size. The Parker O-Ring size chart is the best guide for determining the correct size for your automobile. It also lists the common sizes, such as sizes 5, 58, and 63.

The OD, ID, and Cross Section of the O-Ring are important measurements for it. Using these measurements, you can determine the proper size for your vehicle and the specific application. Make sure you take measurements in millimeters for accuracy. Taking these measurements is an important part of choosing the correct size for your vehicle. You’ll need to know the size of the O-Ring to avoid any problems in the future.


Parker produces nitrile polyurethane O-rings for a variety of applications. These compounds are made by reacting a polyol with a diisocyanate or polymeric isocyanate. The result is a material that is exceptionally durable, while also being lightweight and easy to install. Its low thermal expansion and shrinkage coefficients and lack of twisting make it an excellent choice for a variety of applications.

Parker offers an extensive range of O-Ring sizes and materials, as well as a variety of compounds. The Sealing Guide from Parker explains the range of capabilities available through the Parker O-Ring Division. The guide emphasizes the company’s commitment to quality and focuses on Controlled Batch Identification (CBI) programs to ensure consistent quality. The materials used in these O-Rings operate effectively in a wide variety of environments.

Chemical compatibility

Whether you’re looking for a high-performance seal or a simple seal replacement, the wide variety of Parker O-Rings will meet your requirements. Parker O-Rings are available in a wide range of compounds, and their application versatility is virtually endless. Whether you’re working on a high-volume assembly, or you’re looking for a replacement for an existing O-ring, Sealing Devices has you covered. As an Authorized Distributor of Parker O-Rings, they will help you find the right product to meet your needs. Parker O-Rings are well known for their quality and tight tolerances. That means you can count on Parker O-rings to perform well in harsh environments, even in extreme Beşiktaş Escort conditions.

There’s a section in the Parker O-Ring Handbook dedicated to chemical compatibility. Here, you can find information about hundreds of common chemicals and their reactions to Parker O-Rings. Section VII of the handbook lists each compound, along with its recommended Parker O-ring compound. The Handbook also provides a general compatibility rating for each compound – a number one means it’s compatible with the chemical, a 2 means it’s somewhat compatible, a 3 indicates there’s a high degree of compatibility, and a 4 is highly unsatisfactory.

Dimensional control

When it comes to finding the perfect o-ring, you have many options. Depending on your application and budget, you can choose between a variety of materials and styles. Parker is one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality o-rings and can provide the o-ring solution you need. For example, if you’re looking for an inexpensive material that has excellent dimensional control, consider nylon. Additionally, Parker’s Kalrez elastomers offer outstanding performance characteristics. All of these materials are FDA-compliant and are suitable for use in food contact applications.

In addition to the vast selection of materials available for Parker O-Rings, the company also uses ISO 9001 quality management system to ensure the highest standards in production. This ensures that the O-rings you purchase will be free of contamination and will last for years to come. Whether you’re working on a product for a food service application or need a critical medical seal, Parker is the company to turn to.

When selecting the perfect O-Ring for your application, it’s essential to understand the dimensions of the product. Using the Parker O-Ring Size Chart can help you determine which size will fit your application. This chart lists nominal and metric dimensions and provides a list of the different material and size combinations compatible with Parker O-Rings. This chart is consistent with AS568A and will help you select the correct o-ring for your application.

Chemical resistance

For decades, Parker Hannifin has been a leading manufacturer of O-rings for a variety of industries, including aerospace, fluid power, semiconductors, and oil and gas. Sealing Devices has a vast selection of O-rings, including hundreds of sizes. Our Parker O-rings are made by engineers with unmatched experience in developing and manufacturing precision-engineered seals, which are designed to ensure the safety of the equipment.

O-rings made from fluorocarbon or FKM are excellent choices for a wide range of applications, from hydraulic and pneumatic systems to oil and gas pipelines. These polymers combine good chemical and thermal resistance. As a result, they are popular in the aerospace industry. Fluorocarbon O-rings can withstand temperatures of -65°F and can even withstand up to 450°F.

If you’re concerned about the chemical compatibility of Parker O-Rings, you should read the Parker O-Ring Handbook. The handbook features an extensive list of over 1,800 chemicals and shows their compatibility ratings against the most common o-ring materials. The Handbook lists each chemical by its comrades and gives an overall rating, from one to four. One means the compound is compatible, two is fair, three is questionable, and four is unsuitable.

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If you are looking for high-quality, affordable O-Rings, Parker is the brand you’re looking for. Furthermore, its O-Ring division offers several materials that have passed NSF 61 standards, making them safe for use in North America, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Also, these materials are certified by NSF International, an industry regulating agency established in 1944 and recognized by the American National Standards Institute. The company has more than 100 different products in its catalog, and can also custom manufacture a product for your specifications.

The company offers thousands of different O-Rings, and its team of applications engineers is available to help you find the right ones for your needs. Located in the USA, they are an Authorized Distributor of Parker O-Rings. Parker is a world-renowned manufacturer of seals, with high-quality standards and tight tolerances. They also offer a complete line of O-rings that can withstand higher temperatures and aggressive chemistries.

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