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How to use a shower chairs safely for elderly people ?

Shower chairs allow people with mobility challenges to feel more at ease while taking showers, and they do so by providing a stable perch within the shower on which to sit without fear of falling in. Those who are unable to move freely, have weak muscles, or have poor balance are at a heightened risk of falling. Because of the wet and slippery circumstances common in restrooms, the danger level is high.

But not many seniors share the enthusiasm of today’s youth regarding the convenience of the shower. The deterioration in mobility and flexibility that comes with age, along with the slippery surfaces of the shower or tub, can make bathing a difficult task for the elderly.

What exactly is a shower chair ?

The seat can stay in the shower or be moved from the tub to the shower with the user. These have a plastic seat, metal legs, and non-slip rubber feet. Chairs and transfer benches can make getting in and out of the tub easier.

What exactly is a shower chair ?
What exactly is a shower chair ?

Using a shower chair makes taking a shower much less dangerous and more convenient. If you’re recovering from an injury or have trouble getting around due to illness or handicap, a shower chair may become a frequent presence in your bathroom. Despite their frequent appearance in hospitals, recliners and tub benches are equally useful in the privacy of one’s own home.

However, the seats of some higher-end models are made of teak wood. For this reason, many people choose to choose teak for their bathroom fixtures. The legs of the vast majority of shower stools are made of metal and may be adjusted to a number of different heights. Suction cups are a common feature of rubber feet designed for use in the shower or bath.

As the name suggests, this is a rather particular variety of seat. As it can be taken anywhere and set up in seconds, it’s perfect for those with limited mobility who need to use the restroom frequently. The main objective of this product is to prevent bathers from sliding and falling.

How to use the Shower Chair safely?

We described the precautions everyone, not just seniors, should take when utilizing any of the shower chairs indicated in the introduction.

Seating unit

Place the seat in the tub or shower. Seniors rarely use shower chairs without tubs or shower enclosures.

Place it there right away, taking all measure to guarantee its stability. No movement, wobbling, or slanting of the shower seat is permitted. You should move it if it is unstable.

In order to prevent the legs from becoming out of level, it’s crucial that all four rubber feet make contact with the tub or shower floor.

Sturdy shower chair are best

Verify that the shower chair is sturdy. You should always take extra precautions to keep yourself safe. The placement of a pad beneath the shower chair significantly minimizes the senior’s risk of falling through the shower floor.

Sturdy shower chair are best
Sturdy shower chair are best

Search for a flat mat that won’t move about on the floor. In addition to preventing your elderly loved one from sliding and falling in the shower, a non-slip mat will stop the shower chair from piling up on the floor. If it did, there’s a risk of injury from tripping over it that would be unwanted.

For ease of usage, shower caddies can be shifted to the other side of the tub or shower cubicle. The entire caddy could suddenly lose its grasp and collapse to the ground thanks to those suction cups.

In addition, you ought to check the rim of the tub and the floor. From soap dishes to bottles, everything that can break or get in the way needs to be removed.

Height of the chair

The shower chair should be adjusted to the proper height prior to a senior taking a bath or shower (for info on how to do this, see section below: How To Measure For A Shower Chair).

A chair shouldn’t be too high if the user can’t flatly place their feet on the floor or too low if getting out of it is difficult. The user will have ample room to spread out entirely if the chair is the appropriate height.

Assemble the chair so that your seat is in the center. Your loved one is all set to take a bath, so it’s time to help them into the shower chair. In order to make the journey easier, you may either move them manually from one place to another or use a shower bench.

Elderly people should also learn shower chair use. Avoiding the edge prevents being swept off. Instead, until they have finished the shower, they should remain seated in the center of the chair.

How do I know which shower chair is best?

Having equipment with parts that are resistant to water and corrosion is essential for its use in wet environments. Frames can be made from either aluminum or plastic. Generally speaking, the cost of aluminum exceeds that of plastic. Hard plastic seats, mesh chairs, and antimicrobial fabric seats are all available. The chair needs to be easy to clean and resistant to water.

How do I know which shower chair is best?
How do I know which shower chair is best?

People with low vision will appreciate how easy it is to distinguish between different things thanks to the use of contrasting colors. In an effort to raise awareness and prevent slips and falls in the shower, certain seats are painted a vivid blue hue.

Size and shape

Shower seats come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Between 250 and 400 pounds is the normal range for a chair’s weight capacity. For people above a few hundred pounds, there is a bariatric variant.

Walk-in showers and bathtubs, as well as their chairs and stools, come in several sizes. Before buying a shower chair, it’s important to measure your shower or bathroom carefully, as not all types are compatible with all layouts. There are seats that are leaner and can be fixed on the wall or placed inside the tub, as well as those that can be used in walk-in showers.

Long immersion period in water

Avoid prolonged water immersion for skin health. Perforations in the base of some shower chairs drain water. It’s possible that the shower seat will stay cleaner for longer if there aren’t any puddles to impede the drying process.


Consideration should be given to both comfort and support when selecting a shower chair’s size and form. A triangle-shaped mattress or one with an easy-to-adjust slant will reduce hip surgery discomfort. A shallow or narrow seat might cause a fall, which is painful and dangerous. Swimming safely depends on how well the seat supports and stabilizes you at the proper height.

Bathing’s end goal is cleanliness, so every method that contributes to that end must be considered. A perineal cut out on a shower chair makes it easy to access private areas that would be inconvenient to reach from a standard chair.

Length of leg

Most shower chairs include height-adjustable legs, but not all. If you take the time to determine your height range, you might select a chair that is a perfect match for you. The level of support required by different users falls along a range.  Suction cups, rubber pads, or swiveling, lockable casters are all viable options for feet.

You can find best shower chair at Mobility Access Modifications (MAM)  as they provide free shipping on all of their superior Shower Chairs and Bathing & Toileting Products.

Concluding remarks

Shower chairs help disabled persons bathe safely and comfortably and decrease bathroom accidents. Being able to bathe without falling improves quality of life and autonomy.

Consider the chair’s overall size, seat dimensions, weight capacity, height adjustment, construction material,  feet, cushioned or unpadded seat, and swivel or slide motion.

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