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How to Use the WhatsApp API to Engage With Customers

You can learn a tonne about Gen Y clients if you let them interact however they like. The established business procedures have been altered by millennials. Most of the time, all that matters to them is whether you are quick and reachable. As a result, many of the rich messaging applications on the market today are built to do both.

Engaging with clients on WhatsApp is one such new development. With over 1.5 billion users in 180 countries, it is without a doubt one of the most widely used messaging programmes. You must, by law, be present where your customers are. Businesses across sectors need to use and install an authorized WhatsApp business solution provider to enhance CX in light of these figures and the Millennial generation’s increased expectations in terms of financial flexibility. 

While WhatsApp can help your business in a variety of ways, here are seven ways to use the WhatsApp API Malaysia to increase client engagement:

1. Using WhatsApp to handle time-sensitive notifications. 

With a registered business account, businesses may use the completely automated WhatsApp Journey Builder to respond to customer inquiries and deliver immediate alerts like tickets, time-limited offers, crisis communication, and more within the WhatsApp environment. By starting a dialogue and lowering human error rates, it puts you closer to your customers.

2. Gather client feedback 

52 percent of respondents think businesses should act on customer feedback. 

Customer reviews ought to be just as important to your company as everything else. Additionally, brands shouldn’t hesitate to contact customers and ask for their input when there is a great channel like WhatsApp. 

One of the most important instruments for gathering consumer feedback and gauging client mood is the conversational flow of the channel.

3. Avoid making your consumers wait on hold for an extended period of time. 

If you use IVR systems for customer service, you’re probably sick of hearing Millennials gripe about how slow they are and senior citizens lament how difficult it is to navigate a long telephone menu. There will be no more of it because there is a straightforward fix available in the form of WhatsApp Business API. Customers can simply phone the official toll-free number and leave a missed call. Automatic call termination results in the sending of a message on WhatsApp from a registered business account. 

4. A hybrid strategy for customer service that guarantees complete customer pleasure. 

While it’s great that a rule-based WhatsApp business solution provider can respond to client questions, there may be instances where the consumer has to speak with an agent since their question is complex. It is advantageous to have a Live Agent function connected to your WhatsApp Business account so that an agent may respond to inquiries that WhatsApp is unable to understand.

5. Make use of WhatsApp’s built-in features. 

You simply have all you need if you have access to the WhatsApp Business API. Sharing of any kind of media is made possible. Sending QR codes, contacts, papers, locations, and other information to your consumers will increase their involvement.

6. Easily streamline the order management cycle. 

When a buyer purchases a goods online, numerous organizations work together to deliver the item. Customers must receive real-time notifications throughout this cycle until it shows up at their door. You can improve this experience even more by enabling consumers to submit location information, log digital signatures, and streamline return procedures using WhatsApp Business API.

7. Improve client engagement by providing them information about deals, rewards, and reminders. 

Customer engagement is increasing by sending product marketing campaigns, current offers, reminders, and loyalty points that can be redeeming for incentives straight to customers’ contacts via WhatsApp. 

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