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How WPC Door Frames Are Better Than PVC

Comparing WPC and PVC door frames

Many of you still seem to be unsure about whether to use WPC or PVC to construct door frames, as we have discovered. In order to clear up all of your misunderstandings and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of both the materials and how they differ from one another, we have created this blog. WPC and PVC stand for wood plastic composite and polyvinyl chloride, respectively. We certainly cannot determine which of the two is a better option based just on their names, so let’s learn a little bit more about them.

Plastic wood composite (WPC)

Plastic wood composite (WPC)

A hybrid composite material called WPC is renowned for its versatility in shaping. It is created by mixing wood flour with thermoplastics. Although they are more resilient and can be recycled, wood-plastic composites have the texture and appearance of real wood. They are regarded as an excellent alternative to wood because of this.

The benefits of WPC-door frames are as follows:

The benefits of WPC-door frames are as follows:

  • WPC resists moisture.
  • It is not prone to decay.
  • It respects the environment.
  • It doesn’t corrode.
  • Both antimicrobial and warp-resistant, it.
  • It doesn’t need any additional surface covering.
  • Print and texture options allow for customization.
  • It is portable, strong, and simple to maintain.
  • It is feasible to cut, nail, drill, and finish using common carpentry equipment.
  • Reasonable price

Vinyl chloride polymerization (PVC)

Vinyl chloride polymerization (PVC)

Due to its numerous applications, PVC is a material that is widely utilized in the building, transportation, packaging, electrical, and healthcare industries. In numerous applications right now, colored PVC board is utilized instead of metal, glass, concrete, and clay.

The benefits of PVC are as follows:

  • Abrasion resistance, small weight, mechanical strength, and toughness are technical benefits.
  • Both are simple to process and durable.
  • High organoleptic qualities, low carbon footprint, and clarity.
  • 100% biodegradable and safe.
  • Cost-effective

Which is better, then? Let’s examine this.

Why is WPC door frames superior to PVC?

Why is WPC door frames superior to PVC?

Although plastic-based components are utilized in the fabrication of both WPC and PVC, the two materials’ compositions are distinct. When using PVC, we must utilize extra materials to strengthen it. WPC doesn’t need any further strengthening, though. It has strength on its own.

  • In terms of density, WPC is more adaptable than PVC.
  • PVC is a more expensive choice than WPC.
  • When compared to PVC, WPC is stronger.
  • WPC is a very carpenter-friendly material.

The few distinct benefits of WPC over PVC are listed above. There are other justifications for to use of WPC in addition to these. It is weatherproof, UV resistant, and does not contract or expand with the changing of the seasons. It may be applied to a wide range of interior and external locations.

The use of WPC is going to keep growing in the future because top brands like EBYGGHANDEL.SE are working hard to guarantee that only the finest quality WPC-door frames are produced. Be sure to utilize WPC door frames, if you are restoring an existing house or building a new one. for further details about WPC visit my website.

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