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How Writing Affects Your Level of Stress

Humans experience stress as a result of a variety of life factors, including their age, gender, way of life, or jobs. Teenagers experience stress at school as a result of difficult studies, anxiety about meeting new friends, peer pressure, and exams. 

Adults experience stress as a result of being unemployed, having unsatisfying jobs, having unpaid expenses, having lousy coworkers or employers, and having unhealthy relationships and marriages. Age-related stress might be brought on by illnesses, retirement plans, or having to reside in nursing facilities.

Stress affects people differently. Some people risk obesity, heart failure, and ill health by indulging in junk food each time they feel pressured. Others use drugs and alcohol, which lead to addiction, dependency, poor decision-making, ill health, and strained relationships. 

Others turn to yoga, dancing, and exercise, while others sing or listen to music to decompress. While some of these coping techniques, such as alcohol, drugs, and junk food, can be helpful, others can be harmful. Techniques for reducing stress must also include reading and writing. 

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Why would you decide to read and write?

Reading makes it possible for people to put their attention on a virtual setting rather than the problems they are facing. When they’re immersed in their favorite novels, blogs, journals, or periodicals, they temporarily forget the things that are upsetting them.

So how does reading help with stress relief? It allows people to shift their attention away from stressful events and onto other things. Imagine reading headlines about how your favorite scientist is close to coming up with a practical solution that will change many people’s lives. Consider reading a suspense novel where the protagonist, after years of agony and battle, manages to capture the villains.

How do these situations make you feel? Despite the stressful circumstances, your mind calms down and you are able to find tranquilly. Additionally, you gain the mental clarity needed to manage the stress in an adult manner. Finally, you start to feel optimistic that the difficult situation will improve. Reading is entertaining and educational in addition to the following:


  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Lowers the heart rate
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Drops stress levels
  • Reduces stress faster than walking and drinking hot beverages

Further Reasons

It is important to understand that assigned readings do not help with stress management. Newspapers, emails, bills, and traffic signs are examples of required texts. The books, periodicals, and articles that students read for academic purposes are considered obligatory readings for them. Such material might increase your tension, especially if the subject matter is challenging and you are working on a project with a tight deadline. 

In these situations, you might decide to get help from reputable and knowledgeable experts. Some reading materials are also highly sad, which could make people feel more stressed. Avoid reading such things because they don’t help you relax. Instead, read things that make you feel better because doing so will give you more energy to face your problems.


How Writing Can Be Used to Reduce Stress

Writing can be a useful method for reducing stress when used as part of your daily practice. With a variety of ways, writing can help in stress management.( Khaleghipour. 2022)


Provides a Break

Your mood can be substantially enhanced by taking a break from the things or people in your life that cause you stress. To prepare for writing, gather your ideas in an area that is preferably calm and free of interruptions. As a result, writing can offer a way for you to get away from the things that are stressing you out. 


Helps Identify Triggers

You can learn to recognize stressful events over time by keeping a notebook and tracking your reactions to them. Even just writing can be a stress-relieving activity. Reflecting on what you wrote will help you understand your stressors and reaction tendencies much better.

Looking back at your journal can provide you insight into your stressors as well as help you spot patterns that may enable you to lessen your stress or enhance how you handle stress.


Provides Perspective

Writing reduces stress by offering you a vantage point from which to see your issues. When you’re feeling overburdened, you can look at all of your issues and believe they’re too huge to handle. You may become more anxious and overwhelmed as a result of this.

Look at your issues from a different angle when you sit down to write in your journal. This might be able to learn more about how you handle challenges through writing.


Enables expression

Convey how you feel about your stress by writing in your journal. May gain new perspectives on your pressures thanks to this technique. You might discover new information or develop a new perspective on the issues that are stressing you when you start to write.

As you write about your issue, you might also come up with a solution. It’s comparable to what takes place when you discuss a topic with someone. Simply by having someone listen to your concerns, you can frequently convince yourself that a solution is the best one.


Releases Emotions

You can let go of the tension and feelings you’ve been holding inside by writing. You’ll likely discover that writing down your difficulties feels like a pressure release once you get into the habit of doing so. Even though it won’t likely change significantly in the short time it took you to compose the entry, you’ll feel lighter after finishing it.

 You could have to write a lot of essays throughout your university education. Each one offers you the chance to present your thoughts and the study you have done. (thedissertationhelp.co.uk, 2020)

Your writing must be accurate, precise, and succinct though if you want to make sure you earn the grades you deserve. Essay editing service Uk based steps in to help with this.


Offers a Private Form of Expression

The most impartial entity possible is a private diary. When you write about your stress, you can do it without being concerned that your feelings or your response to a stressful event will be judged or otherwise criticized. 

Your journal is, after all, a personal space where you can write introspectively. Without the fear of someone reading or listening in, you can express yourself however irritated, unhappy, or angry you want.



Take your favorite book, whether it is a cookbook, a sports book, a recent book by one of your favorite writers, or just a book you enjoy reading over and over. Get some peace and quiet and spend some time alone with the book. Are you considering penning your thoughts down?

 Take out your journal and write what’s on your mind. Whether it’s your life goals or the emotions you find difficult to express to others, write about everything that is bothering you. You should only write what comes naturally to you. 

Continue writing until the tension and sadness you were experiencing are replaced by calmness and peace.

Once you have finished reading or writing, it will seem as though a weight has been lifted from your head.

As a result, always have engaging reading material or a notebook and pen with you for times when you’re feeling worried.



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