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Import Google Takeout to New Account – How is it?

Articlesall | Summary: If you are one of those who want to import Google Takeout to new account and upload the Google Archive to a New Account? If yes, stay here. In this blog, you will learn the process of how you can quickly export Google Takeout into a New Account. Then, read the complete article to know the way to upload Google Takeout to New Account.

“How to Import Google Takeout to New Account?” Can I Upload Google Takeout Data to my Google Account? Well, Google Takeout is a project by Google Data Liberation Front by Google Inc. By using these features, a user can easily archive Google data (emails, photos, contacts, etc.) on their local computer.

As we all know that the Google Takeout process is the quickest way to extract Google data from Google accounts. But, Google doesn’t offer to restore task out data to Google Accounts. Due to some situations or reasons, many users are seeking a solution to import Google takeout to a new account.

“There are several users who still suffer for the same but cannot get a resultant result for the uploading Google takeout to new account. They also tried a manual method to solve their issue. As it is a time taking process & cannot allow users to upload multiple Google takeout into a new account. Here is the perfect solution to complete this task successfully without losing any data.”

Nowadays, the email restore process is one of the most important tasks. Importing Google Takeout into a New Account or Another Google Account is one of them. In this post, we will discuss the way to import Google Takeout to New Account. So, let us move towards. Let us move toward the process to overview these problems.

User Query!

“Hi, there are some reasons, I want to delete my current Google account. And, I import my all data (Archive Mail) to another Gmail account via Google takeout. But, I used the Google Takeout method, which caused some difficulties on my way. Please, someone, guide me on how I can upload Google Takeout Archive to a New Account manually?”

So, firstly we are going to discuss the automated solution which gives you an instant result & saves you time. After that, we will discuss a little intro to the manual method for you and then you can choose which one is best for your issue. So, let us move one by one.

Batch Import Google Takeout to New Account – Automated Solution

If you want to clarify that Google doesn’t offer to import Google Takeout into a New Account. And, if you want to upload Google Archive to a New Account, try the Best Way to Convert MBOX to PST Software. This utility is completely risk-free and comes with an easy-to-use platform.

Therefore, with this tool, you can upload Google Takeout data into other savings like PST, and more. It works successfully on all the versions of Windows operating systems. So, this software can easily import multiple Google Takeout Archive Files such as Inbox. mbox, Sent. mbox, Draft.mbox, Trash. mbox, and label.mbox files.

In the section, we will discuss its working steps to upload Google Takeout to a new account easily.

Step By Step Guide Software Working

Follow these working processes for sufficient results for your query using automated software. Let us take a look at the same!

1. Install the software on your Windows system and click the “Add File” button to proceed to the next window.
2. Windows appears to select the MBOX Files option and click the Next button
3. Now, browse and add the MBOX files from the local computer
4. Preview MBOX emails and attachments
5. Now you have 2 options:

  • Either click the Export button from the ribbon bar to export all the data
  • Or, select the checkboxes and right-click to choose the Export option for exporting selective MBOX emails

6. Finally, select the PST radio button and click Export to start converting MBOX files to PST format.

These are the complete steps to import multiple Google Takeout to New Account without losing any single data in it. This also saves your time & efforts to complete your procedure successfully using tools. Now, we are moving toward the manual method and then you can easily understand which solution is the perfect way for uploading the Google Takeout into a New Account. Let’s begin!

Manual Method to Import Google Takeout to New Account

Users can use Google Takeout to import the entire details from Google mail in various ways. However, you can extract everything that you used in your Google Account like – images, videos, contacts, and so the pack in one .zip and .tgz file format. You can download data from your Google account manually:-

Run the Google Entire Details Using Google Takeout

  • Firstly, Go to your Google Account and log in.
  • Now, Press on the download your data option, select only the Mail option, and continue to click on the Next tab
  • Select the Send Download link via email, from the delivery option
  • Then, pick the .zip option from the file type option
  • After that, as per your need, you can select archive file size (1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 10Gb, 50GB). Press to Create Archive tab
  • Start the Process of Google Takeout archive and wait for it
  • When you receive this message: “Download Archive” the Google emails will be saved in your Downloads folder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Does the Software give the Facilities to Import Old Google Takeout to New Account?

A 1: Yes, this tool supports new and old Google Takeout files without any issues. And, you can easily upload Google Takeout to New Account without any issue.

Q 2: How Can I Upload Google Takeout Data to New Account?

A 2: Follow the below steps to upload Google Archive to a New Google Account-

  • Run the software on your Windows.
  • Now, select Google Takeout files with dual selection options
  • Choose the required email folders from the list
  • And, pick Gmail or G Suite option in the Saving Option list
  • Finally, click on the next to upload Google Takeout to New Account.

Q 3: Can I Use this Application On My Window 10*64 Professional Computer?

A 3: Yes, the recommended software supports all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

Final Words

In this blog, we have discussed how to Import Google Takeout to New Account? Manual method & automated solution for an easy process. As the manual method is a little complex to import multiple Google Takeout to a New account. So, here you get an automated software that will help you to upload multiple Google Takeout into a New Account risk-free. This was a supportive tool for novice users. Read more to know more details for the same.

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