Importance of Road Safety

With the fast growth in the number of cars on the road and strained traffic conditions, road safety is one of the most urgent public concerns in our country right now.

Road traffic accidents harm people, communities, and countries, and this issue impacts pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. Accidents and road traffic injuries cost individuals and overwhelm healthcare systems, resulting in significant losses with more profound social and economic impacts.

According to the Cambridge English dictionary, road safety involves educating people on how to drive and cross safely. Road safety refers to procedures and practices that reduce the possibility of accidents or injuries that might cause significant health issues, death, or property damage.

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So, road safety is the set of practices that identify road traffic problems and other aspects that contribute to accidents or injuries, and adequate measures by ordinary people and law to avoid deaths and injuries due to accidents by educating drivers and pedestrians about responsible road sharing and protecting vulnerable road users, etc.

Why educate students on road safety?

Students in their early years require help for every risky job, such as utilizing the highways. Some students know signals and zebra crossings but can’t detect traffic, judge vehicle speed, and distance, or know when to cross the road.

  • As Students grow and mature, they learn how to be safe on the roadways.
  • As parents, teachers, and caregivers, we must teach our students about natural traffic settings, together with adult supervision, so that they can utilize the roadways safely.
  • Every youngster should learn road safety since it’s so important.
  • Shared roadways provide many dangers and injury risks, which affect everyone and are a crucial issue of discussion.
  • While most individuals suffer accidents, injury, and death, the threat is more significant for teenagers.
  • Young drivers or riders risk themselves and others on the road, especially pedestrians and bikers.
  • Young students require road safety activities and instruction more than we imagine.
  • Due to lack of awareness, young students are the most susceptible road users and victims of traffic accidents.

How do we educate road safety?

Age-appropriate instruction:

Teaching students about road safety isn’t easy since there are sensitive aspects to address. Students range from babies through preteens and adolescents; therefore, teaching road safety to them all cannot be the same.

A student may be exposed to shocking pictures of traffic crashes when we teach them about road safety. Think like a child and take steps to remove the Student from certain activities and talks about death, horrible injuries, etc.

When teaching road safety to students younger than five, constantly supervise them in traffic, even if you’re only there to converse or show them the surroundings. Hold your Student’s hand when crossing roads or near autos and explain its necessity.

Above-five-year-olds require adult supervision and help in traffic. If you’ve started early and your Student knows road safety standards, speak about signs and traffic lights, educate them on how to recognize the lights, explain where it’s safe to cross the road, etc.

Make learning pleasant:

To teach students, make learning entertaining and engaging. Because when we teach simply statistics and theory, students might get quickly distracted and disengaged.

You can develop specific techniques to follow while teaching them road safety awareness to keep them interested, such as creating a map of your child’s regular route, street names, relevant landmarks, and shops that your Student usually visits and teaching them about safety using the map.

You may play games like quizzes whenever you stroll with your Student to ask how to take a given route to the shop or what safety regulations they follow connected to crosswalks and crossings and help Students comprehend the importance of traffic signals in a fun manner.

Practical learning:

As we’ve discussed, merely knowing theory doesn’t help students absorb the impact of demonstrations. When you have the chance, go on a stroll with your Student to show the regulations of crossing the road, maintaining a particular space between cars, not wearing headphones while driving to hear an oncoming vehicle, etc.

If your Student takes buses often, take the school bus or ordinary buses with your Student for the first couple of days. Monitor their behaviour and explain to them the hazards of moving around in the bus, which can lead to falling when the brakes are applied suddenly. Always caution your Student to avoid moving bus doors and aisles.

Summing up:

Remember that students copy their parents and caregivers. If people witness you driving recklessly, it’ll affect them. Drive cautiously, respect traffic regulations, and include your Student in road safety programs, etc. Students are a product of their surroundings; therefore, seeing people who obey traffic regulations will undermine its relevance to them and benefit younger Students.

When teaching Students road safety, use the correct vocabulary. Students need to be educated about road safety regardless of age, but to what degree you wish to incorporate or omit your Student according to their age is your discretion as you know you’re Student best.

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