Introduction To Download APK Roots Free

Rooting is the best ability to make you a superuser or administrator. Most mobile users are Android OS mobile purchasers. They are created with the features and functions but some tech-minded people are not satisfied with them. They like to add more features and functions to their smart devices.

For that solution, we prepare this article specially for you to use APK Roots Free. When you have an idea to root your Android smart device Root Genius is the best that is the best APK Roots in this globe. No more doubts. We are in clear mind to provide you with the Root Genius APK root tool.

Root Genius Download Software Tool

Root Genius is the rooting tool created for only Android operating system devices by the team named Shuame from China. No matter where it is, It is the marketing best tool in the market. It is not in the online market it is famous all around the world.

Root Genius rooting tool that is designed with the fastest, easiest, and most supportive tool for getting all admin powers of the device to the  Android user. This tool helps for smartphones, tablets, or phablets and up to 10000 Android OS. When you download the software you have to click on the software at one time. That is why we call this a one-click rooting software tool. Also, you do not purchase with money. Because the tool is free.

Some facts about the APK root tool software

  • Also, you can get the Android root tool software to your Android operating system on smart mobile devices or tablets, or phablets
  • Root Android with pc is compatible with up to 10000 smart mobile devices. So you have the biggest chance to follow the rooting software application to get the superuser power of the mobile
  • APK Roots free  Android software tool has a user-friendly interface. So if you are professional or non-professional you can follow it without any basic knowledge or you do not want to 
  • Root Genius is a one-click tool that comes to the Windows OS computer or laptop also
  • When you download the fastest and easiest Genius root APK you can save time. So you can get that saving time for another work
  • Android OS  Root Genius is a one-clicking rooting tool. Once you download the Root Android with PC from the trusted website or official website to process, you wanna do is  taping a single click
  • Root Genius is the fastest and easiest rooting tool software available in the online market. So you can get the administrator power of the Android OS system behind the limitations manufactured companies very quickly
  • You will be the Superuser of your Android smart device 
  • You can do all the changes to the operating system after rooting
  • APK roots rooting software is supported in all versions
  • Not come only the APK version but also you can download it for PC platforms

Versions of APK roots-Download root tool APK

Are you happy with the interface of the Android smart mobile device? Most of the “no”. That’s why they decide to root the device. It is okay. Because you have the APK roots Root Genius is the fastest and smoothest rooting tool.

Root Genius is updated from time to time by the latest bugfix versions. Now you can make changes or modify the Android operating system beyond the limitations of the manufactured companies. You can make changes as your wish now. So below you can find the versions of APK roots.

  •  -v2.2.86 Root Genius tool
  •  -v2.2.84 Root Genius tool
  •  -v2.2.83 Root Genius tool
  •  -v2.2.82 Root Genius tool
  •  -v1.6.73 Root Genius tool
  •  -v1.6.69 Root Genius tool
  •  -v1.6.64 Root Genius tool
  •  -v1.4.55 Root Genius tool
  •  -v1.4.51 Root Genius tool
  •  -v1.3.48 Root Genius tool
  • -v1.3.47 Root Genius tool
  • -v1.1.33 Root Genius tool
  • -v1.0.23 Root Genius tool
  •  -v1.0.22 Root Genius tool
  •  -v1.0.21 Root Genius tool

In this list version Root Genius, v 2.2.86 is the latest one for supporting all the 10000 Android OS devices. If you have the Android smart mobile phones, tablets or phablets downloaded and wanna root follows the Root Genius.

Download the Root Genius App

  • First of all, unlock your phone to the root device
  • Download the Root Genius APK from the google store or trusted websites to the Android mobile phone
  • Go to the settings of your Android device
  • Select About phone the option
  • Enable the USB debugging on your Android mobile device
  • Then the app will appear on the home screen of  the mobile the device
  • Look in on the home screen and visit the App 
  • Tap on the “Root” option to start the process
  • Wait for a second to see the option “done”.
  • Now your mobile phone will restart. Here up you can change the changes as your wish
  • Also, you can check the strong rooting by downloading reliable root checkers

Why is Root Genius rooting tool software best?

Indeed Root Genius is the best rooting tool in the online market that only has a special feature for one click. You can not see like that tool ever. This is for free to every user who has Android OS devices. But other tools are depending on the purchasing. Other than that Root Genius has a simple easy-step guide to follow. Most of the tools are having longest steps. Those do not match every user.

Android versions that support the software Root Genius APK Download

If you like to get the administrator power of the smart Android device you must know the compatible Android versions. Then it will be easier before downloading APK roots free.

  • Sandwich
  • Gingerbread 
  • Honeycomb
  • P
  • Latest Oreo
  • Nougat
  • KitKat
  • Lollipop
  • Marshmallow
  • Jelly bean 
  • Ice cream

Is Root Genius safe?

Yeah.100% safe. when you root you are by using the Root Genius you do not want fear. It will root your data without loss. Other than you keep a full backup before downloading the software. That’s great always.

Credits to the Team

All credits go to the Shuame team which is the founder of the Root Genius. Always thanks to this for getting this opportunity to make you a superuser.

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