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Inventory Of Dog Ring Famous Luxury Replica Watches Brands, Not Only Rolex And Omega

If you like luxury replica watches,I believe you have heard of Rolex’s “Pepsi circle”,”Coke circle”and “Inter Milan circle”.

But I don’t know if the cousins know the “dog tooth ring”?What does the so-called “dog tooth ring”look like?
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In 1926,Rolex developed a design in which the bezel was screwed into the case to enhance water resistance.

Rolex engraved grooves on the bezel to ensure proper grip of special tools.

This is the famous triangular grooved bezel.

  • In fact, the dog tooth ring is the nickname of luxury replica watches friends for the “triangular pitted outer ring” of Rolex.

In fact ,it is because this kind of bezel is more like a shiny dog tooth, and some people call it the sun circle, which naturally comes from its sparkling in the sun.

  • As I said, today ,the dog ring has become the favorite of many watch lovers.

The outer ring was originally designed to be screwed and fastened waterproof.

But now ,in addition to the enhanced waterproof function, it is a screw upper ring that can be locked with the help of tools.

Both the bezel and the pits on the bottom of the luxury replica watches are actually just slots for locking tools.

But its decorative function cannot be ignored.

Who doesn’t like such a classic design.

Many watch friends know that the “dog tooth ring”is one of the symbols of Rolex,and they even think it is a special patent of Rolex,

and they are still wondering whether this distinctive design is the first of Rolex.

The dog-tooth ring has a long history,and we have no way of knowing which company created it first,

but this “dog-tooth ring”is indeed not only used by Rolex.

Today we will take stock of the luxury replica watches brands that use “dog rings”,not just Rolex and Omega.


  • Generally speaking,when it comes to dog tooth rings,Rolex’s triangular pit pattern outer ring is often the default,because it is indeed classic and recognizable.

Rolex’s dog rings are mainly used on the Datejust (DJ),Day Date (DD) and Crossbar (Skywalker),

among which the Date Date and Day Date dog rings are optional,and an aperture or A jewel/diamond bezel is optional,and a crossbar-shaped dogtooth bezel is standard.

rolex replica

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Rolex Day-Date Datejust Series Watch

“Dog ring”is the logo of Rolex Datejust.

rolex replica watches

  1. 1.This 116233 mechanical men’s watch is equipped with a Rolex automatic mechanical movement.
  2. The 18K gold dogtooth ring case is equipped with a diamond-colored dial,which reveals the unique texture of metal,elegant and profound.
  3. The magnified date display at 3 o’clock is clear and clear,the geometric three-dimensional time scale exudes metallic light,and the gold strap is luxurious and classic.

You know that Rolex DJ,DD and Skywalker all have dog rings.

but you know what?Rolex’s Cellini actually also has a “dog ring”!

However,unlike other styles,Cellini’s dog rings are thinner and more refined visually.

Generally speaking,although Rolex’s dog ring is very classic,it is not loved by everyone.

I belong to the category of people who prefer dog rings.

I feel that it is more delicate than apertures and more aggressive than gemstone/diamond rings.

Omega Luxury Replica Watches

Although the Omega Constellation Zunba watch,which was first launched in 2015,is young,it has already occupied a place in the industry.

Including the status of the world’s first master chronometer,as well as iconic designs such as dog tooth rings.

In fact,I have reason to suspect that the Omega Zunba watch is suspected of “fighting”with Rolex aaa replica uhren,but in terms of overall style,the Omega Zunba watch is more fashionable.

Although both use dog rings,the difference in design is still very clear.

Omega Globemaster Zunba Series Watch

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Omega’s Zunba series watch is a new series of watches launched at the Basel Watch Fair in 2015.

It has aroused people’s attention and discussion on the “dog tooth ring”as soon as it came out.

Inspired by the early Constellation models that exemplified horological expertise and Omega’s tradition of precision and excellence,

The Globemaster watch has a fluted bezel around the dial with a smooth flange that gives the Globemaster a unique shape.

Even though the times have changed,it is still unforgettable at first sight.

It is equipped with the brand’s top mechanical movement,which is in line with the essence of Omega.

The Omega Zunba watch has two iconic designs,in addition to the grooved bezel (that is,the so-called dog tooth ring by watch friends),there is also a “pie plate”style.

Zunba watches are now mainly available in two styles:

  • the 39mm Master Chronometer and the 41mm Master Chronometer Annual Calendar.
  1. The latter is marked with the name of the month on each facet on the dial.
  2. The luxury replica watches is gentle and elegant,equipped with Omega 8900/8901 master coaxial escapement chronometer movement,
  3. The calendar display window is at six o’clock,and there is a star logo on the top.
  4. The medallion is embossed with an observatory image of a smooth sky surrounded by eight highly symbolic stars.

Many people are not unfamiliar with Tudor’s dog ring.

Although it is not as advanced as Rolex’s dog ring and Omega Zunba watch,as a substitute for Rolex,Tudor’s dog ring watch is more than enough.

The reason why we say substitutes is that unlike Tudor’s sports models,Tudor’s dog ring watches can be seen everywhere in the shadow of rolex kopia.

  • Tudor dog rings are mainly used in fashion series,prince and princess series and royal series.
  1. In addition to the dog ring,the fashion series also has an optional aperture.
  2. The Prince and Princess series are divided into calendar type and week-date type,also have dog ring and aperture optional.
  3. This series can basically be compared to Rolex DJ and DD,including bubble window dog rings,etc,and the similarity is particularly high.
  4. The last royal series is a new series launched by the brand in 2020.
  5. It is equipped with an integrated strap,a pitted outer ring and an automatic movement,which is full of sports and fashion style.
  6. Unlike the fashion series and the prince and princess series,the “dog tooth ring”of the royal series is not imagined by Rolex.
  7. The polished finish of the outer ring and the pitted cut are spaced apart from each other,which is more elegant and handsome.

Tudor replica

Rado watches also have dog tooth ring watches,at least in appearance.

We are talking about the Rado HyperChrome Classic Series,

Although this series is not as resembling a Rolex as the Tudor Prince and Princess,there are similarities.

  1. In addition to the dog tooth bezel,the bezel of the luxury replica watches also has an aperture and a diamond-encrusted bezel.
  2. As a “material master”famous for its high-tech ceramics,Rado’s dog rings are also very brand-like,all of which are made of plasma high-tech ceramics or rose gold Ceramos metal ceramics.

To sum up,the luxury replica watches has its own characteristics in terms of texture and visual style.

Parmigiani Fleurier

Parmigiani Fleurier also has a “dog tooth ring”,although it is generally not called that.

In fact, it is mainly reflected in its Toric series and TONDA PF series,and the design inspiration of the latter comes from the former.

Although it is also a dog tooth ring,Parmigiani Fleurier’s watch has a stronger personal style.

  • Whether it’s the elegant and compelling Huanyu series or the sporty TONDA PF series,Parmigiani Fleurier’s dog rings are all about refinement,not vulgarity.

The denser bezel design is the best partner with the dial decoration techniques such as Parmigiani’s favorite guilloché.

Well,after reading the above knowledge about dog ring watches,is there anything that you are particularly interested in?

Welcome to leave a message in the comment area,I will be happy to answer you in detail.

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