Is Business Signs For Marketing So Ideal For Signage Printing?

If you are a part of a company or work as an event coordinator, the most significant element of every event is the promotion, making sure that people have an idea of the event. The most efficient and simple method is to set up large banners or hoardings along the roads or at events as background.

It is possible to print it using cost-effective Foamex Board printing, which provides the highest quality graphics and designs, with various thicknesses and sizes in accordance with your specifications.

This means that customization is possible. Foamex can use to print anything from smaller posters indoors to large-size banners at the stand in front of the road. This will make it noticeable to everyone who passes by. With all the characteristics that Foamex has, its use and its benefits, it is the ideal material for printing signage.

What’s Foamex And How Does It Do Its Work?

Everyone needs to notice at every exhibition or product launch. Entrepreneurs are constantly testing new methods, devising various strategies and organising numerous programs to keep customers and draw in new ones.

One of these strategies is to use shell scheme graphics to promote. Print media is among the most efficient, adaptable and lucrative methods of advertising and promotion.

PVC Foam is an incredibly versatile material that uses extensively across the globe. Foamex was developing to meet the needs of a variety of applications. What exactly is PVC foam and what is its use in recreational or commercial projects?

What Are Foamex Panels?

They are light but sturdy and are create of rigid white PVC foam. These panels are great for POS displays since they are lightweight and are carry effortlessly around your office or between occasions.

Let’s Look At Some Popular Outdoor Promotions

Banners Made From PVC

The banners are printed on top-quality PVC and strengthened to withstand outdoor usage. They are also double-hemmed with eyelets to allow for easy hanging.

Mesh Banners

These banners are printed using PVC Mesh which is a lightweight fabric that is simple to work with and resistant to extreme weather conditions.

Vinyl Banner

The banners are printed on high-end PVC Vinyl. They can be self-adhesive so that they can be used on different surfaces such as Foamex as well as Correx.

Retractable Banners

The banners are displayed on their own and can retract back to the base when not being used.

The Benefits Of Foamex In The Case Of Signs

To understand the reasons foamex board is the ideal material for printing signage we must understand the structure of the material that provides sufficient capacity for the use. It is a PVC create product that is extremely robust and durable.

Foam is a film term in the context of Foamex board printing when someone isn’t aware of its use. This article will give you details about the material’s usability and the advantages of printing on signage.

Foamex Printing has various pros with particular features that you ought to know about prior to making a decision on the choice of material. Here are some things to consider.

Easy To Customise

It’s a simple task to cut the Foamex. It can be cut into different shapes and attached or hung the way you’d like.

Extremely Multi-Purpose

The flexible Foamex sheet is simple to use and is bendable and bent in a variety of ways, making it flexible for the purpose it is designed to serve.

Highly Durable

The material you are using is durable and will endure for a long time.

Resistant To Various Weather Conditions

Foamex Board Printing provides you with a product that’s water-resistant and waterproof. This means you can use it in outdoor areas regardless of weather conditions as it’s very resistant.

Sturdy And Lightweight

The thickest shell scheme panels of all are 10mm, which is extremely durable and lightweight in terms of its appearance.

The Foamex sign looks nice on large hoardings that are placed along roads or other events that are in the background. It can draw more people to your company’s image.

Easy To Mount

Foamex boards are very easy to install, regardless of whether you’re using fixed signage on the wall or using stands. With simple and high-quality adhesives, you are able to install your signage, and then remove it after the work is completed. It will give maximum exposure to your marketing messages, allowing them to see more people.

High-Quality Graphics And Perfect Finish Excellent Finish And High-Quality Graphics

If you’re employing Foamex Board printing, the superior quality of the graphic designs. The flawless finish assures by crisp print graphics or letters that are visually appealing for signs.


There is a lot of concern about spending money on marketing and designing huge banners or hoardings for promotional purposes. Hoarding printing is a cost-effective option that is well under your budget to purchase the highest quality materials to serve your needs.

It Can Be Easily Recycled

One of the benefits of these banners of various thicknesses like 3mm 5mm, 10mm or 3mm sizes is that they are all recyclable. When your goal of making an advertising banner has been fulfilled. You are able to remove it and reuse it for different applications without harming the environment.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom-Printed Foamex Boards For Your Business?

Utilise custom hoarding panels for your hoarding needs to display your ads or promotions, as well as directional signage quickly and efficiently.

This display is suitable for use either indoors or outdoors. The displays can be positioned on easels or hung on walls. The sign industry employs a broad variety of materials. Vinyl, Acrylics, Fabrics, Fabrics, and Rigid Signage are all commonly use.

This article will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of material for a rigid sign.

1. Foamex

Foamex is not heavy but is denser than Correx. It’s extremely flexible. The thickness of 3 millimetres Foamex is often refer to as a PVC Foam Sheet. It is utilise to create outdoor signs for exhibitions, advertising as well as other signs that last for a long time.

2. Correx

It is lightweight and features a corrugate central. Smaller companies typically employ it on a temporary basis. It’s about 5mm Foamex.

It’s also known as the flute or corrugate plastic board. also the least expensive of the three sign materials that we’ll discuss. It is typically use for temporary signs like fairground signs, construction site signs, and estate agent boards.

3. Dibond

DiBond is the top-quality rigid sign and has a thickness of 10mm Foamex. Additionally, it has improved properties for weatherproofing. The board compose of an interlocking polyethene core as well as two aluminium sheets.

Dibond signs are a great choice to use both internally and externally and are corrosion-resistant. It is drill and attach to posts and then rivet. It is most often use as a sign for events as well as for domestic prints and displays of photos.

Final Wording

The advantages of the use of PVC made Foamex in outdoor signage give you an idea of what is an interesting and valuable material you can use. A little imagination as well as high-impact, attractive, visually appealing and of top quality is all you need to draw attention from your target audience.

It appears to be a costly material due to PVC and its quality, but it’s much less budget than you can imagine. This is why many businesses are shifting to Printing companies for creating signage for business needs.


Board Printing Company based in London offers a complete printing solution for businesses and individuals.

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