Is There a Future for Indian eSports in Mobile Gaming?

Do you remember the good old days, back in the 1990s, when we used to play the famous “Snake” game on our Nokia phones? From black-and-white mobile screen-based elementary video games like Snake to Java games like Spiderman and Tanks Pro and so on, to more high-end graphics games like Candy Crush, Temple Run, Prince of Persia, FIFA, and so on, the mobile gaming industry in India has come a long way and evolved a lot over the years.

The introduction of Android OS and a diverse selection of devices powered by Android has been very beneficial to the mobile gaming industry in India and has contributed significantly to the country’s consistent growth in this sector. Other important factors that have significantly contributed to the development of mobile World777 gaming in India include the widespread availability of inexpensive smartphones, an increase in the level of digital acceptance among younger generations, ongoing technological advancements, and a revolution fueled by an explosion in the amount of available data (super-cheap data and Internet connectivity pioneered by Jio and other telecom providers).

Some of India’s Most Popular Electronic Sports Games

Even after the Indian government banned PUBG in 2020 due to concerns about data security, the nascent esports-loving mobile gaming community in India continued to develop exponentially. The majority of members of this community moved on to other fight games such as World777 Fantasy games, Garena Free Fire, Call of Duty, and so on.

The current epidemic caused by the Covid-19 virus has lately bolstered both the rising demand for mobile gaming and the popularity of esports.

The number of young individuals who have transitioned from being casual. Or amateur mobile Ice Exchange ID to becoming hardcore or midcore professional real-money players. And/or game streamers has lately increased dramatically, as has been brought to our attention by recent research. In addition, there has been a major shift away from hyper-casual games such as Ludo. And others and toward multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs), games played with real money, and esports.

Both domestic and foreign companies. As well as well-known players and stakeholders in the global gaming industry. Have already started making significant investments in India’s growing mobile gaming and e-sports markets.

For instance, games like Fortnite and Minecraft. Which were initially and predominantly popular on personal computers. Were able to extend their audience reach and distribution after they were available on mobile devices. The developer of the famous PC game Apex Legends has revealed that. The beta version of the game’s mobile app would be made available in India.

Some Closing Thoughts Regarding Electronic Sports

E-sports have been tremendously democratized because to the proliferation of mobile gaming. And this trend will likely continue in the not-too-distant future. Mobile gaming, which already dominates the Indian gaming market. Has the potential to play a larger role and become a significant enabler. And catalyst behind the potential future of esports in India. This potential can be realized through constant technological advancements as well as concentrated and collaborative efforts from all relevant stakeholders.

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