IWC Replica Watches “Darwin Adventure” Special Edition – Underwater Bronze

IWC has 6 major series. Every year, it mainly promotes a series, and then launches new models for this series. In 2014, the main promotion is the marine series. Some people may ask, isn’t Portugal also related to the ocean? Why there is a marine series, I will explain now, Portugal is a watch that is worn above sea level, while the marine series is suitable for wearing below sea level. More precisely, the marine timepiece series is a very professional underwater timepiece. instrument. In 2014, the marine timepiece series launched a total of 9 replica watches, the most exciting should be this bronze watch.

We can trace the tradition of the marine timepiece series back to 1967. Since its birth, IWC has used this series as important equipment for adventure activities in various extremely complex environments. The latest generation of the marine timepiece series is more concise and pure, with a new internal rotating bezel as an iconic feature, and the launch of its entire series is inseparable from the magical island of Galápagos.

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Located more than 1,000 kilometers west of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands include 18 main islands, 3 small islands and 107 rocky reefs.

It is one of the most valuable national parks in the world. Its isolated geographical location and special climatic conditions not only gave birth to the unique animal and plant world on this planet, but also provided an important basis for Darwin’s theory of biological evolution by natural selection. As a high-end watch brand with a high sense of social responsibility and mission, IWC has been maintaining the fragile ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands, High Quality Replica Watches and fully supports and finances the Darwin Foundation and its research institutions. Work.

IWC replica watches named this watch as a special edition of “Darwin’s Adventure”. As for the origin of this name, we have to start with the scientific expedition in October 1835. That year, the British scientific research ship H.M.S Beagle moored in the Galapagos Islands, 1,000 kilometers away from the South American mainland. Young Darwin set foot on this magical island for the first time.

On the island, he saw a group of very special birds, and found that different species of birds have completely different beak sizes, which means that a species can evolve many variants according to different survival needs. Darwin at the time did not expect that it was his observational research that led to a later great discovery that fundamentally shook the foundation of natural science at that time.

The world is not static, but is in a process of continuous evolution. It was this discovery that eventually became an important basis for Darwin’s theory of species variation, origin, and evolution.

In order to commemorate this great scientific expedition, IWC not only named this watch after this scientific expedition, but also used a rare bronze material in the field of watchmaking. Of course, personally, the use of bronze is clearly more exciting to me than its particular name. This is the first time that IWC replica uses bronze to make a case, and its inspiration is mainly from the famous scientific research ship Beagle.

High Quality Replica Watches

Because in Darwin’s time, stainless steel has not yet appeared, and humans have been using bronze, one of the most traditional metal materials, as early as 5,000 years ago. Bronze became the preferred material for shipbuilding at that time because of its excellent corrosion resistance. In addition to the hull, people are making portholes, ship clocks, nautical instruments and other accessories related to ships.

According to Darwin’s belief that “only change is constant”, over time, bronze will dye its surface a light green luster, and the color will become darker with time. This is the fusion of this layer.

The patina of your own DNA will make this watch unique.

Bronze originally referred to copper-tin alloys, and later evolved into a general term for copper alloys other than brass and cupronickel (German silver). Since bronze is a copper alloy,

the name of the first main added element is usually added before the name of bronze,

such as tin bronze, beryllium bronze, phosphor bronze, lead bronze and aluminum bronze, etc. Different types of bronze show different physical properties, just like tin bronze has good casting properties,

good friction reduction properties and good mechanical properties, it is suitable for manufacturing bearings, gears, etc. The high elastic limit and good electrical conductivity of beryllium bronze

and phosphor bronze are used to make precision springs and electrical contact elements.

There is also aluminum bronze. Its biggest feature is high strength, strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance,

and its chemical properties are extremely stable, so it has always been the first choice for high-load gears and marine propellers.

And now IWC replica watches has used this super-strong copper-aluminum alloy on this watch, which is really exciting. Of course, in addition to the material itself, this material has another characteristic, which is its color and rose gold.

The colors are very close, which satisfies everyone’s heart-warming plot of local tyrants.

In addition to the perfect material, this watch belongs to IWC’s new internal and external rotating bezel. IWC named this device the SafeDive system. At present, this system is already in the latest marine timepiece series across the board. After the installation is completed, the system is explained in the most common language

that the outer ring of the case and the inner scale ring under the mirror rotate fake watches

When you start to calculate the diving time each time, first rotate the outer ring,

then the inner ring will rotate immediately,

and then point the triangle mark on the inner ring to the minute hand,

you can read out on the scale of the inner ring that you have dived at any time Time,

of course,

for safety reasons, the inner ring can only be turned in a counter-clockwise direction.

IWC’s new type of inner and outer rotating bezel has two main advantages.

First, the scales on most diving watches are placed on the outermost rotating bezel,

and the scales are placed inside to avoid seawater and the environment. erosion. Second, all the diving best fake watches whose scale rings were placed inside were all adjusted by the crown, and it was not convenient to adjust directly with the outer ring.

This watch is equipped with the 89365 self-made movement independently designed by IWC. It adopts the unique double pawl winding system of IWC replica watches,

which can resist shocks and shocks and is suitable for wearing in various harsh environments. The central chronograph hand displays timekeeping accurate to the second,

while the subdial at “12 o’clock” displays the minutes measured by hand. The watch also has a flyback function. After pressing the reset button,

the chronograph hand returns to the zero position,

and a new timing can be started immediately. The small second hand at 6 o’clock continues to run, indicating that the watch is operating normally. With the double insurance of the scale ring and the chronograph, you will never forget the diving time.

Since this watch is a commemorative model, the bottom of the watch does not reveal the movement,

but is engraved with a lifelike portrait of Darwin. It is his theory of evolution that has forever changed our way of thinking,

and this watch has a water resistance of 300 meters and a bracelet quick change system. Let us take it to explore more unknown areas!

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