Juvenia replica watches The Art of Fashion Watches

Since its establishment in 1860, JUVENIA replica has enjoyed a prominent position in the royal family and has always enjoyed a reputation for perfection and extraordinary craftsmanship in the Swiss watch industry.

In fact, JUVENIA is one of the few manufacturers in history that is immortal in movement manufacturing, watch styling and production technology.

Even in the 1970s when Swiss replica watches were facing difficulties, JUVENIA was still one of the few independent brands that did not rely on any consortium support to maintain production and sales, and continued its fashion and noble tradition to this day.

From the continuous thinking and innovation of the avant-garde artistic style of replica watches at the beginning of its founding. To the creation of exquisite, elegant and fashionable watches today.

JUVENIA has always been full of fashionable and adventurous spirit, bringing the enthusiasm for watch manufacturing for nearly a century and a half.

The continuous progress of and culture, the sublimation to the endless art. And the writing of a new milestone for JUVENIA.

Elegance and sophistication since 1860

In 1860, JUVENIA was founded by Jacques Didisheim, a watchmaker from Alsace, France, in St. Lmier and opened his first watchmaking house. factory.

With the dedication and enthusiasm for the watchmaking business, it outlines the JUVENIA watch brand that is full of vitality.

And leads the fashion of the watch industry. Soon after, the JUVENIA watch factory moved to La Chaux-de-Fonds, which created the Silk Road in the history of the JUVENIA watch brand. best replica watches

In 1880, JUVENIA was the first to introduce a roller-type gear escapement in a revolutionary way. Originally, the watch used wheel key rotation to complete the winding action.

Later, Juvenia adopted the crown, leading the craftsmanship of the entire industry at that time.

Later, JUVENIA applied this technology to smaller and smaller movements equipped with lever gears. Making JUVENIA one of the world’s first women’s watch manufacturers.Juvenia replica watches

By 1910, JUVENIA had become a registered trademark in the field of watchmaking and jewelry supply.

The founder’s son, Bernard Didisheim, did not stagnate because of the immediate success.

He knew that in order to achieve more outstanding results in the fierce market competition. He must create a movement of his own brand.

Therefore, he opened a watch factory to produce ultra-thin pocket watch movements for JUVENIA. And actively participated in various fields of the watch industry.

Allowing the brand to get involve in various fields of the watch industry.

In the one hundred and forty-eight years of watchmaking history, JUVENIA has never ceased to pursue breakthroughs.

For example: the first development and application of the drum gear operation in 1880.

And the display of the world’s smallest (the movement diameter was only 9.5 mm and the thickness was only 2.5 mm) at the Swiss National Exhibition in 1914. The layered mechanical core mechanism is still regarded as an immortal masterpiece.

Today, JUVENIA adheres to the pursuit of excellence in watchmaking technology and the continuous sublimation of artistic design, and is constantly writing new milestones.

Stars change, time changes, but what remains unchanged is the brand value of JUVENIA.

Which is always loyal to art, insists on innovation, advocates elegance and pursues extraordinary craftsmanship.

Transcendent Art Inspiration

Since its inception, JUVENIA has always advocated the concept of emphasizing watch decoration and perfect appearance.

And constantly draw inspiration from life and nature, creating many breathtaking and elegant  replica watches.

In 1925, at the “Art Décoratifs” exhibition in Paris, JUVENIA won a world-renowned watch award – Decorative Arts Grand Prix, the highest honor in decorative design art.

The designers of JUVENIA have ingeniously integrated some simple geometric figures, such as squares, hexagons, ovals, rhombus, etc. into the case design.

At the same time, they are equipped with enamel glaze technology, which makes every detail embellished. If the inspiration fireworks bloom, it creates a very avant-garde and novel shape at the time.

JUVENIA makes full use of various possibilities to design the lugs, and the vast space provides a worthy stage for designers’ inspiration, so that each watch of JUVENIA can be fresh in style

Juvenia replica watches

and shape Gotta be fascinating. Excentrique Italian Series

In an era when almost all square, round or barrel-shaped cases dominate the world, JUVENIA has taken a unique approach and launched a very modern Excentrique.

The hexagonal case shape not only has harmonious proportions, but also breaks the usual symmetry idea; it seems to have a diamond-shaped feeling,

and it breaks out of the square frame, which reflects an asymmetrical beauty in appearance.

The shape of the strap is another highlight of the Italian series. It is good to use stainless steel material for diamond pattern.

Its sloping shape resembles a wide, ingeniously crafted bracelet, contrasting with the diamonds on the outer ring of the case.

Mystère Mystery Collection

JUVENIA has launched one of the most famous timepieces: the mystery series, which aims to achieve charming charm from the creativity itself. Attract the eye through the delicate fit of the wrist, and finally convince people with precise and strict quality.

The mystery series carries forward the advantage that JUVEINIA has always been known for its imagination. Inspired by the floating indicators of the magic clock in the 18th century,

a creative mysterious table clock was born. The dial, bezel and scale indicators are combined to form a design. A tight, complete look.

Atlanta Series

After advocating the trend of edges and corners, JUVENIA launched a chic Atlanta watch series. The upper and lower ends of the rectangular case are designed as spheres,

and the effect steel is soft in the middle, leading the watch to return to the country of curves.

Gold Coin Watch Collection

In the 1960s, JUVENIA launched a series of gold coin replica watches with a fashionable and adventurous spirit. Men’s replica watches select the $20 denomination gold coins that have been out of circulation at the beginning of the 20th century to make the movable cover of pocket watches or wristwatches;

women’s watches use $10 denomination gold coins, which are highly collectible and are examples of JUVENIA’s masterpieces.

Biarritz Star Diamond Series Limited Edition – Dragon and Phoenix

A few years ago, the “dragon” has always been the symbol of the famous Chinese family, the symbol of imperial power, and it is also the god who leads the water family in the water and controls the clouds and rainfall,

so it can determine the blessings of the common people and the rise and fall of the country’s fortune; ” “Feng” is the legendary king of birds, symbolizing auspiciousness and bringing good luck to the people.Juvenia replica watches

Under the exquisite craftsmanship of the JUVENIA watch, through the exquisite carving process, every drop and every stroke carefully expresses the dragon and phoenix that are dancing in the sea of clouds.

And the elaborate interpretation with cloisonné enamel allows watch collectors to go deep into China’s long-standing historical torrent and feel the eternal blessing of “Dragon and Phoenix” and the imperial power since ancient times.

The Art of Practical Minimalism

From simple to complex, from complex to simple. After launching many exquisite and luxurious watches full of gorgeous artistic sense, JUVENIA Zunhuang watch has washed away its brilliance and created several male and female pairs of watches for couples who advocate simple and elegant temperament. The simple design has timeless classic charm, and the elegant temperament leads the avant-garde fashion trend.

Classique Classic Collection

The elegant and restrained classic series is a reproduction of the golden age of the 950 watch. The appearance is luxurious, the details are meticulous, and the style is simple and generous. The pure white dial has only the bar scale, the brand name and the date window.

The designer knows that any excessive decoration will destroy the inherent beauty of the watch. The bezel and lugs are made of 18K rose gold. There are 56 diamonds on the men’s bezel and 47 diamonds for the women’s, adding a precious and elegant temperament to the simplicity.

Planet series

Inspired by the vast universe, the Planet series brings the imagination of galactic exploration into the watch. On this planet, the time scales are no longer rigidly attache to the dial, but turned into dazzling and intoxicating diamonds, like a planet running in the time starry sky, fixed in orbit, and embedded with eternal time in the watch. Streamlined surface, elegant lugs, elegant bracelet, so that the Planet series has a timeless charm.

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