Know The Key Factors To Obtain A Successful Student Visa 500 Application

World-class universities, highly advanced academic infrastructure, interactive learning, and beautiful campus life have made Australia one of the favorite destinations of study for many international students. This is the reason the Department of Home Affairs receives thousands of Student Visa 500 applications each year.

Besides studying a full-time course from an Australian institute, the student visa holders can also do part-time jobs to cover their costs and stay for a considerable period of 5 years. In addition, this visa also allows them to bring their family members. But, first, one must obtain their Visa 500 successfully. Do you want to know how? For that, you have to read this blog.

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What will you need to apply for an Australian student visa?

Before you start your application procedure, you should first know what the Student Visa 500 requirements are.

Gather your identification proofs

For any visa application, the first document that you will need to submit is your identification proof. Without it, your application procedure will remain incomplete. Different identity documents will include:

  • Copy of passport, birth certificate, and national ID card
  • Records issued by the local authority
  • Copy of household registration pages

Get your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

Applying for a student visa will require your chosen Australian institute to accept you. For that, you will need to submit the Confirmation of Enrolment document. Keep the following points in mind.

  1. For every international student, providing a CoE letter is a must. You have to ask your college to issue this document. Once you receive it, you will become eligible to pursue a CRICOS-registered course in an Australian institute.
  2. Whether you apply from inside or outside Australia, you have to provide this document.
  3. However, if you are a postgraduate student and coming to Australia to complete your thesis, you will not be required to provide CoE.

Prepare the GTE written statement

Your Student Visa Subclass 500 application will not be considered valid if you fail to submit a GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) statement. It is nothing but a written statement that will confirm that the student is entering Australia for the genuine purpose of the study.

If the assessing case officer finds the information satisfactory, you will receive your visa grant within time. Make sure your GTE covers the following points.

  • You have to explain why you choose Australia for study even after there is a similar course available in your home country. Economic and political situations in the home country can be cited as the reasons.
  • You will also need to mention whether or not you will be leaving Australia after your study is complete, how the course may help you in your career, the duration of the course and stay, and your immigration history.
  • Mentioning your financial condition, yearly costs, and whether you can manage the expenses of your accompanying family members is also important.

When you interact with the assessing officer, you should be frank and upfront. If your replies are not genuine, your visa may be rejected.

Have your health insurance cover

Every Subclass 500 holder and their family members need to have a valid private student visa health cover from when they arrive in Australia.

  • As an international student in Australia, you will usually be required to have the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), which must be from an approved health insurance provider. You can ask your institute to arrange it for you.
  • Without having the OSHC, you cannot get medical benefits. The cover remains valid from the visa grant date to the visa expiry. Your dependent family members can also enjoy the medical benefits.
  • If your country of residence has reciprocal health insurance agreements on the government level with Australia, you will be exempt from this condition. Belgian, Norwegian, and Swedish students usually enjoy this exemption.

Meet the health and character requirements

The Australian Government is highly protective of public health. Thus, if you have a health condition that may pose threats to public health or need continuous community or government support, you will not be granted your Visa Subclass 500.

  • Whether you will need health examinations, you have to ask the Department. On some occasions, the Department may also ask your family members to undergo health check-ups even if they are not coming with you.
  • Meeting character requirements is also mandatory. To prove you have a good character, you must submit a character certificate issued by the local police station and pass the character test.

Make sure you have sufficient English language skills

In every sector in Australia, you have to communicate with people in English. So, you should have decent fluency in the language. If you hold a passport from an English-speaking country, you will require to submit any separate English language proficiency document.

  • But, if you are not, you have to clear an English language proficiency test. Popular English language exams accepted worldwide include IELTS, TOEFL iBT, OET, PTE Academic, and CAE.
  • But, before you apply to the university, check the required score on their website because scores vary from one university to another.
  • The scores usually remain valid for 2 to 3 years. So, you have to make your application within that period.

Provide evidence of having sufficient financial capacity

When applying, you have to prove that you will bear all the costs during your stay in Australia. Currently, an international applicant should have at least AUD 20000 to cover the annual costs.

Make welfare arrangements if your age is under 18

If you have not crossed 18, you should have made adequate welfare arrangements. You have to nominate a guardian who can be your parent, a relative or a legal custodian whose age is over 21 years. The guardian should also have an Australian visa that must remain valid until you turn 18.

Know the visa application charge

Currently, the Student Visa Subclass 500 application charge is AUD630 for the primary applicant. For each dependent, a separate payment must be made.

How should you upload all the documents?

According to the Visa 500 requirements, you have to prepare your Student Visa 500 checklist documents. Before you submit, you must check out the ‘Document Checklist Tool’ on the Department of Home Affairs website. The Documents you will usually need to prepare to include details of your English language proficiency test, CoE, financial documents including account details, academic transcripts, health and character documents, etc. As you make your application online, it will be better to take out scanned copies of these documents.

Consider A Migration Agent For Help

For professional guidance about the application, no one can be better than an immigration agent Adelaide. Australian migration agents are well known for their reliable service, and you can contact them even when outside Australia.

The best migration agent in Adelaide can help you in ways more than one. They can help you understand the immigration rules in Australia and complete your application. The best part of their services is they assist you at every level, right from the beginning till the finalization of the visa.

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