Lithium Dual Battery System for Excellent Power Support

Lithium Dual Battery System for Excellent Power Support

A lithium dual battery system is an outstanding renewable energy source. Deep cycle batteries are used to store energy. When compared to lead-acid batteries, the batteries are better for the environment.

Deep cycle batteries go through multiple charge and discharge cycles. Deep cycle batteries generate clean, green energy. They are no longer harmful to the environment.

Deep cycle batteries are designed to supply power backup as well as active energy to an engine, device, or load. These batteries are manufactured in accordance with the most recent and high-quality industrial standards. Deep cycle lithium batteries have a long service life and provide excellent performance.

Why Should a Deep Cycle Lithium Battery Be Purchased for A Dual Battery System?

Deep cycle batteries provide numerous advantages over standard lead-acid batteries. Deep cycle batteries, for example, are lighter than lead-acid batteries. For the exact amount of power required from a battery, a smaller-sized deep cycle battery is necessary. This is due to the fact that deep cycle batteries are small and can store more energy than a comparable sized lead-acid battery.

In comparison to lead-acid batteries, deep cycle batteries do not require active maintenance. They do not require acid topping up or acid level management. Deep cycle batteries provide the lowest resistance. They will now charge quickly without wasting too much electricity.

Deep cycle batteries are also small and sealed.Deep cycle batteries don’t require an open space because they do not leak gases like hydrogen when they are operating.

However, along with the benefits, there are also drawbacks. A lithium deep cycle battery, for example, costs far more than a standard lead-acid battery. When it comes to handling abuse, deep cycle batteries are relatively brittle. Because of their high density, deep cycle batteries are heavier and weigh more.

A deep cycle lithium battery for a dual battery system is at least 30% more expensive than a lead-acid battery. Regardless of these drawbacks, deep cycle batteries are excellent for supplying energy and power backup as well as a higher ROI.

Most Reputable Lithium Battery Manufacturer in Australia

Deep Cycle Systems is a leader in offering high-quality energy solutions to their valued customers. They provide first-rate dual battery system lithium for best energy solutions.

Deep Cycle Systems (DCS)

DCS deep cycle Lithium Batteries deliver safe lithium phosphate (LFP) & Titanate (LTO) energy storage solutions for a wide variety of applications.

DCS uses only the latest A grade lithium cell technologies obtained from specialized manufacturers that are well ahead of the industry in the R&D of lithium cell technologies.

We have developed our own range of efficient battery management systems (BMS) that work as the brain inside our battery packs, ensuring the maximum service life with precise cell management


What was the objective? Well, the reason we embarked on this project was that all the basic Chinese designed BMS’s are just protection boards, and it is hard to call them a BMS when they don’t do any cell balancing or provide any means of programmability for various parameters and cell control.

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