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Whiteboard Animation Services

Whiteboards have been around us since 1950, when they served as the new frontier in education. Later on, in 1990, blackboards replaced them in schools all across the world. But after some time, these whiteboards came back with an ambition to serve as a go-to medium for education. Not just this, they have become a branding resource, leading marketers to convey the brand message in the right direction. And why would not they? Whiteboards are like empty canvases waiting to be filled with new ideas or thoughts. The whiteboard concept is applied to videos, where stop motion, voice-over, text, custom whiteboard animation, and images are blended to bring out videos producing a profound impact.

Whiteboard animated videos fall under the explainer video category, where a detailed insight about anything is given. The animated video type utilizes auditory, visual, and kinesthetic intelligence to provide the listener or viewer with a thoughtful message. As whiteboard animated videos are one of the traditional video types, they emerged as cartoon animations. Many cartoon-making industries use them to make children’s leisure time a fun time. Though they are still in use, in fact, they have grown into animated branding videos.

To help you understand why whiteboard animations are being used by worldwide branding agencies or what compels them to do so. Let’s dive into it.

What Are Custom Whiteboard Animations?

Whiteboard animation is a video production style where video-makers design content to make it look hand-drawn. Remember school days when the teacher taught us on whiteboards and ensured we got what he taught us. These old-school whiteboards are grown into a digital canvas, serving multiple purposes. Be it communication, education, information, or a branding purpose; custom whiteboard animation videos do it the right way as it has to be. It is particularly a way where things are more visible, the message is conveyed rightly, and viewers get what they want.

Making Whiteboard Animated Videos Is A Good Choice

As human beings, our brain processes images and movements more quickly. Anything that gives us a sense of motion attracts our minds and brings focus to it. We observe how things are moving till the end. This is the sense that videos make and draw our attention. The same thing whiteboard animated videos do with their crisp white background, creative hand-drawing, appealing visuals, and hand-writing. These elements are blended so nicely that the final video comes with a powerful context.

What’s more, the illustration of visuals with a voice-over script is the next engaging feature of this video. What if the images you used are so complex that viewers do not find them useful? This is why whiteboard animations come into play and bring hand-drawn images to the concept. The convincing voice-over speaks up about what the images are showing. Moreover, the instantly recognized symbols make the concept more visible. So, how can we deny the significance of incorporating whiteboard video production into our video marketing strategies?

Whiteboard Animations Work So Well!

Whiteboard videos have a multitude of strengths and creativity that makes a powerful branding asset. The video type intends to communicate the right concept and a sense of entertainment. The eye-catching visuals, influencing voice-over, and compelling text are what create an environment that captures the audience’s attention. Being a core branding asset, whiteboard animated videos do wonders for businesses and bring more customers to their table.

Following are some reasons showing how whiteboard animations do wonders and give viewers a wow effect:

  1. Storytelling is the main thing video marketing makes the most out of if it has a powerful context. Moreover, people love stories that have something interesting to tell or explore, and the 2D animation agency does it flawlessly with visually appealing storylines in whiteboard animated videos.
  2. A common psychological fact that we can not deny is that the human mind quickly processes images and videos. The visual input makes it easier to understand what is being conveyed rather than words or numerics, and a whiteboard animated video masters this art.
  3. Learning or acquiring knowledge about anything is something that needs a clear and simple concept. If a simple concept is delivered more complicatedly, the result will be 0, and people will try elsewhere. Whiteboard videos make concepts simple, clear, and concise, resulting in the exploitation of people’s visual learning preferences.
  4. Emotions and moods are what bring creativity along with fun. You can not be formal all time; it will make people feel bored and frustrated. Instead, you have to be polite and entertaining some time to make viewers stay for a long time. Viewers will enjoy and mentally put themselves into a state of making purchases. This is what whiteboard animated videos are meant to do.
  5. As discussed above, whiteboard animation services have been there since old times. Their immediate association with schools or colleges subconsciously puts viewers into a learning state.
  6. Brain stimulation is what makes viewers stay for a long time. Custom whiteboard animation, scripts, pictures, storytelling, animations, and smoother transitions make the brand message more than a story, instantly drawing the audience’s attention.

When To Incorporate Whiteboard Animations?

In the era of rapid progress, business methodologies are changing day by day. Most importantly, the new marketing strategies have brought so many things that entrepreneurs never imagined. Video marketing, especially animated, has created a buzz in the business realm with a wide range of videos. 2D, 3D, whiteboard, promotional, motion graphics, stop motion, live-action, and shoppable videos are ways in which entrepreneurs play their marketing game. However, the 2D video production company focuses on whiteboard animations because of their high-quality visuals and appealing storylines.

The question is, where and when to incorporate whiteboard video animation? Well, the answer is:

  • In the introduction of any topic or brand
  • When you want to summarize any information
  • To explain any idea
  • When you aim to persuade


Custom whiteboard animation has come a long way. Earlier, these animations went with a basic purpose and style, but the advancement of traditional marketing to video marketing has introduced an updated or better version of them. Today, whiteboard videos have become the marketer’s favorite storyteller, and viewers also love them to enjoy their true sense of entertainment. However, the video style is one-size-fits-all, which means it can be used anywhere for everything.

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