Merits and demerits of Readymade Garments

Readymade Garments trader in India

Readymade Garments Traders in India and Their Strategies: 

There is an increasing sale of ready-made garments in the market as per Readymade garment trader in India. The rising fashion-oriented population across the globe. Changing fashion trends in the market, coupled with rising fashion designers, have modified the garment market completely. The ready-made garment segment holds a 45% share of the total Indian textile exports. But now, a wide range of ready-made garment categories are present. 

Online clothing platforms act as the major growth driver for the ready-made garment industry. The rising startups’ clothing innovations attract youngsters, and this stimulates the purchasing drive of the end customers in the comfort of their homes. Surging disposable income is making the population capable of investing in branded clothes with the purpose of flaunting brand symbols. 

Readymade Garments trader in India is surging as this market is driven by the rising population demand across the country. Online portals and offline store setups are augmenting each other. 

Let’s have a look over the merits and demerits of readymade garments.

Benefits of ready-made clothing:

Ready-made garments offer standard-fit sizes, thereby eliminating all the worries regarding size issues. You should feel free with your clothing size. The range of sizes and availability in the market help you to immediately purchase in a carefree manner. 

Ready-made garments are available on time. If there is any special occasion, then you can easily buy ready-made clothes as per your design, and pattern needs. You don’t need to wait to buy clothes and then find a good tailor to stitch your clothes. Within less time, you’ll receive your desired product. 

This stimulates the textile industry to design occasion-based ready-made garments, which become convenient for buyers.

Time efficient: the customer has no need to invest a lot of time in making their desired garment ready. And then to wear. Hence, the ready-made garments segment is gaining traction in the textile industry. 

The textile industry has now been modified by designing and adopting new fashion trends. The top manufacturers are focusing more on adopting the new fashion trend than mass clothing production. This stimulates youngsters to adopt and is leading to an increase in the purchase intent of the buyers. 

Readymade garments offer you a fitting trial. Readymade garments facilitate you to try your clothes on before you wear them. This is proven, to time efficient process. The instant fitting trial makes the confirmation purchase at one time. 

Demerits of the ready-made garment:

Sometimes you don’t get the size you want in your desired dress, forcing you to return it. Hence, size can sometimes be a major issue. 

Unbranded dresses frequently do not fit well, either being too loose or too tight in certain areas of the body. And this remains a major concern, which is unfortunately downhearted when it comes to your favorite dress. 

Ready-made garments are comparatively expensive; you get to wonder when you find a tailor-made stitched cloth costs you less than a ready-made garment. As offline retailers add an extra cost, covering light and labor costs,

Our country is filled with a lower to upper-class population. Hence, purchases are dependent on the population class. Therefore, wholesale and branded purchasing are popular across the region. 

Merchant Exporter from India is surging especially in the textile industry:

India is taken into consideration as the second biggest manufacturer and the third biggest fabric exporter. which exports an extensive variety of fabric categories. Readymade garment trader in India records half of the share of total Indian textile exports. Additionally, domestic demand has also been rising; hence, the production rate and garment exporters are surging at a high rate.


Ready-made garments account for a great record in the textile industry. Being at the top of the agricultural sector has proven advantageous for textile raw materials.

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