Modifying Decisions of Custom Pillow Boxes

One of the most common packaging options for small businesses is the custom pillow box. It is versatile, easy to make, and decorated with various materials using simple methods. Plus, it’s inexpensive!

Ways to Use Pillow Boxes Wholesale

Pillow Boxes Wholesale are made by folding a piece of cardstock paper in half to form a rectangular shape with the middle creased into flaps. This results in an easily opened end. You can easily insert or remove contents. A flap at each end closes to secure whatever has been put inside.

This format makes custom pillow boxes ideal for presenting:

  • Retail items
  • Trinkets
  • Wedding favors
  • Bulk candy gifts
  • Other promotional items

They are also helpful as gift boxes or storage containers. If you have a product that comes in a cylindrical shape, such as a bottle of body lotion, you can use custom pillow boxes. The same goes for other items with unusual shapes. However, the only limitation is your imagination.

Suitable Option in Material

Custom pillow boxes are usually made from Kraft paper or white cardstock. Kraft paper has a brownish hue and resembles recycled wrapping paper material. However, its distinct textured surface makes it ideal for printing using laser printers. White cardstock comes in varying thicknesses. It is perfect for color printing. It also gives your boxes a more classy look than Kraft paper’s earthy feel.

Since these are customized products based on your specs, you can order them in different dimensions and quantities. They are usually sold in bulk, with discounts given if you buy two thousand or more boxes at once.

Custom pillow boxes are pretty inexpensive to make using regular office equipment. They give you an easy way of boosting your company’s image through unique and truly memorable packaging. Customers will notice the extra touch your products have, leading to increased sales.

Design Your Printed Pillow Boxes

Printed Pillow Boxes aren’t as easy as one would first think. They require a bit of time and effort during the design process. Make sure everything is precise so that assembly goes smoothly without opening or closing problems. So hire a designer if you don’t have  experience. Another thing: 

Simply buying kraft paper and folding it in different sizes doesn’t work well for custom pillow boxes. They are thicker than regular paper. It means you’ll need special equipment for printing onto them that won’t cost too much money.

It’s ideal for companies online that offer custom pillow box printing. A company can supply you with folders, die-cut machines, and different paper types, making the perfect set up for your production.

Customization of Pillow Boxes

The Pillow box is an integral part of the gift packaging. The time has come for this item to get a nice upgrade. To make your gift stand out, you need to upcycle it with style!

Most people are smart and attentive to details than other people. They carefully examine each product they intend to purchase before committing to buy it. If your company offers customized products, they also expect a customizable packing option. This way, you can standardize your business processes while offering them a great shopping experience.

Customizing Options 

Let’s start by going through all possible ways of customizing our pillows:

1) Size Customization

This type of customization is helpful in e-commerce when there might be many buyers with different preferences regarding the box’s size. 

2) Color Customization

This type of customization is used to highlight branding and generate a colorful, joyful mood in the online store.

3) Structure Customization

Some items need special attention during shipping and handling to require additional protection inside the box. This way, you can improve your brand image by caring about your customers’ choice. 

4) Embossing

It is another impressive way of decorating your package. It generates an excellent customer experience.

5) Printing on Pillow Boxes

Nowadays, many printing methods are available on the market, including silk screen printing, flexography, or hot stamping. 

6) Custom Labels

This is another way to customize your pillow boxes. It promotes your brand name in the market.

Some of them might be costly. It’s best to analyze the pros and cons before making final decisions. Remember that it’s not just about choosing one or two customization types at once. Eventually, it implements them in the whole production process.

Paper choices

Look for high quality papers when designing unique packages. For this reason, you can select any of them:

  • Kraft paper
  • Matte paper
  • Metallic foil paper
  • Laminated silk paper
  • Chrome coated papers
  • Carbonless copy paper 
  • No-gloss varnish (matte or satin)

The price may vary according to the manufacturing pillows. However, all of these papers are recyclable and eco friendly.

What if the company offers custom-pillow boxes?

Customizing your packaging with pillows is a simple way to enhance the standard packing and decorate it with style. The time has come to renew pillow boxes wholesale! You can turn your box into something more eye-catching with our top five suggestions. Applying any one of these will stand your product out from the others on the market!

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