Must-have Features of an On-Demand Flower delivery App

In this digital era of technology, there are mobile apps for each and everything. Mobile apps can handle everything from ordering meals to having them delivered to your doorstep. And when it comes to the floral industry, has already become a multibillion-dollar industry. With the help of on-demand delivery software, you can deliver flowers instantly with just a few taps.

By the year 2024, the global floral market will reach around 57,400 million $ based on the latest floriculture statistics. This shows a noteworthy increase from 2019 when the market was 42,400$.

With an on-demand flower delivery app, users can easily select and get customized flower bouquets, adding personalized messages, pre-order cakes of their chosen flavor, etc, and can get them delivered at their appropriate location and time. The working of this app is straightforward and the user requires to download the app and select the items to be delivered. Now let us have a look at the flower delivery app features.

Must-have features of an on-demand fower delivery app:

When you want to develop a flower delivery app, you should have a clear idea of the required features to have it in your app.

User App Features

Scheduled delivery

You can provide your users with delivery options to get their order delivered immediately or you can schedule it later. Customers can select the date and time for the scheduled flower delivery and can receive it exactly when they need it.

Customized Notes

In this feature, you can permit users to add a customized note with the flowers. While placing the order you can get it printed to deliver with the bouquet. With the help of this feature, you can add a personal touch and assist users in conveying their message.

Real-time tracking

This is an important feature to permit your customer to track their orders in real-time. They should be updated at every step from preparing the order to order delivered. With the help of a geolocation-enabled florist app, customers will be able to view the delivery person’s movement when that person is on his way to deliver the order.

Offers and Deal

Creating an on-demand flower delivery app is essential for a business to boost its sales. Offer your customers amazing discounts and also provide personalized deals to make them come running back to your store.

Social media integration

Nowadays people love to share every moment on social media. This feature permits users to share the flower delivery directly on their social media accounts. This will also benefit users in developing free publicity for your on-demand flower delivery solutions. To develop an excellent app, it is essential to find the right flower delivery app development. You must assure the developing company that provides both Android and iOS.

100% Return policy

Return Policy is important that assist to build trust amongst the customers. It will assure the customers that if they are not happy with the quality of flowers, they can return or exchange them easily. Therefore make sure that your return policy is written and visible.

Tutorial screen

Before using the app, customers must be guided with a tutorial that would illustrate and explain all the features and functions of the app. With the help of this tutorial screen, customers can use this app easily.

Multiple Address

Users should be given the privilege to add multiple addresses and when they order a product they can select whichever address they want to deliver.

In-App Helpline

The app must have an in-app chat and calling feature so that customers can communicate easily with the delivery person and can also get regular updates on their orders.


There must be a favorite feature in the app, where customers can save their favorite products and items from the store for ordering or sharing purposes.

Flower store features

Manage store details

The owner can handle their orders on the daily basis including viewing the user’s details, name, addresses, and schedules.

Help and support

The store owner has the option to receive queries from their customers so that they can solve the problems.

Analyze sales and income

In this feature, the store owner can check and analyze the complete system and billing process. They can also evaluate the income generated and how many orders were accomplished.

Manage store details

The store owner can be able to add, and edit, the details they can also add the store and products images with appropriate descriptions.

Driver App Features

Driver login

A verified driver can sign in to their respective account and handle them.

Approve/Reject the request

When a driver receives a request from a user or admin they can accept or reject the request as per their availability.

In-app map integration

With the help of this feature, a driver can check out optimized routes and can also perform real-time tracking of the user’s address to deliver the order.

Why should a flower business develop a flower delivery app?

During this pandemic, there are a lot of changes we have seen in the business, the way we used to talk with customers, followed all business rules, etc. Today time has transformed completely, almost every business has turned online. So to boost your sales in the flower delivery business, give them an online presence where several users can be aware of your business and order for them as they need online delivery services.

Developing a flower delivery software can provide you presence in front of thousands of people and will allow you to generate more revenue than an offline business.


There are numerous features that you can add to your on-demand flower delivery app and there is no end to features that you can add. The flower delivery business is growing at a fast-paced in today’s time. Therefore it is a huge opportunity for startup organizations to invest in this business. If you are seeking to impress your customers and generate more revenue, you must opt for an on-demand flower delivery app. You can look for a top mobile app development company to get your business online.

Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading taxi dispatch and on-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that is leaned on business and entrepreneurship.

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