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Noble blood, fake watches with a French flair

France is a unique country, where there is the magnificent Palace of Versailles, the magnificent Eiffel Tower, and the refreshing Provence, which always leaves a noble and romantic impression on people. France’s glorious history and The background also laid a profound cultural heritage for the birth of clocks and fake watches. Different fake watches and clocks have their own characteristics, just like human personalities. To some extent, French brands are also an extension of French character. Every aspect of design, details, materials, and packaging incorporates French style. Below, we will take you on a tour of the watch paradise in the romantic country, which is a meaningful exploration both visually and psychologically.

Royal style – Breguet

For watch lovers, Breguet has always been a pioneer in traditional watchmaking technology. Since the establishment of the brand in 1775, Breguet fake has spared no effort to push time technology forward, developing one after another more accurate and reliable mechanical movements. In Europe, Breguet has a close relationship with the royal family. Napoleon once bought three Breguet products, eager to own a famous watch that demonstrates his noble status. Breguet’s fake watches are highly appreciated by King Louis XVI of France and Queen Mary Anthony. Celebrities such as Queen Victoria of England and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill are all Breguet’s fake watches

Many literary writers also favor Breguet when writing,” Balzac wrote in “Eugenie Grandet” in his heart: “He took out the most elegant and thin Breguet watch. what! It’s only 11 o’clock! I got up early today. “Alexander Dumas described the subtle joy of wearing a Breguet watch in “The Encounter of Monte Cristo”: “Danglas’s watch is a masterpiece of Breguet, and he carefully wound it yesterday. It strikes the time melodiously at 5:30 in the morning. ”

It can be seen that Breguet goes far beyond the scope of timepieces, telling moving stories one by one.

The Breguet brand has many unique elements, such as pomme hands, pitted bezels, rounded lugs, Breguet hairsprings, Roman numerals, etc. Below we will witness the application of these elements through specific models. The Breguet classic series best fake watches inherit the neoclassical and concise style of Breguet master watchmaking, showing elegance and simplicity everywhere. The first thing that catches the eye is the dial, which is also one of the characteristics that highlights Breguet’s characteristics.

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Breguet fully reflects the diversity of pattern design in this watch. Breguet divided the entire dial into several parts due to the needs of functional blocks. The wearer can see the guilloché decoration in this area from different angles. At the same time, the orientation is consistent with the pointer, giving an inseparable visual experience as a whole. The inside of the large date indicator at 6 o’clock is the sun pattern designed by Breguet.

The traditional sun pattern is more of a radial stripe pattern or sunburst pattern, while Breguet uses a petal-like shape to make it unique. The design is more unique. In addition, the bottom of the dial is divided into granular patterns. With this part of the pattern, the patterns of other parts will not appear so abrupt, and the surface of the dial will not appear monotonous.

Next, let’s focus on the pointer. The slender and elegant blue pointer gives people a sense of time and space rotation. There is a hollow dot at the end of the pointer, and the proximal end is an eccentric moon. Unexpectedly, Breguet has used this neoclassical blue steel Breguet small needle for more than 200 years, and it is still classic.

In addition, the bright spots of the dial may still be unsatisfactory. If you observe carefully, you can find that Breguet’s moon phase dial is actually different from other brands. The moon phase disc of this watch is composed of a “blue” starry sky and a “golden” moon face. This is a very distinctive style of Breguet. The traditional moon phase moon is very pure gold or silver, while Breguet presents it with a smiling face, conveying a good mood to the wearer through the fake watches

The rounded lugs and pitted frame are also obvious features of Breguet. Nowadays, many brands also imitate Breguet’s design, but Breguet is still Breguet, and the imitation will always be inferior.

Breguet also has some hidden features that people who don’t know clocks and fake watches may not have noticed, that is Breguet’s independent number, each Breguet watch has an independent number, through which you can check its authenticity and In addition, the Breguet brand adopted the concealed signature technology in 1795. This watch has a signature on both sides around 12 o’clock, which is also the exclusive feature of most Breguet fake watches.

The watch is in different positions, and the operation of the balance wheel will speed up or slow down accordingly. Breguet conceived the best solution – the tourbillon, which is one of the most important inventions in Breguet’s history. This 5347PT/11/9ZU watch has a double rotating tourbillon. Breguet fixed two independently operating tourbillon bridges on a central platform that rotates once every twelve hours. The hour markers on the dial are Roman numerals, the central chassis has a hand-engraved pattern, and the watchmaker places the hour hands on the bridges of the two tourbillons. The back of the movement has a hand-engraved relief of the solar system, inspired by the tourbillon that rotates once every 60 seconds and rotates around the central axis every 12 hours.

Aristocratic treasure – Cartier

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Cartier was founded in Paris in 1847. The founder gave up the powder keg business passed down in his family, and became a jewelry craftsman on his own. The initial workshop only served exclusive customers, such as the upper-class figures of the nobles and royal families. At that time, Paris, after some turmoil in the battle for the throne, restored the former flashy atmosphere of Huadu, which greatly promoted the prosperity of the jewelry industry in Paris and provided an unprecedented opportunity for the development of Cartier.

It has formed an indissoluble bond with luxury and noble style. Now it has become the most admired big name in the world. Cartier is not only the vane of design and alertness, but also a pioneer in the innovative production of watches in addition to being far ahead in the fields of jewelry, perfume and leather goods.

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Cartier fake watches also reveal the spirit of the French blood: romantic and elegant. The Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch adds elegance to the cuffs of men and women. The arc of precious metal protects the winding crown set with a cabochon stone, and the Roman numerals deviate from the track guided by the crown. The top and bottom of the watch adopt a circular design, and the arc principle is to decorate an arched sapphire, which bends along the arc dial. The watchmaker decorated the dial with guilloché, the glass mirror magnifies the numbers, and time is also full of deformation fun.

The Cartier Santos series has gone through more than a century, and its appearance has had a profound impact on the LOVE series of jewelry designed by Cartier in the future. The Tank series itself has evolved into a big family, including: Chinese tanks, extended tanks, American tanks, flipped tanks… There are too many places to study, and here we will only explain a few classic models for you. The SANTOS GALBÉE watch adopts a curved case with tough screw design, restrained yet elegant. The watchmaker also set a faceted synthetic spinel on the stainless steel case. Careful observation shows that the design of the scale at seven o’clock is also very unique, and there is a Cartier letter mark on one side of the letter “V”.

Cartier never sticks to the rules, and is good at expressing cultural or exotic styles with abstract geometric figures. The idea of the Cartier Tank watch comes from the French Renault tank, which was first put into use in World War I. The beauty of this tank watch comes from the simple lines, classic design and profound historical and cultural background.

Scale, scale design is inspired by early urban civilization, and the invention

and promotion of trains also played an important role in the history of European civilization. The pointer ticks along the “track”, as if traveling in a tunnel of time. The blue steel sword-shaped pointer is easy to think of the French classical swordsmanship.

TANK ANGLAISE series-continues the history of Tank watches,

and fully possesses the characteristics of Tank Replica Watches Store:

integrally designed case straps, Roman numerals, orbital minute scales, and sword-shaped hands. The real difference from the above Tank model is that the crown of this watch is hidden in the vertical lugs,

just like the wheels of the tank are constantly running,

which is meaningful, and the overall structure forms a perfect symmetry.

Jewelry and watches are also inseparable to some extent. Diamond inlay is also a huge project. Carvers pick out gem raw materials and carve them into shapes according to specific requirements,

and then carve them into different sizes on metal cases. Holes, and finally complete the inlay of each diamond and watch case on a microscope. The diamonds on the case and strap must be presented on the watch in the most perfect way, shining brightly.


The watch brand founded in France is covered with a fascinating mystery

because of its inextricable legendary past with royal celebrities. Understanding a brand’s century-old classics and changing development history is like reading a history of European modern art. Even though the design styles of each series or watch are different,

the blood of the same brand flows, and the commonality is obvious. The styles of different ages are the epitome of the changes

and development of a city’s cultural background. Every change in tiny detail means an evolution of people’s aesthetic tendency at that time,

and it is also a trend in the historical background at that time. There is no need to comment on which brand is excellent and which brand is inferior. Design itself is an art. There is no right or wrong. Different people will see different wonderful things. The process of appreciation is inherently full of beauty.

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