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Replica watches: I need a dive watch because I don’t want to have it locked in a sub-safe locker while swimming. I need a dual time zone watch, because I don’t want to take the time I don’t have enough time to calculate the time difference when I’m busy abroad. I need a chronograph because I need to plan my workflow more scientifically by recording a period of time. And the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra chronograph we are going to introduce today can meet all of your above needs.

The famous Omega Seamaster series was born in 1948, and its iconic seahorse badge pattern serves as the seahorse’s ID card (this watch does not have this ID card due to the transparent back), representing unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Not only that, the early Seamaster series replica watches have all undergone the rigorous testing of astronauts and navigators in the most difficult environments. The new Aqua Terra watch series not only inherits the classic characteristics of the earlier models, but also adopts innovative technology. Craftsmanship and exceptional design.perfect replica watches

The current Seamaster series has two most important families, one is the “Marine Universe” family and the other is the Aqua Terra family.

The name “Aqua Terra” means water and land.

The name of the family is not difficult to see, it is to join hands with the Ocean Universe family to let the seahorse traverse the ocean, universe, land and lake.

Since the Aqua Terra is part of the Seamaster collection, it still has a strong connection to the marine theme, so the designer based the dial on the teak deck on the luxury yacht.

We call the vertical texture on the dial as a decoration called “Teak Concept”. These vertical stripes are very fine workmanship, the layering and texture are very full, and this dial also has a black version, which looks even cooler!

This watch is definitely the kind of watch that looks very intimidating. Not to mention anything else, these 7 hands are enough to let you watch for a long time. It can be said to be one of Omega’s watch models with the most hands. The 30-minute cumulative chronograph hand is at 3 o’clock; the 12-hour cumulative chronograph hand is at 6 o’clock; the small second hand is at 9 o’clock; Don’t think it’s a broken watch if it doesn’t move. Finally, the red arrow pointer is the most practical, it can display the time between two places by indicating the full number on the outer ring.

Generally speaking, we call the hands with “arrows” at the ends of the hour, minute, and second hands as broadsword hands. Since this watch only has the hour hand without arrows, we call it the small broadsword pointer.

I think it is necessary for me to popularize a little common sense about the “broad sword” pointer here. “Broad Arrow” is an accurate translation of the English “Broad Arrow”.

The history of this kind of pointer should be earlier than the watch itself.

In fact, the Seamaster series not only used the broadsword pointer, but also used it in the Speedmaster series, and the Speedmaster used it earlier. Especially in the past 20 years, there seems to be an unwritten rule that the configuration of Luxury Replica Watches with broad arrow pointers is generally higher than that without them.

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Slightly larger at first, and then more likely to use a precious metal bezel, case or high-performance movement. The reason is very simple, that is, it is more difficult to process a set of broad arrow pointers than ordinary fluorescent pointers. Although the hippocampus of this small broadsword pointer today may not have as high a configuration as that of the broadsword pointer in some respects, its rich functions are also remarkable.

The case diameter of this watch is 44 mm, which may seem a bit too large for Asians, but don’t worry, the graceful curve of the lugs will make any discomfort invisible.

Some people say that looking at how well a watch is polished, the movement can best explain the problem. But I want to say that the well-polished movement can prove the craftsmanship of the brand, replica watches and the well-polished case can prove the strength of the brand (the investment in manufacturing the case is much larger than that of the movement). And Omega replica has made the case as good as the movement.

We can take a closer look at the side of this watch. The material of this watch is 316L austenitic stainless steel, although it uses the two most common types of stainless steel grinding.

The way, brushed and polished, but Omega has made the transformation of these two kinds of polishing superb.

Everyone pay attention to the intersection of painting and polishing, the transition is so natural, this kind of profound skill, if it does not have a strong power, it cannot be done to this extent!

Let’s look at the other side of the watch. Although this side is only wire drawing, I would like to say that wire drawing grinding is very common, but it is difficult to draw the so-called wire very fine and smooth, so we call it the top drawing process. Omega has satin-brushed this watch, you can see if its side is like satin.

We see that not only the case, but the bracelet performs the same polishing standards as the case,

no wonder metal bracelets are several times more expensive than leather straps. This watch uses a traditional double-folding clasp, which is not only more comfortable, but also easy to take off. Every detail of the same clasp is meticulously done.

Since it is called a seahorse, it must be a diving watch,

so on the small second dial at 9 o’clock,

its waterproof depth (150 meters/500 meters) is indicated. Although this depth is entry-level in the seahorse.

But it’s also enough to keep you from having to worry about swimming or snorkeling.

Don’t forget it’s a chronograph, but it’s probably the most artistic chronograph in the Seahorse. Its chronograph button does not use the circular button with a lock like the ocean universe,

but uses a more It is an atmospheric pear-shaped button,

although its waterproofness may not be as good as that with a lock,

but it is very suitable from the perspective of viewing

and playing (it is indeed more comfortable to press than a circle).perfect replica watches

The most practical function of this watch is to count the two time functions,

so this watch specially marks the three letters of GMT in striking red,

and also uses the same embossed inlay technique as the Logo (even the series name is is printed),

it can be seen that this function is important for this table. The eye-catching red arrow pointer will always remind you of the time in your hometown

by indicating the 24-hour scale on the outermost circle.

At present, there are four main sources of movements for the hippocampus series of mechanical Best Replica Watches, namely the 8-series and 9-series coaxial silicon escapement movements produced by Omega; the FP automatic chronograph column-wheel chronograph movement; the improved 7750 machine The core and the ETA movement that replaced the coaxial escapement,

and the movement of our watch today is a very artistic FP movement.

FP is the abbreviation of the Swiss Frédéric Piguet movement factory, currently controlled by the Blancpain watch factory.

Historically, Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin have also used FP advanced movements.

The FP movement factory has a famous high-grade automatic chronograph movement called FP1185,

which was renamed 3303 after being used by Omega. Because this watch has a dual time zone module installed on this movement, people call it 3603. This movement is an automatic column-wheel chronograph movement

(there are only a handful of movements of this specification in the world),

replica watches and it has always been regarded as a collection due to its high level of manufacturing and polishing. Excellent product.

After Omega uses this movement, it can be said to carry out a key upgrade for it,

turning the ordinary escapement of the movement into Omega’s unique coaxial escapement,

so that this movement does not affect the feel of the timing buttons. On the premise, it has excellent accuracy. It can be said that this movement improved by Omega can definitely be regarded as one of the most

accurate automatic column-wheel chronograph movements in the world.

In addition, let’s take a look at the polishing of this movement. The edge of the splint is smooth and textured. Every screw, compression spring, gear and main wheel mechanism are all shiny and pleasing to the eye,

so it is not an exaggeration to say that it is literary and artistic.

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