Panerai Fake Watches Luminor 1950 Left-Handed One-Button Chronograph – Timekeeping with the Left Hand

To be honest, in 2014, Panerai did not launch any shocking new products. It can be summed up in one sentence: the stopwatch was released in 1940; the left-hander was released in 1950; it has been 8 days since Luminor released its titanium case; Radiomir released a pocket watch plus A large pendulum clock. In 2014, the Luminor1950 series was mainly aimed at left-handers, and a total of two fake watches were launched. Compared with the simple model, this Pam00579 chronograph is obviously more flavorful.fake watches cheap

As we all know, Panerai’s two major families are Radiomir and Luminor, but everyone only thinks that the difference between the two is only the difference between the protection of the crown and the bridge. In fact, it was not until 1950 that Luminor completely completed the evolution from Radiomir.

At that time, the Luminor model was unique because of its crown protection bridge.

Panerai changed the linear lugs to straight lugs and cast them in one piece with the case, improving the overall strength of the watch and continuing the appearance of the Radiomir 1940 model. The cushion-shaped case and the flat, wide bezel, especially the case back, the transition between the straight lugs and the cushion-shaped case makes the overall texture of the case back very rich, which is why so many people have a unique love for the 1950. The reason for the clock. The above is the origin of the modern Luminor 1950 series.

The biggest feature of Luminor 1950 The biggest feature of the case is that it is very rich in layers and has a strong texture, especially this left-handed watch. The feeling of dislocation, in fact, this detail is derived from the historical fake watches cheap of Panerai in that year. We can find this design layout in the history of Panerai. More than 70 years ago, since Panerai is the watch brand of the Royal Italian Navy, Panerai specially customized the left-hand layout for the Navy commandos who like to wear the watch on the right wrist and the other wrist. Wear a compass and depth gauge.

In order to make this watch retain the taste of more than 70 years ago after adding new functions, Panerai can say that it has spent a lot of thought, especially the chronograph button on the right side of the watch at the two o’clock position, so that the It looks balanced and harmonious as a whole. Since this watch is a manual movement and counts as a historical series, the case diameter is Panerai’s iconic 47mm, the same as the historical watch worn by the commandos at the time outside their diving suits.

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This watch is in titanium, which is what excites me the most.

The reason why I am excited is not because the weight of titanium is very light, but for two other reasons. First, the watchmaking concept of this old and new method has awakened everyone’s dream of a plot that can travel through time and space, and with the help of the technological craftsmanship and materials in the field of modern top sports watchmaking, it is also logical to get rid of those shortcomings in history, not only weight Greatly lightened, its excellent corrosion resistance and hypoallergenic properties also surpassed the models of the time.

The second is the treatment method of the titanium alloy material of this watch. We all know that titanium alloys have always been difficult to process, so we see that most of the titanium alloy watches on the market are frosted. Although this is scratch-resistant, it is not There is also a fatal disadvantage that it does not look good, but this watch is an exception. The watchmaker polished the bezel and the case with a matte finish. This first makes the whole watch look more layered, and secondly, it is not as high-profile as the full polishing treatment. In the end, of course, it is both good and scratch-resistant.

In order to restore all the design and development characteristics of Panerai’s Replica Swiss Watches for the Italian Royal Navy Commandos in the 1930s and 1940s, except for the case, every detail of this watch tells us the brilliance of Panerai History. The first is its curved mirror.

We know that, in addition to titanium alloys, the second most difficult to process is sapphire crystal.

Because its hardness is second only to diamonds,

many brands do not want to try to process it into a curved shape. In order to restore the history, Panerai fake watches has completed the arduous task of the curved sapphire mirror without hesitation, so that the whole watch has a new level. At that time, manufacturers could only use resin or plastic glass.

The watch’s visual core dial is visible through the watch glass to the wearer. The dial adopts the vicissitudes of life and modern brown,

which is a color you will fall in love with at a glance, and the “sandwich” composed of two overlapping discs. “The dial mechanism adds another layer of charm to the vicissitudes of life. Through the corresponding hour markers on the upper disc,

I once again see this very nostalgic golden-brown luminous material, and the outermost scale ring is also Tell us that this is a chronograph.

Judging from the dial layout of this watch, Panerai fake watches seems to be deliberately avoiding the timing function,

for fear that this function will damage the taste of history in the slightest,

so the diameter of the timing dial is almost smaller than the small second dial.

But this is the genius of Panerai fake watches. Since this watch is left-handed, people’s first visual point of view must be the crown,

and the closest thing to the crown is the chronograph dial, precisely because it is small. Therefore, it has not grabbed the historical limelight, but has also become the visual center of the entire watch. Only after tasting it can you truly appreciate Panerai’s hard-to-play and well-intentioned efforts.Replica Swiss Watches

This is a chronograph, a single-button chronograph, and a single-button chronograph with an 8-day power reserve.

Although the front of this watch gives you an invisible relief. But in fact, the inner core of this watch is very deep. This watch adopts the P.2004/9 manual winding movement entirely produced by Panerai fake.

The movement splints are all brushed and polished. This kind of decoration The method was widely criticized when the movement was first introduced, and felt unconventional,

but I think it is this anti-traditional approach that created the decorative style that belongs to the Italian movement.

After careful tasting, you will find that this seemingly rough decorative style is handled in great detail.

The chamfered and polished edges of the plywood and the mirror-polished fixing screws all sparkle in front of your eyes.

The movement has three barrels, the structure is one barrel in series with two parallel barrels,

so that it has a constant power of up to eight days,

and the power reserve display on the back of the movement makes the dial as much as possible. Keep a simple, crisp design style.

Of course, the most important function of this watch is timing,

which can be started, stopped and reset with a single button,

and this series of complex operations are attributed to the column wheel next to the display,

which is the most the traditional structure enables the most sophisticated movement to achieve the most accurate timing performance. The minute counter at the 9 o’clock position, the pointer does not rotate continuously,

but moves forward in a way of jumping forward after every minute.

In addition, this watch also has a very user-friendly function, that is, the return of the second hand. Zero, when the crown is pulled out, the small second hand immediately stops running

and returns to the zero position, which really makes it very convenient for us to check the time.

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