Panerai replica watches ‘s interpretation of the reversal of the legend – money can’t buy me happy

When it comes to the brand Panerai, people who like it will give countless reasons, but those who don’t like Panerai replica watches will only get rid of it. From this we can see that it is definitely not a moderate brand with a distinct personality, and it is based on this that today’s watch industry has set off a “dominant trend”, and Panerai has also written an irreproducible trend. Next, I will briefly sort out the history and series of Panerai watches for you.

Mysterious military watch background

Founded in 1860, Panerai is known for its precision machinery and excellent quality. The earliest is the production of precision instruments and  replica watches for the Royal Italian Navy. Today Panerai has become a world-renowned premium sports watch brand. With design inspiration from the sea, Panerai positions the brand as a high-end watch in the field of sports and leisure. Italian design style and Swiss professional technology make each Panerai watch have a distinctive brand style and excellent quality.

On the eve of World War II, Panerai developed the first prototype of the “Radiomir” watch for use by the frogmen units of the First Submarine Group Command of the Royal Italian Navy. Many of the features of this watch have remained to this day: large stainless steel case with cushions (47 mm diameter), luminous numerals and hour markers, linear lugs welded to the case, hand-wound mechanical movement, extended waterproof strap piercing on a wetsuit. In the historical records of the Navy, Panerai produced only 10 prototype watches in 1936.

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As we all know, the two main series of Panerai are Radiomir and Luminor.

Maybe the difference between them is only the difference between the crown and bridge protection. In fact, the evolution from Radiomir to Luminor has been very long a process.

Inheriting the characteristics of the 1936 prototype, the Radiomir watch did not go into mass production until two years later. In order to make this prototype better perform its functions, Panerai has made many improvements to it and launched a new Radiomir watch.

The new watch has the following features: a double-layered dial with hands and numerals on the upper dial, which enhances the readability and luminous properties of the radium coating; the linear lugs are more durable, with metal rods at both ends, welded in the middle of the case. Panerai has also improved the visibility of the dial underwater, with prominent Arabic numerals and other hour markers on the four basic positions, the hour and minute hands, and the not-so-small seconds hand. Swiss Luxury Fake Watches For Sale

The requirements of the Royal Navy have become even more demanding:  replica watches must withstand the harshest conditions underwater.

Therefore, it must be extremely resistant to fatigue. The lugs are reinforced to meet these requirements and are cast in one piece with the case to improve its water resistance. Some of today’s “Radiomir 1940” models feature a cushion-shaped case with more pronounced edges on the sides, revised general dimensions of the individual parts, and a cylindrical (rather than tapered) winding crown. The Radiomir 1940 special edition model launched at the 2012 International Salon des Haute Horlogerie in Geneva draws inspiration from these characteristics.

The Panerai Manufacture presents a prototype watch specially designed for civilian officers of the Navy on duty: the Mare Nostrum Dual Dial Chronograph. It is said that only two or three of this watch were produced at the time, and only a few photos of them can be seen today, only one of which was found in 2005. Panerai began to initially develop and design this watch in the 1940s. The half-moon-shaped steel crown guard prevents sea water from penetrating the case, while protecting the crown seal from damage due to winding stress.

panerai watches

In 1950 Radiomir completed the evolution to Luminor. After the end of World War II, Panerai continued the technical research it had carried out at the beginning of the war, perfecting the development of the Luminor. Unique to the new Luminor is its crown guard, which also has reinforced linear lugs, cast in one piece with the case.

The case continues the cushion-shaped case of the Radiomir 1940 watch Bezel. The model with this case is now called the Luminor 1950.

In fact, from the historical process of Panerai, it is not difficult to see that the reason why it can cause such a big frenzy today is definitely not groundless. First of all, the background of the military watch can be said to be an affirmation of its craftsmanship. Discipline casts a mysterious veil on the brand. The so-called curiosity is a typical reverse thinking. The more you suppress it, the stronger it is. Therefore, when this secret is finally revealed to the world, it is It will lead to a blowout polymerization effect.

In 1993, Panerai launched three limited-edition models for the first time to the public: the Luminor, Luminor Marina and Mare Nostrum watches, all inspired by military watches created for World War II and used by many. Collectors and people who love Panerai watches scramble to buy. In September 1993, Panerai officially unveiled the collection on the Italian Navy cruiser Durand De La Penne, in the presence of Duke Amedeo da Aosta.

Maxima meets Bole to achieve a gorgeous reversal

In fact, the history of Panerai, a military watch brand in the pure sense, as an individual identity has ended. Of course, it is not easy to write a “Pai-style legend”. A strong background familiar with and good at various promotion and marketing strategies has become a must-have. There was still a warm-up period after Pei was officially marketed in 1993 (the movement used the most common ETA version), but it was favored by Richemont Group, which is good at operating luxury brands.

Sales, but also excavation of historical designs, both the use of improved ETA movements to take into account the low-to-medium market, and the use of antique stock movements and some high-end movements to produce special editions to stimulate the high-end market, and to control production well, increase The brand gold content, that is,

this year Panerai finally ranks among the high-end replica fakes

In 1997, the special edition PAM000021, a platinum Rolex movement,

was limited to 60 pieces, and the asking price was 200,000. Today, the price is still firm.

Although it is not as good as today’s real estate market,

it is also an evergreen dark horse in the watch industry.

I am not commenting on this brand from the standpoint of liking or disliking this brand,

because different preferences and natural choices are different. Although sometimes it is not worth the money, the sentence “money can’t buy me happy” still interprets a sentence. Common sense.

In 2005, the first in-house calibre P.2002 developed by Panerai was launched on the international market:

this hand-wound movement is equipped with a dual time function

and an 8-day power reserve, similar to the Angelus movements of the 1940s. This movement is named after the year in which Panerai founded its own watch factory,

paying tribute to the watch brand that originated in Florence. This is actually one of the watches that was spit out by those bystanders. I remember that the initial price was 140,000. The highest auction record has exceeded 800,000, and it is still high. perfect replica watches

Panerai presents three new in-house movements designed and developed entirely in-house: P.2003, P.2004 and the innovative P.2005.

Equipped with a beautiful tourbillon specially crafted by the Panerai Manufacture,

the P.2005 perfectly integrates its sophisticated watchmaking tradition and at the same time achieves device innovation. In fact, the frame of the balance wheel

and the escapement that rotates on its axis are not parallel to the balance wheel axis, but perpendicular to it. Unlike the traditional tourbillon, the Panerai tourbillon cage rotates once every 30 seconds,

while the traditional tourbillon cage only rotates once every minute.

Analyzing the side of Panerai watch friends, I noticed that most of the watch fans

who like Panerai abroad have several characteristics: they are mainly middle class, with stable income,

they are not watch fans for the first time, they like new things, and they love their family,

love life – food, travel, cars, sports, photography, etc., willing to make friends, go to parties and chat,

and even play a monotonous Panerai watch with new tricks (such as changing all kinds of belts and buckles) ,

and even brought one by one handmade belt workshops into the golden age).panerai replica watches

This kind of group communication method of watch players in the Internet age is unprecedented,

and it can be regarded as the success of Panerai in the new era. In the watch fan group of other brands, it is not as pure, so obvious, and so on.

Stability and persistence, it is not difficult to imagine why Panerai has always insisted on such a style,

but this does not mean that we have to produce watches that consumers like,

but to cultivate their preferences in a directional way.

From this, it is not difficult to see that although Panerai replica has already entered the ranks of first-line watches by virtue of its high popularity, it still has inevitable flaws for the expert watch watchers. Many people will question the staggering price of an oversized weird case with a modified ETA or so-called self-produced movement. Most Chinese people still prefer value for money in terms of consumption. This concept is precisely in such a large environment that Panerai can be said to be constantly changing in the face of adversity.

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