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Peace Lily: The Plant That Can Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

If you’ve ever suffered from allergies or live in an area with high air pollution, then you know how important it is to have plants in your home. These indoor plants can not only improve the look and feel of your space, but some of them are even known for filtering the air around them. One plant that fits both these criteria is the peace lily.

This beautiful plant has become more and more popular as its benefits have become known. Cultivars of this plant come in a variety of different colors, making it easy to find one that will fit perfectly in any home or office. The peace lily also requires less light than most other types of indoor plants which makes it a great choice for just about any room.

What is a Peace Lily?

The peace lily is not only a beautiful plant, but it’s one that does wonders for your home. Native to the steamy rainforests of southern Asia and northern Australia, the peace lily is hard to find in its natural form. The peace lily can reach heights of up to 4 feet tall and has large leaves.

You may have seen a peace lily at your local grocery store or as an ornamental feature at many hotels. The peace lily is known for its large, dark green leaves which grow close together on the lower portion of the plant (the stem). Leaves on top are often more yellowish in color with purple spots on them. The flowers range from white to pink and typically bloom during the summer months.

Peace lilies are well-suited to indoor environments and will thrive in low light conditions, making them perfect for those with little natural sunlight coming into their home or office space. Their minimal light requirements make them a great choice for offices or rooms where fluorescent lights are present all day long. They also require less water than most other plants, making them perfect if you’re forgetful about watering your plants now and again!

How Does the Peace Lily Help Improve Air Quality?

The peace lily is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it can also help improve the air quality of your home or office. The peace lily naturally removes toxins from the air and converts them into harmless byproducts which are then absorbed by the plant’s leaves. This is a process called phytoremediation, and it’s made the peace lily a popular choice for improving air quality.

Peace lilies have been known to remove formaldehyde from furniture and carpets, benzene from car exhaust fumes, trichloroethylene (TCE) from industrial effluents, and xylene in cigarette smoke. These plants can also reduce levels of ozone in homes with people who smoke indoors as well as pet odors in apartments with pets.

These plants are great for improving air quality because they remove dangerous chemicals while adding life to your space. If you’re looking for an efficient way to improve your indoor environment, then consider adding a peace lily to your home!

Which Types of Peace Lilies Should You Buy?

The peace lily is a type of plant that has many uses and benefits. One benefit of the peace lily is that it can filter the air around it. There are many different cultivars of this plant, but they all have these same benefits. The peacock variety will produce beautiful flowers with an intense fragrance, while the variegated variety will produce more green leaves than other varieties. If you want to purchase a peace lily for your space, then it’s important you choose one that best suits what you’re looking for.

Care and Maintenance of a Peace Lily

The peace lily is an easy plant to care for. While it does require some light, it can also be grown in low light conditions or even in a dark office space. It also needs to be watered about once per week and to be fertilized about every two weeks.

The peace lily is one of the most popular plants because it can improve your home’s air quality. The plant removes benzene from the environment, which is a chemical that is released when gasoline is burned. This means that if you live near a busy road or in an area with high air pollution, then this plant might be the one for you!


The Peace Lily is a great plant to have in your home because it not only looks good but can help improve the quality of the air that you breathe. The peace lily is a great plant to have in your home because it not only looks good but can help improve the quality of the air that you breathe.

It’s an excellent choice for people who want fresh air that isn’t too overpowering. If you want a low-maintenance plant with a long life, this is a great choice for you. The peace lily also has a beautiful, unique shape and color. If you’re interested in getting a peace lily, they’re available at nurseries and garden centers in your area.


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