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Pecha Kucha Topic Ideas – Presentation Art In Pictures

The pecha kucha topic ideas are an expression that will pass your way when you are interested in presentation techniques. You may doubt that something that sounds like an Asian curry dish can be an extraordinary technique to deliver a very special performance. Let us offer you some information about Pecha Kucha which could enhance your very own very personal performance.

The Invention of Pecha Kucha

First of all, Pecha Kucha isn’t black at all. Pecha Kucha originated in Japanese nationality and is an onomatopoeic term. It will be related to the noise that is produced while many people communicate at the same time. Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham from Klein Dytham Architecture in Tokyo are the inventors of Pecha Kucha.

Although Klein and Dytham are both architects and invented this technique for their own purposes, it is also applicable for any other industry such as tourism, beauty, and health sector or marketing and management. Furthermore, we can use it for private gatherings and festivities whenever we need a refreshing performance.

All About Pecha Kucha Topic Ideas

20 slides, 20 seconds per slide – the format is simple. Only images, and no text. In total, you have 6 minutes and 40 seconds for a pecha kucha presentation ideas. The time is ticking fast without the performer having any control over it. That is exactly the challenge of it. You will need to lessen your content as much as possible to be as specific as possible. An adaption of your speech to the collection of images is actually necessary. Otherwise it’ll be a more than pitiful performance.

If you keep in mind how often it occurs that presentations are just a very boring waste of time, pecha kucha topic ideas can be an ideal way to provide a very interesting, appealing, and exceptional presentation. Both sides, the audience and you will benefit from such delivery. Hence, it keeps you focused and raises a high level of attention in your auditorium. Using the Pecha Kucha technique makes a presentation an exciting activity and is a popular method all around the world. In more than 700 cities worldwide Pecha Kucha events are organized and visited by a broad audience.

How To Prepare Pecha Kucha Topic Ideas

Before preparing yourself for a pecha kucha topic ideas performance, you will need to inform yourself very well about the subject that will be presented. Choose all images carefully and make sure it agrees with the content you report. Keep in mind:

  1. To structure it very clearly
  2. Whether you want to include storytelling or not
  3. To focus on your main thesis
  4. How the pictures support this thesis
  5. To choose the perfect pictures and where to get them 

Here Are Some Suggestions:

  1. You can divide your presentation into 3 parts – introduction, main part, and conclusion. Then you can pick one of two options: you either address your thesis directly or introduce your presentation shortly. If your topic is comprehensible and you wish to create some tension and curiosity, you will most likely decide on an introduction. Start pecha kucha topic ideas with a delightful anecdote or an inspiring joke to introduce the audience to the subject. Thus, these connotations will raise interest and attention.
  2. Storytelling shall be part of any pecha kucha topic ideas performance. Suitable images are perfect to create a dramatic effect and raise tension. Thus, use metaphors that are true to life and that everybody identifies with.
  3. Choose pictures that suit your storytelling or course of narration. Be the narrator of a little tale and make your audience a participant in your narrative. People react to visuals and feel inspired by aesthetic outlooks that emphasize a good performance. Thus, keep in mind that the pecha kucha topic ideas and images are as equally important as your speech.
  4. Above all, we can find pictures anywhere. You may already be on your smartphone or camera and have your images. There are many websites where you can scan pictures from newspapers or buy them. Create collages, drawings, or stylish designs in a graphics program. There are many chances to find the right images. Pay close attention to your environment and the right pecha kucha presentation ideas will come. Last but not least do not forget to mention the source of any image that is not your own and you prepared for an impressive pecha kucha topic ideas presentation.

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