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best law colleges in Delhi.

You never know when, where, why, or how someone brings an accusation of a crime against you. Hence, it is of absolute importance to have some basic knowledge when it comes to criminal law. The majority of law-abiding citizens reckon there isn’t any need to obtain knowledge related to the law’s functioning.

If you feel the same, you must rethink. Only if you show some real interest in gaining knowledge about criminal law will you be able to play a crucial role if you or any of your near and dear ones face an accusation of a criminal offense. Possessing some of the most important knowledge of criminal law beforehand could come to your significant help if anyone all of a sudden brings an accusation of illegal activity against you. Read the following to know the top criminal law tips that you can learn as a student from the best law colleges in Delhi.

Know Your Rights

Suppose you know the fundamental rights that you can exercise as an independent person. Law enforcers do not have the permission to accuse you of a particular crime and arrest you because of that, in that case.

Right to Refuse

No police personnel can visit your office or resident without letting you know and begin searching without your permission if he doesn’t have a search warrant. You have all the right to refuse them to do what they want to do until you get a criminal attorney for your defense.

Do not Say Anything

You’ll have the option to not utter anything in front of police personnel when they arrest you because of someone’s wrongful accusation of a criminal act against you. It is ideal to completely refuse to speak a word because the actual convict can use your words against you while you face trial. It is better to make up your mind and wait until you get a professional attorney to help you out.

Accusations from a Case Similar to the Previous One

An individual can falsely accuse you of criminal activity again if you were arrested before and considered a convict. You never know, but the one almost the same situation could arise if the current case is quite similar to the one for which you were taken to police custody. The court might regard it as a sign that you have no interest in changing your behavior and attitude and may consider you a risk to society.

Knowledge about Mandatory Sentence

You should know that there is a compulsory sentence for every different crime, a minimum for it. If you plead guilty to an accusation of a crime that someone brings against you, you may face jail time which depends on the severity of the case. As a criminal law student at the law colleges in Delhi, you would be more aware of your rights as a citizen.

You will definitely be able to save yourself from becoming a convict or offender if, apart from keeping all the crucial information mentioned above related to criminal law in mind, you are a student of criminal law.

Bottom Line

Being a successful lawyer doesn’t mean that you have to be dishonest, contrary to popular belief. The best law colleges in Delhi make sure that their students are fighting crime to better the world and in the process know how to be successful in that. Over the decades, law as a professional field has gained a lot of interest and attention from everyone who wishes to pursue it as a career.


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