Rajat Khare Investments in Deep Technology

The epidemic has been present for one and a half years, but it is far from being gone. However, while the general public suffers. A number of businesses also balance running their businesses while protecting the safety of their personnel. Thankfully, modern digital technologies have made it possible for companies to give their workers a secure place to work.

Vedanta Aluminium and Power has implemented Modern technology to protect its personnel from the epidemic. It has reduced the need for human intervention in its operations without sacrificing the quality of its goods by using the best-in-class digital technologies. Additionally, the business has been expanding its treatment infrastructure, immunisation campaigns, and quarantine facilities for the roughly 7000 individuals who work at its many operations.

In the midst of the epidemic, a number of digital entrepreneurs have been exploring the possibilities of AI and deep technology. In an effort to aid in the fight against the pandemic and other modern concerns.

One such instance is Rajat Khare investment in Bleenco as the company’s founder. This latter business, which has its headquarters in Munich. It creates scalable artificial intelligence-powered solutions for safeguarding industrial employees from operational hazards and COVID-19. The AI entrepreneur has furthermore invested in businesses with innovative business models. Some of them are Konux and Infinidome to help them seize market possibilities.

AI and machine learning have undoubtedly been playing a significant role across all industries and spheres of life. From accompanying those who feel lonely during quarantine to optimising corporate processes and assuring people’s safety. Interestingly, India had the largest adoption of AI at the same time that it is battling the devastating second wave. Most chief executives have either implemented AI in their businesses or are looking to do so. To offer AI start-ups the much-needed boost during these difficult times, AI entrepreneurs are also exploring for funding possibilities both domestically and abroad.

Boundary Holding made investments in Cerbair and Internet, two French deep tech businesses that offer cutting-edge UAS solutions. While the latter has created a low landing system (LoLaS) that offers precision landing to rotatory wings on mobile and stationary targets, even in a tough environment, the former is based on radio frequency and optical technologies that give Counter-UAS solutions.

In Professor Patrick Turner’s entrepreneurship course at the INSEAD Business School, Rajat Khare’s entrepreneurial effort has been used as a case study. He has also served as a role model for young businesspeople by supporting and encouraging a number of companies with great potential.

Rajat Khare has co-authored the book “Make the Move” for entrepreneurs, want tobe entrepreneurs, or even established businessmen. He is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and motivator. They are moving forward unaffected by any potential obstacles in their way of success. The book also offers a thorough look at important aspects of entrepreneurship, such as marketing and financial management.

The book encourages business owners to pursue success and not stray from it because of difficulties. It also encourages young participants to get knowledge through actual experiences and comprehend the “know-how” of the sector.

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