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Making a dissertation is not an easy task, you either have to do it all by yourself or you take some dissertation help. 

Either way, your goal should only be to score the best that you can because these marks would ultimately increase your grades. 

Now, since a student has to make several dissertations, assignments, etc, it is not possible to outshine each one of them, but it is not impossible as well. 

You just have to educate yourself about the correct way of making the best dissertation if you are not opting for some dissertation tutor services. 

Check out this page to have all the information that you should be aware of.

What Do You Exactly Mean By Dissertation? 

It is a written document that includes the summary of a research. 

You get to do some dissertation writing as a final step in your PhD program or a culmination of a doctoral studies. 

Since making a dissertation is not an easy task (of course), and you can tell it by the place and the power it holds. 

Now, just like we said, it is not an easy task because of the time it consumes and the unlimited efforts goes without saying. 

It almost takes up to a year to 20 months for a dissertation to get completed because you first need to do a research, and then make a dissertation. 

Of course you can do it in a short period of time if you remain proactive, but it still consumes a lot of time. 

Correct Dissertation Format That You Should Follow

Whenever you work on something, the main thing you should follow and focus on is the format of that particular work especially if it is an academic assignment. 

Similarly, before working on a dissertation, you should be aware of the correct format. 

Why? because mostly people miss out on that area and do something wrong which results in them not getting a good result out of all the efforts that they have put into.

So, take a look at the format given below – 

A Title

Add the research title that you were working on. 

Also, make sure to add the institution name (where you would be sending the research). 

An introduction

In an introduction, make sure you make it in a way that a reader could understand all sorts of aspects that they would be reading later in this dissertation about the research. 

Literature Review

Before you work on this one, you must scan previous work and analysis on the topic. 

Journals, books and research articles are employed in an assortment of data that is later analysed, then connections are made up of the various information collected. 


It explains however the analysis is going to be conducted. 

The sort of research to be used is presented, the strategy accustomed to collecting knowledge, the research space is stated, data analysis is described, any tool used, limitations and also the justification of the alternatives created once grouping data. 


Use charts, tables, histograms, etc to show your findings of the research. It shows the outcome of the methodology. 


Now, this is the research summary. 

In a page or less, it gives the whole goals and everything about the research. 


Give acknowledgement credits to the people who have helped you during your research. 

It can be anybody. 

Content Table

During the dissertation writing, you need to make it nicely written and add sub sections. 

Figures and Tables

If you have any of it, then just number them to make it easier and simpler for the readers to check it. 


Add abbreviations which you used in order to show what they represent. 


Add this section to get recommendations on how to improve it. 


Now, just summarise everything, every question here. 

Give Reference

Make sure to give references to all the resources that you used. 

Lastly, Appendices

At the last step, just add all the surveys, questionnaires or transcripts. 

How long should a dissertation be? 

The most common mistake that a student makes while making a dissertation is the word count. 

Most students are not aware of the correct word count and they either exceed it or are unable to reach the exact word count limit that they need to cover. 

Now, in a student’s academic life, a dissertation or a thesis is the most long and difficult work that they have to do. 

Since a dissertation usually carries on for more than a year, it ought to be the toughest and the lengthiest work a student needs to do in his/her Phd program. 

Also, since a dissertation takes so much time to get completed, the length of it would be higher too. 

Although it varies between study level and country, it is mostly around 10,000-12,000 words at college UG level. 

15,000-25,000 words at master’ level, and up to 50,000 words or a lot at Ph.D. level. So, even if you decide to take online dissertation help, you should at least know about this.

What is the best and easiest way to make a good dissertation?

We will keep this short and crisp for you since you asked for an easy way.

  • Know the correct format.
  • Do proper research.
  • Do not add unnecessary information. 
  • Make it in a formal language with a hint of verbal. 
  • Make it a comprehensible content which is easy to understand and read.
  • Proofread everything before marking it as final. 
  • Do not make any type of error. 
  • Keep it as original as possible without adding any amount of plagiarism.
  • Do not do it all at the last minute. 
  • Do not add extra information in conclusion. Make it a summarization of the whole content. 
  • Do not force yourself to make it. 

These points are basically tips for you that you need to follow in order to make a good dissertation. 

Apart from these, if you plan on taking some professional help, then you should take some online dissertation help

The best one that we would suggest would be the Student helpline website which provides affordable university help. 

They are not only affordable, but they also provide high quality services along with submitting work before the deadline. 

Moreover, they also have a 24/7 assistance benefit along with being the subject matter experts, so you can ask them for coursework help as well. 

So, in case you want to lessen your workload and want all the benefits without compromising on anything, then you know where you need to go. 

All of the things that we have mentioned are plainly and completely summarised reviews by the students who have taken their help before and are continuing to take one.

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