Social Media Profile Elements You Need to Know

The presence of a good social media profile can help you get more attention online, allowing you to connect with your clients or followers and boost your online image.

If you don’t have a major website that is associated with your name or you have a major website, your social media pages are often your first result Google will show when people search for you.

Think of every social media profile you build as a landing site for your personal image.

Your social media accounts could be the first contact that people encounter with your brand You want your first impression to keep the person interested in learning more about your company.

Which username do you prefer? A namecheckr or social media name checker can help you find out if a name is available.

Here are 9 essential elements for the most successful profiles on social networks.

Best Social Media Profile Elements

It’s ok, this is pretty simple. The name displayed on your social media profiles should be your personal name does it not? Usually, that’s correct. But sometimes, it does not make sense.On platforms such as Twitter which is a platform which doesn’t require you to have a real username, the use of a pseudonym could be more appropriate.

Element #2: A Username and URL for Your Social Media Accounts

In the majority of social networks the username of your account is displayed in your URL. It’s typically not the same as your profile name. In most cases, you aren’t able to modify your username. So select carefully.

If you can, it’s recommended to go with your personal name. In some cases, if you’re also the spokesperson for your business then the name of your business might be more appropriate.

In the end, although it’s not always feasible, try to use the same username across different platforms.

It’s sometimes confusing in the event that this isn’t the case such as Instagram being your name and twitter being either @yourcompany, or at your middle name.

Element #3: Your Social Media Profile Picture

Do you want to use the logo or personal image?

However, if you’re using it for personal reasons then you must use an image of yourself.

What do you think of a company? It’s not an easy decision and it’s really dependent on the goals you have set. If you manage small-scale operations or are the spokesperson for your business, you should include an image of yourself.

This is exactly the way Brian does with Twitter and even his own company’s usernames. This is also true for people who are themselves brands such as artists, musicians or politicians.

If you’re using a known brand or don’t wish for your business to be branded with you specifically, you should choose the logo.

It’s an excellent idea to keep one (or at a minimum, an identical) image across all social media platforms. So you’re easy to identify on various platforms.

Element #3: Your Social Media Profile Link

This can vary from one social media platform in the same way, so make certain to take advantage of every opportunity to place your URL to the top of your profile.

For instance, you could place a link in your “front page” of your profiles on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Make sure your hyperlink is visible so that visitors can locate it quickly and navigate to your site.

Another option to use your links for is to develop a landing page that is specific to social networks to see the profiles that are bringing your site the highest amount of visitors.

These pages can be used to provide a discount to people who found you through Twitter or to share information specific to the social media platform, such as recent blog posts you’ve written on Facebook.

Element #4: Your Social Media Profile Bio

Your profile’s main bio on social media should typically include a sentence or two about you or your company. Imagine it as an ideal place to write your elevator pitch, and make sure to include key words.

In just a few words What would you say about your company? It’s important to utilize your bio to its maximum potential. Certain sites, such as Twitter will only allow you to create a short bio.

If you’re using an online platform such as LinkedIn and LinkedIn, your “about” section can have up to 2000 characters. This is an excellent opportunity to talk about the things you’re about and make a good first impression.

In order to make this work it is important to include more than a mere summary of the work you’ve completed and the current projects. Instead, come up with a compelling story with a call to actions.

You can, for instance, describe how you came to the particular industry you work in. What was it that drew you to it and what made you continue to learn?

Then, you can conclude your bio with a short call to act. It could be a link to your free report, an invitation for someone to contact you or even a mission statement that asks “will you join me?”

Element #5: Your Social Media Profile Interests

Certain profiles let you provide additional details about yourself, in the form of books you love or television shows, films and so on.

A lot of people skim on this issue, particularly with regards to professional profiles, which is a huge error.

Consider these fields as a second opportunity to gain excellent value and connections

I don’t think there’s any niche with at minimum one or two published books.

Explore documentaries, books and profiles of notable individuals in your field and incorporate them into these additional areas (assuming you truly are interested in these, obviously!)

This increases your credibility and creates an entirely new level of trust that you can establish with those who are discovering you from the very first moment.

Element #6: The Background or Cover Image of Your Social Media Profile

Different platforms require different features, but all social networks today offer an option to include images that are larger on the main page of your profile.

Certain users, particularly on Twitter and LinkedIn select to choose to use their default backgrounds however this is not a good idea.A custom background can allow you to display more details and bring the appearance of your business.Make sure it isn’t overly important to your profile image However, a good cover photo can be a big help in enhancing the look of your social media page.On certain platforms, such as Facebook on some platforms, it can be even a video. If you’ve got the option (and a decent video) it can be an additional way to make connections with other users.

Element #7: Privacy Settings of Your Social Media Profile 

Once you’ve got all of your profile information filled in and uploaded photos then the next thing you’ll have to look over is the privacy settings.

The rules vary from network to network, but you’ll be able to ensure that the information you’d like to make visible to the public can be viewed.

If it’s a business page, then you’ll need nearly everything to be made public. Of course, if the profile is of a more personal type, you might want to conceal some information.

Element #8: Your Social Media Activity

After your profile is done, your next task is to keep an active level across your primary social media.

It’s not enough just to leave your profile unfinished. It is essential to participate in the platform and make connections. In the end, that’s why they’re doing initially.

No matter which social media platform you’re using the fundamental rules are the same. You’ll need to engage with your friends and followers by answering queries and answering feedback.

Contribute value by sharing interesting thoughts, or at a minimum, posting relevant and interesting items you come across.

If you’re a member of any group you belong to, be an active participant. Be friendly, interact with the other members in groups, as well as discuss items that the group might find fascinating.

There is nothing better than a active marketing of your networks profiles to let more people discover and connect with you.

Make sure you include your social media profiles to your website along with your email signature, as well as a your business card.

Don’t forget to connect your profiles with each other. There are 

Element #9: Your Social Media Promotion

many networks that allow you where you can add hyperlinks to other networks, and you should make use of them as often as you can.

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