Summer Clean Beauty Tips: Vegan Sunscreen, Ingredients, and Lifestyle Choices

The journey looks a little different for everyone when it comes to embracing a clean beauty routine. With July 15 dedicated to celebrating National Clean Beauty Day, this summer is the perfect time to take your clean routine to the next level. Whether it’s choosing vegan sunscreen or understanding a product’s ingredient list better, there’s a takeaway for everyone. While there’s no singleway to go about crafting your clean beauty routine, the following best practices may inspire you to start creating a regimen that works for you.

Clean Ingredients

Put simply, clean beauty products do not contain potentially harmful or toxic ingredients you can often find in conventional formulas. Truly clean products are free from parabens, phthalates, SLS and other harmful ingredients. Yet, reading ingredient lists can feel like an advanced chemistry class and can be frustrating if you aren’t, a chemist. Use online tools to research ingredients to guide you on your journey to clean. Ingredients that sound scary often aren’t and natural ingredients aren’t always better than their synthetic counterparts. A little research can empower you to make decisions that are best for you.

Ingredient Lists

Speaking of ingredients, beauty and skincare products list ingredients in the order of their highest to lowest concentrations. Knowing this allows you to determine not only what is in your product but the proportion too. For example, if you see a product marketed with a specific active but the ingredient list reveals that active as the last on the list, you may not have enough of it to make a difference in your results. The amount of an ingredient plays an active role in the overall formulation and your journey to clean.

Clean Performance

Finding products that are clean but also deliver on their promises is often a challenge. There are many products on the market that are clean but the results are minimal. Then, there are others that deliver results but the ingredient list is cause for concern. On your journey to clean beauty, you’re on the right path when you identify products with antioxidant-rich formulas and targeted actives higher in ingredient list. The best clean formulas show demonstrated results and help even the appearance of your skin tone and balance your complexion. Whether you’re looking for specific products for oily skin or for other skin types, you don’t have to sacrifice performance for clean ingredients.

Align Lifestyle with Product Choices – Think Vegan Sunscreen

On the journey to clean, identifying important aspects of your lifestyle, can help you decide which products align with your preferences. For example, if you live a Vegan lifestyle, opt for a clean, vegan sunscreen as part of your daily skin care routine. Most signs of visible aging come from direct sun exposure, yet only a small percentage of people wear SPF sunscreen daily and adding a clean, vegan sunscreen can be an easy way to elevate your clean beauty routine. Identifying products that align to you and your lifestyle is an authentic and simple guidepost when selecting clean products.

Packaging and Purpose

Outside of products themselves, the journey to a clean beauty routine also means evaluating the brands sustainability. Find brands that package their products in post-consumer plastic or glass bottles. You can skip products made with single-use containers that aren’t fully recyclable. Be sure to recycle shipping boxes, packaging material, product packaging, and used bottles as often as you can. You may also consider buying products that give back to the community or environment. Some brands donate a percentage of their qualified sales to non-profit organizations that enrich the world and our communities. Conscious choices like these can help you support a particular cause and feel good about your purchases.

Don’t settle for complicated or overwhelming clean beauty practices. Start small and do what feels right for you. Use some of these steps to learn about clean ingredients that matter to you support sustainability, and propel you on your journey to clean.


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Beverly Dasenbrock

I sold my makeup and beauty company two years ago to start a new career in blogging about health and beauty products. While I did enjoy running a successful beauty brand, I realized that my true calling was education. So many people are misinformed when it comes to makeup, so I’ve started writing about myths, misconceptions, and products in the industry! Thanks for checking out my profile and I hope you can use my expertise to make the decisions to change your makeup game!

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