The 3 Stages of Building Your Recurring Billing Business

You’ve thought about it for a while now and decided you’re ready to jump into the world of recurring billing. You’re ready to start your subscription-based business or introduce a subscription model into your current business. It is always helpful to have a roadmap of what to expect. Nobody likes jumping in blind. There are three main stages of building a subscription option you can expect to encounter along the way. If you prepare for how you plan to navigate each stage and partner with a subscription management platform to gain access to the tools you need to succeed, you’ll set yourself up for success. Here are the three main stages of building any subscription-based business and what you can expect from each one.

Stage 1: Starting Out in the Recurring Billing World

The first step is always the most exciting. You’ve got the motivation and inspiration behind you, and you’re ready to go. For any subscription-based business, this is all about building out your offerings, attracting your customer base, and setting yourself up for future success. You’ll want to build out your timeline and expectation so you can gauge your success as you move forward into other stage. This is an ideal time to partner with a recurring billing platform that can help you set everything up from the beginning.

In this stage, you want to decide what kind of billing and pricing models you will offer, whether those are tiered, usage-based, or hybrid plans. Then, you can create free trials or discount codes to help bring in first-time customers. This gets you started on the right foot and keeps the ball rolling. Find a subscription management partner that can help you do all of this.

Stage 2: Growing and Expanding Into New Markets

Now, your business is growing, and you want to scale to meet the needs of customers in a wider market. This is where you can refine your offerings, test new ones, and iterate on your findings to find the most successful. You should also make sure you are integrating multiple payment gateways. That way, your subscribers can always pay the way they want. Also, if you are growing globally, your subscription management platform should provide the tools you need to let your customers pay with their preferred currency on checkout pages that appear in their native language. Growth always benefits from diversity, inclusivity, and versatility in your recurring billing platform.

Stage 3: Leading, Innovating, and Improving

Now that you’re a leader in your market, it isn’t time to take your foot off the gas. You should be continually innovating and improving your business. As a subscription-based company, you should make sure you are always improving the results of your churn calculation. “Churn,” or the rate at which you are losing subscribers, is an important indicator of how well your business is performing. Low churn numbers mean more subscribers are sticking around, while high numbers indicate the opposite.

Find the right subscription management platform that gives you the support you need to reduce churn. The best partner will also help you innovate to keep your business on top. This is the stage of the recurring billing model where you can enjoy the success you have achieved thus far and strive to find new ways to continue that success well into the future. With the right strategies, you can stay here as long as you want.

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