The ABCs of Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising

More than half of all searches for products begin on Amazon Your business needs an efficient Amazon marketing strategy. It’s not easy to get accomplished. To simplify things for you, we’ve broken Amazon advertising into three major categories:

  1. Sponsored Brands Ads
  2. Amazon Stores
  3. Sponsored Products Ads

Awareness With Sponsored Brands Ads

Advertisers with Sponsored Brands Ads target shoppers who are looking for similar products to yours on Amazon’s organic search. 

Why should you consider using Sponsored Brands? If you’ve got the correct keywords and bidding strategies set up, your brand might be displayed when users seek out your competitors. 

If you’re able to add an image with high resolution and it appears like your company owns the complete pages of results on Amazon!

Along with a custom title and/or logo, every Sponsored Brands ad needs three ASINs. Clicking on any of the three ASINs for the product will direct users to an appropriate Amazon product detail page.

This lets you make your advertising very strategic in your marketing. It is possible to promote multiple best-sellers within a single package to encompass a larger variety of your product catalog or focus on a specific product line or select products which complement one another.

You can also direct customers directly to the Amazon Store when they click your logo or headline this is a fantastic chance to offer additional information and educational material to your customers.

This will help increase the brand’s visibility and eventually sell more items.

Building Your Amazon Store

Amazon Stores are free, self-service web stores with multiple pages which qualified brands can make use of to showcase their goods. Any page within the Amazon Store can become a landing page for Sponsored Brands campaigns.

Amazon Stores are customized destinations that offer shoppers an immersive experience. customers can peruse your carefully selected assortment of merchandise – whether on their laptop, desktop, or tablet. They’re an excellent opportunity to show off and promote your brand’s identity.

Consider an Amazon Store in the same way you would think of your website however, it’s only designed for Amazon customers. The Amazon Store gives you the ability to create videos and images to attract customers’ attention. 

By adding a personalized hero image, a custom navigation or your logo, detailed branding content, and other elements to create an experience that is truly immersive for customers.

Amazon Stores allow you to be able to go as high as three levels deep. As an example, suppose you have a home page that links to a category, group, or category page. 

The sub-page can connect to an overview of all the items within the group, category, or brand. After that, clicking any specific item will bring shoppers to the relevant Amazon product page.

The capability to use Amazon Stores to create such an enhanced, personalized shopping experience is a beneficial option to add to Amazon advertisements.

Additionally, any Amazon Store page can be not just a sponsored brand or an ad landing page, but also a landing page to customers coming through Facebook, Google, email marketing, and many more This gives you an excellent chance to think outside the box in how you can lead your customers!

Capturing Conversions With Sponsored Product Ads

If you’re currently running Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns, you’ll already have a good list of keywords that you can use to get going. 

This is vital because, in September of last year, Amazon changed search results pages to show three sponsored product ads instead of just two.

If a user is searching organically for a particular product on Amazon and comes across Sponsored Listings for products in three distinct areas:

  1. The top of the page with search results
  2. Middle of organic results of the
  3. The bottom of the listing

When you click on a particular product on Search Results, users will also see Sponsored Products ads on the Product Details page. If they scroll down below the actual listing of the product and then scroll down, they will see an advertisement bar.

In between Sponsored products in addition to Sponsored Brand Ads In the majority of cases, there are just two results that are above the fold and no results on mobile! 

Your 2022 Amazon advertising strategy should include extremely efficient Sponsored Brands as well as Sponsored Products ads to ensure that your products are visible to your customers immediately after they have completed the search.

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