The Complete Guide To Download Facebook Video For Free

Here we show the way to Download Facebook Video

Millions of people love Facebook for many reasons. I know you are one of them. As the largest social sharing platform in the world, most of its users add their favorite photos and videos to Facebook occasionally. So, what happens if you find yourself so interested in a Facebook video that you want to share it with your friends on other social media? or do not have enough time to watch videos fully? 

You can either save it to watch for later or just download it to your device and watch it anytime even without an internet connection. If the latter option sounds good to you, keep on reading because this article will teach you how you can download Facebook video completely free on your smartphone, PC, or tablet.

FDownloader FB video downloader online

FDownloader is an online downloading tool that is created to download photos or videos from Facebook to any device. It allows you to download Facebook videos and photos to your iPhone, Android, PC, or Mac device with superb quality. FDownloader also works with any operating system you use such as Windows, Linux, macOS, etc. 

This excellent supportive tool is a completely free, simple, and super effective tool with an amazing user interface. You can download unlimited videos and images from Facebook through any web browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and many more. 

So why are you waiting for? Hurry up and download your favorite Facebook videos and images through our free Facebook downloader. 

Why use our Facebook video downloader

Do you ever think about, why anyone needs a Facebook video downloader for free? Or why should you choose our FDownloader over any other Facebook downloaders?

As I mentioned before, being one of the largest social media platforms with more than 2.9 Billion active users naturally makes Facebook a place with lots of videos as well. When was the last time you wanted to download a Facebook video and watched it later? Probably, not long ago! This always happens to a lot of us!

But unfortunately, Facebook never gives the option to download Facebook video directly to your smartphone or computer for offline usage. However, downloading a video from Facebook is a tricky task. But you simply need some effective 3rd party tool for this purpose. That is how FDownloader comes with its amazing features. 

Features of FB video downloader for free

  • It’s 100% free and highly secure
  • No installation or registration required
  • High-quality videos
  • Works at lightning-fast speed
  • Super easy to use
  • No limitations (use it as many billion times as you can)
  • Multiple formats available
  • Streamlined loading time
  • Seamless and smooth processing
  • Facebook private video download support
  • No coding or technical knowledge is required

How to download Facebook video using FB video downloader 

Are you thinking download Facebook video without downloading or installing any software? If yes, you can use our FDownloader and easily download your favorite Facebook videos directly to your device. Use any device you like. FDownloader is compatible with any device and any system from iOS to Android and from Windows to Mac. 

It is completely free, you don’t need to log in or register for any application. It works online for you. Just simply copy and paste the URL link and your video will be automatically downloaded and saved to your device in a few seconds. That is how easy it is!

Steps to download Facebook video using FDownloader

Step 1: Go to the Facebook application on your smartphone, PC, or Tablet

Step 2: Search for your favorite video you wish to download

Step 3: Open it and copy the video link

There are two ways to copy the URL link

  1. Go to the address bar and copy the link there
  2. Click the three dots icon on the right-hand side and select the “Copy Link” option

Step 4: Then, go to the web browser and search for FDownloader’s official website

Step 5: Paste the URL link you copied earlier to the text box on the top of the page

Step 6: Now click the “Download” button

Step 7: The preview of your video will be displayed on the screen

Step 8: Below the preview, you can see the “Download format” table and choose the video format you want to download. Whether “Download HD video” or “Other format”

Step 9: Click the “Download” button to start the download process

Step 10: Your favorite Facebook video will be available in a matter of seconds

How to download Facebook private and live videos

Do you ever wondering how to download Facebook private and live videos to your device? Do you think it is possible? 

This tool allows you to download Facebook live videos that you miss watching. But, to download live videos you have to wait until the live streaming is over. Using this tool allows you to download private videos but it always remains private. You should respect the copyrights and privacy of the original owners of the videos you are downloading.

We can download both Facebook live and private videos simply using FDownloader. The download method is the same.

Where to save Facebook videos after download?

You can save Facebook videos directly to your “Download” folder on your smartphone or computer. Otherwise, you can change the settings of your download location and download the video to your preferred folder.

What quality video can I download from the FB video downloader?

Our FDownloader will save the best quality videos possible. You can download HD quality videos and SD quality videos directly from Facebook. And if you want to download audio-only, FDownloader converts your video into an audio version. Choose this option below the preview of your video. You don’t need to convert your FB videos anymore.

Is it safe to download Facebook video?

Yes, it is safe to download videos from Facebook using FDownloader. Does this tool store download Facebook videos? No, we do not store your videos. FDownloader never keeps copies or downloaded information of your videos. All downloaded videos or images directly come from Facebook. 

That’s it. Facebook is a great source of lots of useful videos, and users want to download video from Facebook for offline use. However, they find it difficult as they don’t know the method or tool to do it properly.  There are several tools to download Facebook videos but the best solution is to use FDownloader. I hope that this tool will help you to download your favorite Facebook videos easily and fast.

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