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The Global Health Problem of Violence Against Women

Humanity hopes to progress as the most evolved creation. However, the alarming numbers of homicides, rapes and domestic violence clearly indicate we aren’t going in the right direction. While on one hand, more information is being shared on women’s health issues; on the other hand, violence against women continue to grow. It is time that we look at violence against women as a global women’s health issue that challenges çapa escort womanhood. 

Physical Violence Against Women

Since women are regarded as the weaker sex due to lower physical strength, this is one of the common forms of violence against women. Physical violence not just affects the woman physically. It also adversely affects the morale or self-esteem of the woman. In different patriarchal cultures around the world, women have been exploited through physical abuse. Rape and domestic violence are often not reported. The objectification of women in different cultures are also responsible for the increased physical violence against women. Even in the most advanced countries of the world, one in six women have undergone physical abuse through an intimate or not so close relationship. It is clear that physical violence against women should be treated seriously just like any other women’s health issues.

Emotional Conditioning of Women

Emotional conditioning through culture is yet another method used to repress women and prevent them from getting their rights. In several cultures around the world, women are conditioned right from childhood to be answerable to the men in their family. Women in such cultures need to ask permission from the men before doing anything. They are also made to believe that they are born to look after their husband and family. They are not made to dream about their career or independence. Women brought up in such cultures assume that their role is simply that of a caretaker or a homemaker. They don’t dream of independent lives for themselves. This makes it difficult for them to break the shackles and take an independent position in their career.

Financial Exploitation of Women

Some cultures distribute the responsibilities of the family in a gender biased way. The men are assigned the role to deal with finances. This allows them to make better life choices for themselves while the women have to depend on these men to provide for them. Thankfully, the governments have taken several steps to empower women by educating them. The laws also now permit transferring the finances to any offspring irrespective of the gender.

What Steps to Take to Prevent Exploitation of Women?

The discrimination between genders needs to stop globally. While this is not a women’s health issue that can be treated with a single injection or pill, some measures surely will help. Here we have suggested these measures.

Setting Strict Laws

It is important that countries around the world set their laws straight to empower women. Crimes like gender detection of the child and female infanticide must be criminalized. There should be strict laws stating equal rights for men as well as women on the family inheritance. Domestic violence and marital rape should be criminalized. 

Educating Women

Educating the women is a major step in empowering them. If women are educated, they cannot be cheated easily. Women can also seek jobs and employment if they are educated. This will provide them financial independence and the courage to fight against injustice.

Taking Steps to Ensure Financial Independence of Women

One more reason why women are lagging behind is because the cultures do not provide equal financial opportunities to men and women. The women are provided lower wages for the same job that their male counterparts do at a higher pay. Women need to be brought up with career ambitions and dreams for an independent life.

Things Women Should Vow to Change This Women’s Health Problem of Violence Against Women

The laws alone cannot change the bias against women. The transformation will only take place when more women grow up their careers and take up responsible positions. Women need to vow to lead financially and physically independent lives. They need to be made aware of their physical, financial as well as sexual rights. She must question and counter injustice to set a new path for equality.

This is a wake-up call for women around the world. Women need to secure their life and independence by educating themselves. Many patriarchal systems need to be redefined to offer equal rights to all the genders. Offenders should be severely punished. Women’s safety and health should be made a priority. They should also be counselled and trained to identify manipulation and fight against it.

Women who were brought up in patriarchal societies need counselling to erase some age-old biases and think of themselves freely. Let all women around the globe vow that they will fight this international women’s health problem by fighting mindsets.

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