The passion goalkeeper and replica watches case that ignited the World Cup

Replica watches: The goalkeeper is the last line of defense in front of the goal and the only player who can touch the ball with his hands. Everyone knows that a good goalkeeper is worth half a team, and goalkeepers can often control the fate of a team. A good goalkeeper can often save the entire team, but if the goalkeeper fails, the team is often unable to escape bad luck. The goalkeeper is usually the last line of defense in the team, his main task is to keep the goal and prevent the opponent from scoring. At the same time, when he intercepts the ball, he must attack quickly and effectively.

Because the position of the goalkeeper is convenient to observe the situation on the field, the requirement of this position is that the goalkeeper is good at observing the overall situation, analyzing the trend of the game, and assisting the team in defense and offense. In football, the focus of the conflict is shooting and blocking shots, so the competition in front of the goal is extremely fierce. Goalkeepers play well or badly, directly related to the fate of a team.

To this end, in addition to having the proper physical quality, skilled technology and high tactical awareness, goalkeepers should also have good psychological quality.Replica Watches Store

Through the above description of the responsibilities of the goalkeeper, let us realize that the role of the goalkeeper is actually the same as that of the case. In addition to showing the overall design of the watch, the case is more importantly, it acts as the protector of the movement. And the different materials also make the case have different protection factors. Among the many case materials, stainless steel should be the most common, and the king of stainless steel is 904L austenitic stainless steel.

There are two kinds of stainless steel in the world, one is austenitic and the other is austenitic stainless steel. Martensitic stainless steel is magnetic and has a high carbon content, so it is extremely hard. People generally use it to make scalpels or high-end knives. As for austenitic stainless steel, people often use it to make containers because it is non-magnetic and has excellent stability. Of course, there are many types of austenitic stainless steel, such as common 304, 309, 316, 316L and so on.

In terms of composition, any stainless steel is an alloy of chromium, nickel, molybdenum and iron. 904 steel differs by adding 2% copper. Although we cannot prove how it will be after adding copper, after factual demonstration, 904 steel It is indeed more wear and corrosion resistant, and can withstand 23 refurbishments at 3 times the cost of 316L stainless steel.

At present, only Rolex is using this material in the world. Rolex Replica Watches are famous all over the world for their durability. If I were to recommend a watch, I would recommend this brand new Sea Ambassador 4000 in 2014, because its waterproof depth is 1220 meters. It means that the “defensive” ability of this watch is impregnable.

Considering that the pressure of the watch mirror is even, so it does not have that “bubble mirror”, so much so that the late Master Zhong said that the sea ambassador is the most balanced Rolex in beauty.Replica Watches Store

In addition, Rolex has equipped this watch with all the latest equipment, including the Cerachrom ceramic word ring, the long-lasting Chromalight luminous material, the paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, the Oysterlock safety clasp and the Rolex replica watches Glidelock strap extension, and of course that The low-key helium escape valve is precisely because of this one-way valve, all the substances in the outside world will say goodbye to the movement.

In addition to the most traditional stainless steel, bronze is also more and more sought after by people. Because according to Darwin’s belief that “only change is constant”, bronze will tint its surface with a light green sheen over time. The colour gets darker over time, Replica Watches Store and it is this layer of patina that the wearer has incorporated into his own DNA that will make this watch unique.

Bronze originally referred to copper-tin alloys, and later evolved into a general term for copper alloys other than brass and cupronickel (German silver).

Since bronze is a copper alloy, people usually add the name of the first major added element before the name of bronze, such as tin bronze, beryllium bronze, phosphor bronze, lead bronze and aluminum bronze. Different types of bronze show different physical properties, just like tin bronze has good casting properties,

good friction reduction properties and good mechanical properties,

it is suitable for manufacturing bearings, gears, etc. The high elastic limit and good conductivity of beryllium bronze

and phosphor bronze are used to make precision springs and electrical contact elements.

There is also aluminum bronze. Its biggest feature is high strength, strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and its chemical properties are extremely stable,

so it has always been the first choice for high-load gears and marine propellers. And now IWC replica uses this super-strong copper-aluminum alloy on this “Darwin Adventure” special edition watch, which is really exciting. Of course, in addition to the material itself, this material has another characteristic,

It’s that its color is very close to the color of rose gold,

which satisfies everyone’s heart-warming plot of local tyrants.

With the development of science and technology, in addition to metal,

there is another new case material that must be mentioned is Carbon fiber.

The biggest advantage of carbon fiber is that it is extremely light in weight. Under the same volume, its weight is one-fifth of steel, but its strength is 5 times that of steel.

Among the many top watchmaking brands, there are many brands that can produce their own movements,

but the brands that have their own material factories can be described as phoenix water chestnut.fake watches uk

And precisely Hublot has its own Carbon fiber factory. Two years ago, Hublot specially set up a professional carbon fiber team. Every member of the team not only knows carbon fiber well,

but also knows about every aspect of watch manufacturing and the characteristics of all its components. Therefore, Hublot Replica Watches not only completely designs, develops and manufactures the material of le carbon fiber,

but also uses the same manufacturing standards as carbon fiber used in F1 racing cars and aerospace.

The forging process of Hublot Carbon fiber uses a multi-layer principle to forge Carbon fiber components:

this process requires stacking multiple layers of Carbon fiber (up to 12 layers) to be pressed into a mold

and placed in a polymerization furnace. Carbon fiber produced by this principle does not produce air bubbles,

so the material has excellent uniformity and higher mechanical strength. The in-house machining of the carbon fiber is done on a special CNC machine with five spindles,

and the watchmaker needs to constantly inspect all components of the case and movement throughout the process.

For example, Hublot conducts 3 water-resistance tests on each watch during assembly.

When it comes to football-related Carbon fiber fake watches uk, I think the best looking one is Juventus. This watch is based on the club’s iconic black and white colors,

and the Aero Bang skeleton movement is clearly visible under the sapphire mirror. The whole movement has been hollowed out,

so that the beauty of the mechanical operation of each part is fully displayed. The top of the watch retains only the materials necessary to keep the function running. The black ruthenium coating on the outer surface makes

the color of the whole watch more uniform and aesthetic, and ensures clear reading.

The minute counter dial at 9 o’clock, the calendar pane at 4 o’clock

and the Juventus football club logo at 3 o’clock are all in the iconic black and white colour scheme. As the last link in the design closely linked to this legendary club,

the strap is made of black natural rubber stitched with white leather, with a black stripe leather in the center. This design inspiration also comes directly from the team’s graphic logo, making this watch perfect.

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