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The Social Media Platforms you should choose for your Brand in 2022

Social Media in today’s world is the best option for any business in 2022. In India, the number of social media users has been rapidly increasing. Choosing the right Social Media Platform for your brand can be a difficult task.

Social Media Marketing is a global advertising process for many businesses to grow fast and gain customer trust and daily attention. For marketers, social media is a platform to meet their daily goals.

Making a brand name through Social Media is not that simple. It is a long process and it requires various things i.e. strategy, paid budget, social platforms skills, etc.

Do you think a social media planning can be solo done by a individual? The answer is no.

A agency is the medium for a business to meet their goals and if you are looking or having such requirements then your search is over. Fluidscapes is a Top Digital Marketing Company based in Mumbai. Who provide a 360° marketing solution for a business.

Most of the categories for business promotion are covered by the top social media channels. Below are some Social Media platforms suggestions before you promote your business:

1. Facebook

It is one of the best options for any business category. The number of users using FB in India is Vast and engaging. Whether it’s Paid or Organic a business will never get disappointed while creating their business page on FB. Listing a product or a service through creatives i.e. Images with Captions, videos, GIF can help you engage more people at Facebook.

Learn more ways to engage at FB Check out this: Link

2. Instagram

Instagram is a platform which have a huge amount of young audience. A Instagram reels Feature is the most used online video creation option in India. Meme Marketing can be powerful strategy to engage more audience at your Instagram Page. Corporate memes are the most likable option at Instagram.

3. Twitter

The second name of engagement is twitter. Mostly twitter is used for news and updates of the well known personalities. Re-Tweeting a update from a well known brand can help your brand to increase the engagement rate.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn was first a job portal. Today if we check LinkedIn it is a platform and a link between a agency and big business owners. LinkedIn is continuously developing and growing its Business Page option. Which will make LinkedIn more active and help company to grow their business through LinkedIn.

More Social Channels which can meets your business Requirements are:

  1. Youtube
  2. Pinterest
  3. snapchat
  4. Reddit
  5. WhatsApp

These above listed are the social channels which gives your business results when you advertise. The user count of these channels are huge and can boost your business over a night. But the catch is it is hard to do. These platforms has a huge amount of content and making a catchy content which is more interesting from the existing available content can be a challenge.

Having a social media knowledge is everything even if you are in a contact with a agency you need to have a knowledge so that you are able to judge the work done by your agency.



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