The Top Business Concepts For Young People Ages 12 To 18

Making soap

Kids who enjoy working with their hands can start a soap-making enterprise. Kids can really sell soaps at neighborhood gatherings, craft fairs, or online on marketplaces like Etsy. It’s a fantastic item to include in gift baskets as well. Here is a tutorial on teaching your kids to create soap.

The magician

Does your family contain the next David Copperfield? If so, allow your kid to do magic tricks for cash by booking them for local nursing homes, community fairs, or birthday parties.


Anyone can launch a small business as an artist. Any type of medium, including painting and drawing, can sell well. Additionally, artists can sell their goods at community events, on the social media profiles of their parents, on the neighborhood’s Facebook page, or even at driveway sales. Another fantastic platform for art sales is Etsy.


Offer your child’s assistance in the area to weed gardens, grow new plants, and maintain gardens throughout the summer if they don’t mind getting their hands filthy. Not to add that many individuals put off doing it, so your kid might potentially earn a lot of money!

As kids become older, there are even more business ideas for them. There is even more opportunity if people are more mature, have better money management skills, or have their own social media profiles to promote their businesses.

Child care

One of the tried-and-true kid business ideas is babysitting because it’s simple to start and there’s always a need for it. When your child reaches the legal age in your community, they can watch neighborhood children either as a mother’s helper while a parent is at home but engaged in other activities or while parents are gone.


Why not encourage youngsters to start blogging early if it’s a lucrative endeavor for adults? If your child is passionate about a certain subject, they can start a blog and figure out how to monetize (put ads on it) it to make money.

Although it may take some time to establish, blogging is one of the top kid businesses for profit. With our how-to tutorial, you can learn how to make money blogging.

Looking after older people

If you have a kind child who can assist the elderly in the region with daily duties, they can provide elderly care. This could be as basic as providing older individuals with companionship or helping them with their everyday tasks.

Cleaning homes, campers, and cabins

Your youngster can provide assistance to owners preparing for the camping season if you live in a neighborhood where there are many campers, cabins, or residences. You can also ask your kid to make a list of the services they will offer and promote in the neighborhood.

Creating clothing

If you have a budding fashionista on your hands, let them create and market garments. As long as you are ready to go to the post office to manage the delivery, your child can advertise their items practically anywhere in the nation because it is possible to sell apparel online.

Computer assistance

There may be a need for their services if you have a tech-savvy child. Advertise your child’s services in the neighborhood, whether they can help people with their cellphones and tablets, fix computer issues, or set up new PCs.

Walking a dog

Dog walking typically comes to mind first when considering profitable ventures for young people. It’s a simple method for dog lovers to support their community while also making money.

It’s a much-needed service whether your youngster occasionally watches dogs while their owners are away or does it frequently for neighbors who work and can’t be home for their pets.

Adding face paint

Children can do face painting services at birthday parties, community events, and other locations as well. To create a successful company for youngsters, all they need is a creative eye and some face paint.

Gift baskets

Making gift baskets and delivering them might be a terrific way for your child to earn money if they are old enough to drive.

They are not only making money for themselves, but they are also assisting those who are unable to leave due to illness or lack of time.

A gift basket company can be highly lucrative because there is always a reason to give, such as birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries! So read this article on how to launch a gift basket business and get going!

Wrapping presents

One of the easiest kid-run companies that can produce money is gift wrapping, which is a great talent to have. Many individuals are willing to pay someone (particularly a teenager) to wrap their gifts for them because not everyone enjoys or is skilled at doing so.

An inventor

Encourage your youngster to create their fantastic product idea if it fills a need or solves an issue. Your child might stumble across the next big thing at any time! Take a look at this manual for young inventors.

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