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The Top Facebook Pages: Walmart got over 15,938 comments on a single post

What does this mean for your Facebook fan pages and how can it be used?

Do you mention your social media followers? You can also (Buy Facebook Followers UK) share information about your pet. You can always check your phone until it is not of interest to you.

There is a better way. It is important to greet the person you are meeting by greeting them and sharing common interests.

You’ve already shared something you are interested in and asked a question. This is a good foundation for building a friendship.

What does this mean for your Facebook fan pages and how can it be used?

Because the engagement process uses the same conversational strategy, which is sharing common ground with fans and asking questions, it affects your Facebook fan pages.

This week’s “Best Facebook Pages” series will examine and analyze Walmart’s use of questions to engage customers and better understand them.

We will also discuss their successes and highlight strategies that you can use on Facebook to improve your results.

In which industry do they work?

Walmart is a major player in both the retail and consumer merchandise sectors.

What year was the first page created?

In October 2009, the Facebook page was created for the first time.

How many fans does each have?

The page has currently 34,594,530 fans.

How often do they post?

Walmart posts an average of 3.3 times daily

Engaged Fans %

Walmart has more than 0.6% engagement per posting and has 210 130 total interactions.

Walmart’s Facebook Question Updates are a success for four reasons

1) Picking a passionate topic and rewarding your followers for their feedback

As we know, asking questions can increase engagement organically. It seems simple enough?


Posting a question on your Facebook page won’t result in results.

It is important to ensure that the question is pertinent and highlights a topic your fans are passionate about.

Walmart uses this technique to get nearly 16,000 comments on a single post.

How did they do this?

Walmart began by selecting a topic that was passionately loved by its fans. This is Battlefield 4’s launch on Xbox 360. Walmart needed a way to allow its fans to interact with the case after it was finalized.

Walmart made a video to reward its customers for their feedback. The launch was hosted by a variety of Walmart stores, which allowed fans to select the store they wanted to host.

The game and the chance to see it in person were two of the main passion points for fans.

The chance to witness the event at their local Walmart was a huge draw for fans. The event received almost 16,000 comments and was liked by more than 12,000 people.

2) Asking their fans to share their opinions

Another great way to increase engagement is by asking your fans to share their thoughts on a topic.

Walmart used this opportunity to discover which home fragrances were most popular.

How did they do this?

Walmart selected the fragrance that customers liked best and made it their first choice.

And walmart offers a variety of fragrances for its customers to help keep the answers current.

Walmart customers can now choose from a variety of scents, which helps to raise brand awareness and highlights their latest products.

This combined with an image of the products involved has led to nearly 400 comments and 1,880 Likes to the post.

3) Joining the conversation

You can also ask questions about your business to start and maintain a conversation on Facebook with fans.

Click here

It is important to ask the right question and use an image that makes a difference in how many comments a post receives.

Walmart chose to focus on a topic that is based on the season. It is summer in this case. This is a way to showcase outdoor fun through images of people enjoying their pool.

Fans will be able to ask them a “True/False question”, which will stimulate discussion.

What was the secret to keeping the conversation going?

Participating in the discussion is a great way of increasing engagement with your posts.

Walmart uses this technique to gain more customer feedback. They asked their fans follow-up questions based on their selection.

This is a great way for fans and others to keep the conversation going. This can be used on your page.

It is important to make sure that your questions don’t go beyond the original post. Sometimes questions can drift off-topic.

4) Don’t ask too many questions to encourage feedback

When asking questions on Facebook, users are able to pay attention quickly.

It is important to ensure that your content stands out and that your message is clear and concise.

Walmart received more than 3,000 comments on a single post. This helps them stand out and engage customers.

How did they do this?

Walmart created a high-quality image of two popular flavors of ice cream to maximize their exposure on the newsfeed. The team then asked users to compare the flavors side-by-side.

This format combined with simple questions allowed people to share their favorite ice cream flavors and opened up discussion about other flavors or reasons why they like them.

Walmart was able to increase awareness and get feedback from customers about their perceptions of both flavors.

How does their performance compare to “big boys”?

It is fascinating to see how a Facebook page compares with major brands in the same market when we audit its performance. We selected four brands that compete in retail.

1) Target

2) Amazon


4) Publix

This is the benchmark (using Facebook’s built-in competitor benchmarking tool).

Walmart Competitor Analysis

Walmart has one of the largest fan bases in the business, but there’s still room for growth in interaction and conversations with customers.

Pages with large numbers of users should increase the frequency of their posts to increase interaction. This is a great way for fans to interact and share high-quality content.

Encouraging users to create content is a great way to engage your fans. Encourage fans to share their stories, photos, and videos more often on their timeline.

What can they do for their performance to improve?

This page does an excellent job engaging its users through questions. They could use some improvements to make them more competitive.

  • Images of brand images with logos and websites
  • Instead of focusing on the products only, share customer stories
  • Increase the number of Facebook competitions to capture more leads
  • Your brand can be humanized by showcasing your employees and the amazing work they do.
  • Share more fan-generated content

These are key points that you can use in order to improve your website.

Now we have broken down Walmart’s use of relevant imagery and questions to increase brand awareness. These are the key steps you can take to build trust with customers and increase awareness of your company.

  • You can reward your followers for their feedback by selecting a topic that is important.
  • Ask your target audience questions and receive feedback.
  • Participate in the conversation and respond to fan comments
  • Keep the questions short to encourage feedback

Send us relevant images of your products or stories about your service. Ask your fans to tell you what they think.

Asking questions can be a great way to get your audience talking about your products and services. The best results from this post are those that have short questions and are relevant to your brand. These are just a few questions you can use to get started.


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