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There are the seven best air coolers in India to beat the heat.

Air coolers are not about corroded and massive bodies that make a commotion and take a ton of room. Present-day coolers are thin, savvy, calm, incredibly compelling, and energy-productive. They allow you to handily move them starting with one room and then onto the next, and they work best in spaces with excellent air ventilation. Most recent innovations are being embraced to make them appropriate for present-day metropolitan homes – like numerous channels to keep dust, residue, and allergens away. Elite execution engines and siphons to improve cooling capacities, velocity controls, etc.

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To pick one good pick for your home or office space, take a gander at our arranged rundown of advanced coolers evaluated high on execution, highlights, and strength; from there, the sky is the limit. Each has unique elements that make it more appropriate than the other for exact client needs.

Rundown of the Top Coolers in India for Your Indoor Space

1. Bajaj Platini Air Cooler

Highlighting the Turbo Fan Technology and Hexacool Technology, this cooler offers ideal cooling execution without utilizing a lot of water to make for a consoling cooling experience. This 36 liters limit is excellent for tiny to medium-sized rooms. The cooler’s power rating is 100 W, and it deals with inverter too. This entrancing cooler is appropriate for all environments and is compelling even in regions with high stickiness. The cooler has 4-way redirection and 3-side cooling cushions to guarantee successful cooling. Bring back this air cooler from Bajaj and see that your home/office doesn’t get predominantly hot.

Cooling Area: 151 sq. ft.

Appropriate For: Room/Personal Use

What’s Special:

  • High Air Delivery – This Bajaj air cooler’s high air conveyance cools your room productively with no issue.
  • Hexagonal Technology – The cooling media of this cooler has a hexagonal plan to guarantee that you appreciate ideal cooling with essentially less water utilization.
  • Air Throw conveys a vital air toss to guarantee that all aspects of your room are about as remarkable as you’d believe they should be.
  • Super Fan – This innovation makes sure that you get an entirely mitigating cooling experience.
  • Wheels: Yes
  • Water Level Indicator: Yes
  • Flood Indicator: Yes

Best air cooler to beat the heat

2. Crompton Desert Air Cooler

Partake in the summers with this air cooler from Crompton. The wood-fleece cooling cushion cools the air through it with no water maintenance. The ice chamber can store ice and make the breeze considerably cooler. Additionally, the fiber body of this cooler holds it back from rusting and bearing watermarks.

Cooling Area: 494 sq. ft.

  • What’s Special:
  • Wood-fleece Cooling Pad – With a wood-fleece cooling cushion, this cooler is intended to convey the most extreme cooling and water maintenance with an air conveyance of 4200 m3 each hour
  • Ice Chamber – This cooler accompanies a different chamber to store ice for a more extraordinary cooling experience.
  • Mechanized Louver Movement – This cooler flaunts a 4-way air diversion because of the mechanized louvers
  • Runs on Inverter – This cooler can run on an inverter, so your late spring days are loaded with calm wind, even with blackouts.
  • Wheels: Yes
  • Water Level Indicator: Yes

3. Hindware Desert Air Cooler

With a strong fan, a productive engine, and a keenly planned louver component, prepare this Hindware. Keep the air in your house cold and comfortable with an air cooler—this air cooler elements honeycomb cushions which are intended to assimilate dust particles. To provide consistent cooling, the air in this machine is routed through a 4-way redirection structure. Connect this cooler to your house inverter so that you may continue to profit from its services even if the power goes out.

Cooling Area: 450 sq. ft.

What’s Special:

  • 4-way Deflection – Its superior presentation air diversion framework guarantees uniform cooling
  • Honeycomb Pads – These low-support cushions are fixed to the back barbecues to guarantee adjusted cooling. They are intended to retain dust particles against deformative and hostile to erosive.
  • Inverter Compatible – Enjoy a steady cooling execution even if there should arise an occurrence of force cuts. Just associate this air cooler with your home inverter.
  • Water Level Indicator – This pointer advises you about the level of water in the tank so you know precisely when to top off it.
  • Wavering Function: Yes
  • Wheels: Yes
  • Auto Louver Movement: Yes

4. Maharaja Whiteline Desert Air Cooler

Remain calm with this Maharaja Whiteline air cooler that includes a 65-liter tank. The substantial tank guarantees that this air cooler can assist you with remaining cool through hot days and evenings. The air channel guarantees no residue or bugs; for example, mosquitoes observe their direction to the water tank to ensure cleanliness is kept up. This air cooler can be worked with a power supply from a home inverter during a power cut. The body of this Maharaja Rambo air cooler is made of fantastic solid plastic that doesn’t rust. The body is likewise intended to forestall electrical shocks by forestalling the exchange of electric flow during activity.


Cooling Area: 700 sq. ft.

What’s Special:

  • Microorganism free Tank – The water tank is intended to forestall the development of calcium and microbes
  • Wood Wool Pads – These wood fleece cushions hold water better than ordinary air and are excellent cushions. It guarantees that this air cooler conveys cool air rapidly.
  • 4-way Air Deflection – This air cooler from Maharaja includes a strong engine and edges that have a streamlined plan
  • Run through Protection – It comes furnished with a cutoff that keeps the engine from running and wearing out without water. The siphon closes down when the water level arrives at the most minimal cutoff permitted. This plan highlight is broadening the assistance life of this air cooler.
  • Water Level Indicator: Yes

5. Ensemble Small Air Cooler

Flaunting a 12-liter limit, this air cooler from Symphony is an excellent method for managing insufferably high temperatures. While its mosquito net keeps mosquitoes and a large group of different bugs away, its ergonomic handles assist you with picking a setting that you find ideal for making for a protected and pleasant cooling experience. Its handles are straightforward to control with the goal that you can partake in an ideal cooling experience.

Cooling Area: 1000 cubic ft.

What’s Special:

  • Mosquito Net – This air cooler’s mosquito net keeps mosquitoes and other unsafe bugs under control, accordingly forestalling different wellbeing perils and guaranteeing cleanliness and prosperity
  • Honeycomb Pad – It cleans air thoroughly, yet additionally ingests leftover portion dust particles to make for disinfected and reliable wind current
  • Flood Outlet – It assists you with depleting an abundance of water, which who can gather in a container with no spillage
  • Speed Control: Yes
  • Wheels: Yes
  • Dust Filter: Yes

6. Arrange Electric Desert Air Cooler

Rest the entire night calmly without allowing the hotness to get to you by bringing back the Orient Electric 66 L Desert Air Cooler. You can add solid ice shapes or squares in this air cooler’s ice chamber to rapidly cut down the room’s temperature. The mechanized vertical and flat louvers equally disperse air all through the room. Likewise, you can effectively move this air cooler from one space to another because of the four castor wheels. Your family can remain calm throughout the hot months because of this air cooler’s 4-way cooling impacts. Since there is no opening obstructing, you can save money on support costs.

Cooling Area: 400 sq. ft.

What’s Special:

  • Mechanized Louvers – This air cooler from Orient accompanies mechanized level as well as upward louvers, which help cut down the temperature of the room by consistently circulating cool air
  • Indeed, even Water Distribution – This air cooler’s Even Water Distribution System guarantees cooling cushions get water immediately, consistently improving cooling results.
  • Strong Air Throw – This air cooler has exceptionally planned fans, which convey a vital air toss so you can encounter upgraded cooling in any event, when the temperature outside is high
  • Three-Speed Setting – It likewise accompanies three variable speed settings – high, medium, and low – as a result, you may adjust the fan’s speed to suit your cooling requirements
  • Ice Chamber: Yes
  • Wheels: Yes

Wavering Function: Yes

7. Bajaj Room Air Cooler

Beat the hotness with this air cooler from the place of Bajaj. With its Hexacool innovation and the Typhoon Blower innovation, experience strong and effective cooling all through the room. This Bajaj Frio air cooler upgrades the cooling experience by guaranteeing strong air conveyance all through the room. The water tank can hold up to 23-liters of water, ensuring delayed cooling with a continuous water supply framework.

Cooling Area: 150 sq. ft.

What’s Special:

  • Hexagonal Technology – The hexagonal plan of the cooling media conveys effective cooling with minimal measure of water utilization
  • Hurricane Blower Technology – The Typhoon Blower innovation allows you to partake in the alleviating and agreeable breeze that this air cooler brings to the table
  • Strong Air Throw – The 30-feet worth of solid air toss will ensure that the air arrives at each edge of your room
  • Ice chamber: Yes
  • Wheels: Yes
  • Humidifier: Yes
  • Inverter Compatible: Yes

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