Things to know about dog transport companies before hiring

If you are planning to purchase a dog or transport any pets, you need a transporter. However, dog transport companies do process with careful preparation and planning. Animal transportation is sometimes tricky because laws and regulations should be part of the training and planning. Therefore, purchasers or owners should understand international dog transport requirements and applicable laws and regulations.

Moreover, you must ensure that the dog gets the special treatment it deserves while traveling with your pet. The most important purchase is a kennel; to keep dogs comfortable and safe during travel. When selecting the dog kennel, ensure that it is sturdy and robust, plus the size should adequately fit the dog. 

There are several online dog transporter if you need one- there is no problem. First, go online and search for the keyword that best describes what you are looking for in dog transportation services. Then, just ensure the USDA properly licenses the company to transport animals.

Animal transport service companies are the most expert and experienced in handling dog transportation. If you select a professional pet transporter, they may do all the necessary documentation and handling. That will include the paperwork and ride; you do not have to worry about anything. However, you must pay for your dog transport services and complete your responsibility.

Essential to know about:

You can remember some things when preparing to transport your pet dog:

  1. You arrange for a qualified veterinarian to do a physical examination and administer the necessary vaccination.
  2. Always ask for a vaccination and health certificate if you cross formal lines. After that, ask for a referral list of veterinarians along the road you are taking, just in case you need one.
  3. If your dog needs medication, ensure you have enough for the international dog transport journey.

Dog transportation involves some laws and regulations. Therefore, you must check the laws of states, countries, and provinces of the intended destination and the laws en route to your final destination. Moreover, there are few differences in state laws, so ensure to inquire and abide by regulations. Also, you must provide your dog wears an identification tag with complete contact details and address.

Moving your favorite pet dog entails some transportation preparations and planning. Thus, sometimes, it is good to leave it to the professionals. Leave the dog transported to the professionals to avoid stress and difficulties.

How To Select Transport Dog Crates For Your Dog?

Are you on an extended vacation but want to take your dog with you? Do not worry; experts will give you a couple of tips on how you can make the best purchase for your dog.

Even if you are not on a vacation trip and still want to ride your dog to a park, you still need proper dog transportation. Law in many countries and states requires you to have appropriate dog transportation crates. Not only does that law require one, but it also gives you comfortable driving; it is safer for your dog. Moreover, you can keep your eyes on the road by not worrying about what your dog is doing, and she is safe.

Therefore, how to choose the right dog transport crate for your dog? First of all, the box must be big enough for the dog to be comfortable in there. Moreover, she can at least stand up and lie down without problems. Before purchasing, ask the seller if there are any sharp edges in the box. You do not want your dog to get hurt while on your wonderful trip. If your dog is small, the best solution would be to put the transport dog crate in the backseat of your car. 

These international dog transport crates are not so big, and before purchasing one of these small crates, check if you can fast the seatbelt to it. However, these caters will give more safety. Buy only a dog crate with windows, the dog can look around, and it will ventilate the dog crate. 

Types of dog transport crates:

There are various dog carrying crates; different materials are:

Plastic transport dog crates

Plastic dog crates are perfect if you have a small dog. However, they are light, easy to clean, easy to maintain, and easy to ventilate. Moreover, these are also famous as international dog transport crates. People usually carry these small plastic caters easily on flights.

Wooden transport dog crates

Wooden crates are suitable for big dogs, mainly the biggest chewers, and they cannot chew the wooden transport crate so fast. Moreover, wooden ones are easy to ventilate and easy to maintain. But be careful; since it is wood, check if you do not have termites near you. Those little good-for-nothing bugs can turn your wooden transport dog crate into sprinkles while your dog sleeps.

Metallic transport dog crates

Also, if termites did eat your wooden transport crate and your dog chewed your plastic one, there are the metallic transport dog crates. However, they are not so popular; they are heavy and hard to dog transport. Moreover, these caters are hard to ventilate and keep the right temperature in them and are mostly too expensive. 

Essential questions to ask before:

Here, finding the right pet transport company is essential, for the wrong one can make your pet’s journey difficult. Read the following to know the questions you ask before hiring a pet relocation service provider.

Is your transport company a member of IPATA? 

IPATA is an abbreviation for the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association. The association members follow ethical guidelines to provide top-notch pet transport services. By contacting a company member of IPATA, you can be confident that your pet’s safety is in reliable hands. Considering the dog transport company has an IPATA membership, ask for other details about the reliable company. If the company is not a member of IPATA, you can certainly look for alternatives.

How many years of experience do you have in this transportation service?

For the care of your loving pet, you can never take a chance by giving it inexperienced hands. Hence, before engaging a dog shipping company, you must not hesitate to ask about their experience in the transport business. For instance, with over 15 years of experience, various Pet Relocation services have become well-versed with every requirement of pet transport. Therefore, you should seek an experienced service provider to transport your pets to another place.

Are my dogs safe with you? 

Remember that your pet will not have you by its side on the flight. Therefore, you must ensure that a reliable dog transport service is there to take care of every minor and significant need of your pet while you are away. Moreover, the Pet Relocation services professionals arrange safe crates so your pet can enjoy a stress-free journey. Furthermore, they update you on the move’s status and your pet’s well-being during the trip.

Do you assist with paperwork? 

Legal documentation is essential for any business. However, these national or international dog transport services are also a significant business type.

Being a layman, you might not know how to manage all the paperwork desired for a hassle-free move of your dogs abroad. Thus, it becomes essential to seek assistance from a professional pet transport company. So, they deal with preparing and filing applications for exit and entry permits of other land. Hiring services from such a pet transport company saves you from unnecessary hassles and ensures your pet can experience a smooth journey.

Therefore, moving your pets, both domestically and abroad, is not easy. However much you love your dogs, it might get overwhelming for you to arrange for their transport. It is why you need a professional pet transfer service. Make sure you ask the above-listed questions before entrusting the transportation service provider with the responsibility of your dogs.


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