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Things to know about Web Hosting Provider

Are you starting an eCommerce business or an online company? Well, for both things, you need to know your goals and business requirements.

For an online business Google Suite is a very important online tool that improves productivity and secure data. So, before you start running your online business, you need to know all the factors responsible for growth. 

In this write-up, we will discuss a few things that you must know about web hosting experts or companies. Moreover, we have mentioned the ways of choosing a perfect hosting plan. Let’s get started.

Key Points to Know About Website Hosting Provider

1. What Is The Responsibility Of A Web Hosting Provider? 

First, you have to know what a web hosting service provider does for your company. So, the first and major work of the hosting provider is to make your website live so that the target audience can access it. Furthermore, they will offer you some other things like:


With the help of the server, your website host makes it live. Moreover, it’s responsible for supporting the traffic to a website.

The website hosting expert will ‘host’ a website on their servers, so the target audience can easily access it via the internet.

Storage Space  

A website will have videos, text, images, and other files with a code. So, here your hosting provider will offer a space where users can store all media files or website code.


The domain is known as a website’s address which allows visitors to browse websites. For instance, is a website domain, and it can help users to find a website. So, a website hosting service provider helps you to choose a domain name that is suitable for your website.

2. Different Types Of Web hosting Plans 

  1. Cloud Hosting

The cloud hosting plan allows different virtual cloud servers to operate together to host a group of websites. Also, a website can easily manage a sudden hype in traffic with a cloud hosting plan. The cloud-hosted website is not restricted to a single server.

Further, the resources allocated can shrink and expand dynamically and rely on the total number of traffic you can get. This plan is an incredible choice for websites with large traffic.

  1. Dedicated Hosting

With the most preferred dedicated hosting plan, the website can get the entire server. Also, it helps to make a website work faster and securely.

Undoubtedly, it’s an excellent solution for a large-scale website having an expensive plan and high traffic. You just have to pay a little more money for this plan. It serves the highest configuration, ease in installing, customization, and flexibility.

  1. Virtual Private Server Hosting

In a VPS hosting plan, every website gets stored in a powerful server divided into various virtual compartments. Moreover, the software server can be separately configured, and it helps every unit to function independently. When users are much concerned about the safety of website security, then they can go for a VPS hosting plan.

  1. Shared Hosting

With shared Hosting, website owners can share physical servers with many websites. However, here you can’t own a separate account. On the other hand, this plan is affordable but has restricted features.

3. Do You Need SSL Security?

Well, no doubt SSL security plays an important role for a website. SSL certificates help to encrypt customer data and your website. Also, SSL ensures no outside can steal or hack your data. This certificate is useful for operating a website, and the customer will believe on your website that their personal information will be safe.

The role of an SSL certificate:

  • It encrypts any data which flows between your visitors and your website. This indicates that website hackers can’t see any information exchanged between visitors and a website.
  • Increase the security of your website, which means your business will be counted among the most reliable businesses. Also, the name of your website will appear as ‘https:\\’ instead of ‘http:\\.’
  • Google will rank your business name high on search results if you add an SSL certificate.

Final Words

Now, you might have understood the important things that everyone should know before starting an online business. If you are looking for the best Singapore web hosting providers, then we can help you out. Oryon can help business owners to operate their websites smoothly and without any hassle. Moreover, you will find an expert and skilled team to deal with your project.

Moreover, it’s highly recommended to choose the right plan for access to Google Suite and its exciting features. It will help to improve the working process of your organization.

Best of luck!


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