Three Key Differences Between Shared and Dedicated Hosting

Even there is a huge difference between shared and dedicated hosting by the name itself. Both shared and dedicated hosting have their set of advantages and disadvantages thus both are chosen according to the need. But still, the differences between the two hosting solutions are easily visible due to the differences between the names and functionalities. Therefore, here we will discuss the key differences between shared and dedicated hosting.


Shared and dedicated hosting is a hosting solution as simple as shared or dedicated. If you are using a shared hosting account then you have to share the server resources. Your website will be sharing the computer with other people’s websites. If you are on a dedicated hosting account then you will be the only one to access the server. Moreover, you do not have to share the server resources with other individuals which is the best part of investing in dedicated hosting.


There are three main differences between shared and dedicated hosting. They are Ecosystem, Price, and Control. All these are the major differences between the two hosting solutions.


  1. Ecosystem
  2. Price
  3. Control


The basic comparison between shared hosting and dedicated hosting is like living in an apartment and living in your home. Your identity and character are often recognized by the society you live in. If you are staying in a bad ecosystem with neighbors then you can be a part of illegal activities, which is highly not recommended for any purpose. If you want to have some genuine customers and get the best output then you need to be in a good environment.

The same concept can take place with the hosting account you are using. If other web servers are sharing it with other scammers then your potential data will also be at risk. It will also affect the overall performance of your website which is not at all suitable for any business. You will also have to work a lot harder to rank the website on the search engine if your site is in a bad ecosystem.


Obviously, the price of a dedicated server is going to be expensive as compared to the shared hosting. You have to invest a huge sum of money in purchasing a dedicated server while you can get shared hosting at cheap prices. It is easy to understand that renting a house is cheaper than purchasing a house. Management needs to cut down the costs so you do not feel that dedicated hosting is expensive.


Again, remembering the apartment versus your own home analogy, you can compare the amount of control you want to have in your house. Since you are the owner of the house thus you can choose the level of security and features you want in the house.

If you are living in an apartment then every action your neighbor does will affect your privacy. If your neighbor has a disaster-like fire in the apartment then it will also burn your home. In shard hosting, your neighbor can do something that can crash your server and it will affect your server as well. Anything the other server does will affect your website. If the user installs the script or gets a virus then it will also affect your server. 


Both shared hosting and dedicated hosting are very different from each other. Their name itself specifies the differences between the two hosting solutions. Above we have compared both the hosting options on the basis of their ecosystem, price, and control. If you want any of the two hosting solutions then you can get it according to your preference.

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