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Tips To Boost Internet Speed And Avoid Network Interruption

Slow internet speed is a common problem on cellular networks and Wi-Fi connections. In most cases, interruptions are responsible for causing issues in a network and decreasing the internet speed. With the help of suitable approaches, you can resolve various network problems.

For instance, if you are getting low data speeds while using the internet on your smartphone, using a mobile phone booster can help fix the issue. Similarly, many internet service providers suggest users invest in a distributed antenna system for better network coverage.

Do you also face issues like dropped calls, delayed messages, or poor signal strength?

You should be familiar with the basic factors that affect a network and ultimately the internet speed. For your help, we have mentioned the common reasons that cause network interruption along with some tips that help you eliminate the respective issues. So, let’s check them out.

Common Causes For Network Interruption

Outdated Hardware

Have you been using the same router for many years? If yes, there is a high chance that it is not up-to-date and causing interruptions in the network. Outdated hardware can be the reason behind the issue if you have started facing the slow internet problem for a year or so. Because when you initially bought the hardware, it could work properly according to the network configuration.

But, over time, the network is upgraded and new software updates are pushed for the hardware. Most companies provide software updates for a few years only. Afterward, they discontinue the support from their side. For this reason, the networking hardware becomes outdated and can’t provide the required internet speed.

Interference By Buildings

All the network transmission happens with the help of wireless signals that travel from your respective device to the cellular tower and vice-versa. But, residential and commercial buildings act as a barrier to wireless signals. Not only concrete, other materials used in the buildings such as coated glass, insulating materials, and electrical wirings, interfere with the network. As a result, you don’t get the required speed because the signals get weak when they reach your device. 

Poor Network Coverage

Say, you updated your hardware, and also figured out a way to minimize the interference by buildings to eliminate the network interruptions. But, if the network coverage is poor in the first place, all the corrective measures become ineffective.

Poor network coverage means that your respective carrier is unable to provide the required signal strength in your area. This problem generally occurs when you are living at a remote location or the carrier’s cellular network is not optimized for a particular area.

Faulty Cables

Faulty cables are another common reason why people get low internet speeds. So, it is advised to check your internet cables and ensure they are working properly. Even if they are not damaged and seem fine from the outside, they can still be faulty.

A good way to check is to measure the data transmission speeds. Every cable has a particular rate at which it can transfer the data. If the speed is not as expected, there is likely a problem with the cable. Moreover, it may have become outdated.

Tips To Increase Internet Speed

Reboot The Router

If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, consider rebooting the router. It is the simplest method that can fix the issues with the network. When you restart the router, the hardware and software are recalibrated from scratch. So, if any problems are there, they automatically get resolved. Moreover, if your internet service provider has pushed an update for the router, rebooting can help you upgrade to the latest version. 

Use A Mobile Phone Booster

If you are facing a slow internet problem on your smartphone, using a mobile phone booster is possibly the best fix for your problem. Even if the respective provider has low coverage in your area, this hardware can amplify the available signals and provide you with good internet speeds.

So, the problems like dropped calls, delayed messages, and slow internet browsing are automatically eliminated. In addition to all of this, the network coverage is greatly expanded. So that communication is not hindered in any way. Also, the voice quality has increased. Consequently, you will save time and have the utmost comfort and peace of mind.

All in all, a mobile phone signal booster is an affordable solution that can be easily installed to improve network connectivity in your home, office, and other areas. 

Try Changing Your Location

In your home or office, you may have noticed that there is a particular spot where the internet speed is very high. Whereas in some sections of the building the speed is not so good. It happens because the signal strength is varied in different areas of the home and office due to various reasons.

You can try experimenting and finding out in which sections of the buildings the coverage is good and use the internet there, if convenient. Usually, the internet speed is good on the upper floors and rooms that don’t have any obstructions outside them. For similar reasons, internet speeds are poor in basements and underground parking. 

Switch Between Carriers

Switching between the carriers can be helpful if the cause of the slow cellular data speed is the signal-blocking building material, the weather, or any of the other factors mentioned above. Regardless of the carrier you choose, there will always be some places with patchy coverage in the outlying locations. Here, if any of the family members use a different carrier with great internet connectivity, you can switch to that option. However, do look for the data plans before you proceed.

Invest in DAS Antenna System

Another effective solution to get rid of network interruptions is installing a DAS antenna system in the respective building. It involves setting up multiple small antennas across the home or office, rather than a single central antenna. 

As a result, you get good network coverage indoors and outdoors in the respective building. Moreover, DAS reduces the overall power usage to keep the network up and working. So, you not only get good internet speeds but also save on electricity expenses. For this reason, DAS comes under use in multiple cases like hotels, airports, tunnels and large organizations, etc to facilitate good network coverage while minimizing interruptions.

Change Your Internet Service Provider

It can be a possibility that your internet service provider doesn’t offer good services in your area. All the tips and methods to decrease network interruptions only work when your carrier is at least providing a considerable signal strength.

If you are unable to get good internet speeds after implementing all the tips, you can consider changing your service provider. Research and find out which carriers offer the best services in your area. Accordingly, most of the network interruptions eliminate when you switch to a reliable internet service provider.


With the help of the above points, you can have more clarity on the potential reasons for slow internet speeds, and the best approaches to get those issues resolved. In most cases, it is the networking hardware that has the issues. Either it becomes outdated or there is a need for installing additional equipment. For detailed guidance, you can reach out to a reputable telecommunication company to get the right advice and equipment to eliminate network interruptions. This way, you can get the best internet speeds and network coverage for your home, office, or any other place. 







Lisa is working as a Marketing Executive at Fixtel in Australia. She has an Experience of 5 years in Marketing of Telecommunication Services and products.

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