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Top 11 Monsoon Blooms For The Indian Climate!

As the monsoons descend on the Indian peninsula, many green gardening aficionados hope for a bumper crop. While some people in India look forward to growing unique rainy season flowers, others Send Flowers Online to their near and dear ones and help them beautify their living space. Whether you enjoy gardening or want to enjoy the pleasures of pre-arranged flowers without getting your hands dirty, there is no denying that monsoon blossoms are simply captivating! So, what kinds of plants can you cultivate this season? 

Here are some of India’s most beautiful Rainy Season Flowers, which will be at their most beautiful this season!


The marigold flowers, which come in various colors ranging from orange to yellow to red, are the pride of Indian gardens. The flower is widely used in Hindu ceremonies and devotion. 

It has a two-tone appearance with contrasting border and blooms for 3-4 months after two months after seeding.


Hibiscus is a funnel-shaped flower with five petals native to the tropics. The golden stamens protruding from the tube provide a beautiful visual effect. Furthermore, flower colors range from white to yellow to pink to red, orange, peach, and purple. From mid-summer to early monsoon, the blooms bloom frequently. 


The sunflower’s petals are sterile florets arranged in a spiral pattern. The bloom can be yellow, red, or orange, with a green circular head made up of disc florets. Young sunflowers ingeniously follow the sun as it moves from east to west, whereas older sunflowers face east continuously rather than going east to west.


This plant is famous for its color and thin leaves. It’s native to tropical and subtropical climates, and it was once used to make dye. Furthermore, this is one of the most attractive rainy-day flowers.

Monsoon Cassia

The allure of wet seasons is monsoon cassia. It has five yellow petals grouped in a pinwheel pattern on its flower. The flower blooms in dense clusters seem overrun by blossoms that lack leaves. The months of May through July are when Monsoon cassia blooms. Order flowers online and add colors and freshness to your living space. 


Purslane may be a gorgeous specimen in your yard, with five petals in single or bicolor and succulent stalks. You may plant them in window boxes, pots, or even as a groundcover, and they will thrive in every situation. Purslane’s open cup-like blooms close at night, then unfold anew in the morning.


Balsam has double petals and comes in various hues, including pink, red, lilac, and white. Succulent stalks with spirally arranged leaves support the emphasizing bloom. In addition, blooming begins approximately 60 days after seeding and lasts for another 15-20 days.

Cape Jasmine

The white, waxy flowers of cape jasmine can be single or double depending upon the variety. The matte white shade flower that gradually becomes yellow contrasts with emerald green leaves. It usually flowers from mid-spring to summer, but some cultivars continue flowering till the rainy seasons. 


The lovely lotus needs no introduction! The large, green leaves of this aquatic plant float on the surface of the water. The lotus unfurls on a delicate, airy stem that stands upright in the water. 

The petal distribution can be single, double, or multi-layer, with the pinnacles of the petals overlapping. In addition, blossoming begins in June and lasts until August.


While sitting on the slender stalks, these delicacies resemble daisy blossoms. Cosmos has a cup-shaped flower head with 5-8 petals that range from white to pink to orange to purple. Furthermore, the blooms are encircled by fern-like, feathery foliage, and their quirky beauty may be seen from spring through October.


The lovely flowery aroma of the starry flower is strongest at night and early in the morning. 

The white to cream blossom with golden tinges in the center appears attractive in any garden. These sweet-scented blossoms also bloom regularly during the summer, monsoon, and fall. Order online flower delivery in chennai with these beautiful plumeria and surprise your love ones.


The five linear petals of the periwinkle flower might be pastel pink, red-violet, white, or even pale blue in hue. Its petals encircle a tube that has a dark pink hue to it. The flower prefers full sun with occasional partial shade, native to Madagascar’s sunny climate. 

From summer through fall, the magnificent flower blooms regularly.

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