Top 5 Car Rental Insurance Variations You Need To Know

Car Rental Insurance Variations In Rent A Car Dubai

Insurance is a policy in which you contract with a company and it protects your goods in return. When you rent a car, it provides you with a variety of insurance. There are several types of car rental insurance that can help when you want to rent a cheap car. Here we will discuss the top 5 car rental insurance variations which you need to know when you want to get services like rent a car in Dubai or rent a car in Dubai monthly.

Off-Road Travel Insurance

As you know, UAE is a desert country. Much of it is surrounded by deserts. If you plan to have fun here, you need to be a little more careful in choosing a car. You select the vehicle that is suitable for off-road trips. The Prado or Land Cruiser is best for this type of fun. This type of car insurance is suitable for you. You can enjoy trips in these types of cars without any hesitation. If you want to travel on road, avoid selecting such insurance vehicles. 

We recommend that you carefully review the lease agreement to ensure that this type of insurance is paid in advance. reviewing any agreement is a good habit.  Especially when you don’t want to get out of the way.

Road maintenance Insurance

This is the most important insurance coverage which we recommend. This type of insurance is very helpful and it covers potential hazards such as flat tires, mechanical damage, repairs and road damage. Such incidents happen unexpectedly and one should be prepared for them at all times. 

No claim bonus

This type of insurance is very suitable for drivers with a clean and good record. If the driver’s record is very good, it can reduce the cost of your insurance. If you see records that no insurance claims have been made in the last few years, this can reduce the cost of insurance.

Windscreen coverage

Windscreen coverage is a very special type of insurance which is very in windscreen damage when you rent a car Dubai. This type of insurance is very helpful if you rent a vehicle in bad weather or an old model vehicle. This type of insurance protects you from such damage. 

Short-term travel coverage

This type of insurance is very beneficial for travellers going to Dubai or UAE. Travellers to Dubai choose this type of coverage because it is a very cheap service. As an experienced car rental user, You should double-check whether the rental car company includes this insurance coverage in your total cost. Or do you have to pay separately? in the latter case, You may want to buy a few items. This is because there will be no cheaper alternative than the option the car rental agent has chosen.


If you want to travel around Dubai and rent a car, Kohistan Rent A car provides a transparent and affordable rental service. They provide these insurance policies to their customer at cheap rates. You get their services for fast, safe and cheap travel.


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