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Top 6 Simple Steps to Learn SEO 

We suggest Screaming Frog SEO Spider for use as the best technical SEO auditing tool since it provides a variety of audit-specific technical features that help you monitor the health of your SEO strategy in a precise manner. It is free to download the version right now to begin.

43% of customer interactions begin by using the search engine. If you’re trying to market your products spread awareness about an event, bring attendees to your event, or get readers on your blog. They are most likely to locate you via the search engine. So, you require an active presence on search engines, and it is done by optimizing your search engine (SEO).The issue is, everyone and her cat uses SEO to increase their reach on the internet. However, that does not mean that they’re doing it correctly or even effectively. 

If you have a thorough knowledge of the various aspects of SEO and can apply the technique to your advantage. It’s a good investment. 70% of marketers believe their efforts to promote their business online including SEO and content, bring top-quality leads.

The 6 Best Technical SEO Audit Tools

We’ve conducted numerous technical audits. After extensive research, we’ve compiled our six top SEO auditing devices that are worth the price of gold. A screaming Frog SEO Spider is the best option for the majority of users since it comes with a great features list and a powerful free plan. Get the free version now to begin.

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider The best choice for websites with less than 500 URLs

  • Semrush Site Audit — Best for large-scale enterprises
  • Google Search Console — Ideal for in-depth analysis of indexes
  • Ahrefs Site Audit – The best choice for auditing content on websites
  • Sitechecker —  Sitechecker is a great tool for business owners who are just starting and internal marketers.
  • Lumar — Great for customizing reports

Learn SEO in 6 Easy Steps

In this article, you’ll be taught the basic principles of SEO, which will allow you to develop a successful strategy. We’ll also guide you to tools and resources that will help you in your journey to SEO.

  • Understand How Search Engines Work
  • Master Google’s Ranking Factors
  • Learn How to Do Keyword Research
  • Learn to Get to Grips with technical SEO
  • Discover Link Building
  • Stay up-to-date by using the right information

1: Understand How Search Engines Work

If someone searches for your content or business, you’d like your website to be at the top of the page. SEO aims to ensure that you keep improving your site’s position on the results from search engines.

We’ll be focusing on how you can increase your search results on Google since the other engines for search, including Bing do not come close to Google’s market position of 92.12 percent.

Google sends crawlers (bots) which devour all the web’s content. It indexes your website or, more precisely adds your website’s pages to the database. The system also rates your site and pages based on several factors to give the best solutions for users’ searches. 

If your site matches what users are searching for, Google is then able to build your website using its database. The first stage of SEO is to make sure that Google can crawl and find your website easily.

2: Master Google’s Ranking Factors

Ranking factors are the characteristics or metrics Google utilizes to evaluate the relevancy and quality of your websites for any given search. They determine what you put on the pages of results for search engines (SERPs). According to experts, there are about 200 ranking factors that are known to be relevant. Don’t be overwhelmed by this, or get involved in the various ranking factors. What you must be aware of is that in the present SEO world. 

Google wants to provide complete results from reliable sources and wants its users to enjoy a positive experience when visiting your site. These are the fundamental principles to keep an eye on to enhance SEO.

3: Learn How to Do Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of finding and analysing the terms phrases, words, and queries people search through Google. By using an SEO tool like Semrush or Ahrefs you can find the most searched-for keywords. 

Which people search for the most often and how often they are searched for, the related keywords, the amount of competition that exists on these specific keywords and so on. This information will help you determine which keywords to focus on and also your general SEO strategies.

4. Get into Grips using Technical SEO

There are two major aspects to SEO. One is the use of content and keywords; the other is the technical SEO. The latter refers to how you can optimize your site to allow Google to crawl and comprehend it. This is important since as you’ve observed elements of SEO that are technical affect search engine rankings.

Here are a few of the most crucial technological optimizations:

  • Utilizing HTTPS secures – The link to your site and ensures that it is secure. Google Chrome even flags sites which don’t have HTTPS as insecure.
  • Improve the vitality of your website – They break down the elements of the speed of your site like the amount of time required for the most important elements to download, e.g., images and videos, as well as the amount of time it takes your website to become interactive, e.g., when users click something.
  • Fix broken links and pages – This can cause an error page whenever visitors to websites click on them. This is an unsatisfactory user experience for Google.
  • Structured data is added – This is the code you can add to your websites that makes how Google shows results for searches more effective. For example, it adds an asterisk or a phone number under your link on the results page of a search engine page.
  • Repair crawl error – Locate and fix the pages Google cannot crawl. e.g. the case of a duplicate of a page, Google’s crawlers don’t know what to crawl.

5: Discover Link Building

Link building is the process of employing marketing strategies to get bloggers and influencers, thought-leaders and websites with a strong reputation to backlink to your website. 

They are believed to be among Google’s three most important ranking factors. If you have more hyperlinks the greater trust and authority is passed to your site, thereby increasing the search engine ranking.

An ideal place to begin linking is to study the backlink profiles of your competitors. Semrush’s Backlink Gap tool shows where your backlinks connect with competitors, as well as the best chances of building links to beat your competitors.

6: Keep Up-To-Date with the Best Resources

The guidelines and best SEO methods are constantly changing. Google changes the algorithm it employs to rank websites regularly, some estimate 12 times each day on average.

Don’t fret too much. The fundamental principles that define the current SEO landscape will not be altered anytime shortly. This is the requirement to show that your website is reliable and easy to navigate. 

And contains a lot of high-quality content and other such things. That is what should you be doing to create an excellent experience for your visitors in the first place.

It is crucial to stay up-to-date on the latest news from Google which could affect your SEO’s performance. Additionally, you should continue to study the best strategies and methods to beat your competition.

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Final Thoughts About Learning SEO

Marketing professionals and companies of all sizes should know about SEO. Many online adventures start with a Google search at the very least. There are some basic concepts you should know and methods that you need to learn if want to become an SEO expert.

These are the fundamentals for understanding how engines operate and the things that Google believes to be the most significant ranking elements. If you’re able to conduct keyword research, perform search engine optimization (SEO) and construct links, you’re well on the way to understanding SEO

However, as the SEO industry is constantly evolving, it is essential to keep up to current with the latest news in Google as well as the SEO industry to continue to do SEO effectively.

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