Top Causes of Car battery Drain

Why Does My Battery Die?

If your car battery is draining out too quickly, it may be time to change the battery. However, before you go throwing money at the problem, or take a car battery service let’s take a look at some of the other possible causes of car battery drain and how you can address them so that your new purchase acts as a long-term investment.

The first thing you might want to do is read this article about the top 8 causes of car battery drain and start acting on them today!

Why Does My Battery Die?

Thousands of discharge-recharge reactions take place during the course of a battery’s life. The plates get a little bit worn out with each cycle, and the lead gets worse over time. Cold-cranking amps drop when your automobile battery’s capacity decreases.

A significant amount of battery failures are caused by deep draining, which occurs when you use the battery to power your car’s audio, lights, or other electrical equipment when the engine is off. When your battery is used in this way for an extended period of time and then recharged through driving, the sulphur in the electrolyte solution may adhere to the lead and cause further harm to the battery plates.

8 Causes of Car battery drain

1. Parasitic Drain –

The parasitic drain happens when the alternator or starter gives power to the car’s circuits but does not actually charge the battery. The best way to combat this one is to change your charging habits and avoid doing things such as using your phone while your vehicle is running.

2. Defective alternator –

The major cause of tripping the alternator, along with older cars and worn battery cables, is faulty wiring. Even if you do not know exactly how the wiring is done, a complete check will reveal if the wiring being put in place is up to date and in good shape. Old wires can also lead to parasitic drains.

3. Worn battery cables –

If you have seen a worn cable at your local auto parts store, that leads you to believe that this might be the real issue. To confirm or check it you can visit a car mechanic shop.

4. Old battary –

With older cars, the battery may have simply reached its end days. Replace the batteries with new ones that are compatible with your vehicle’s needs and you should be fine.

5. Poor maintenace –

A poor maintenance schedule that does not include routine checkups or the correct use of charging sources means that your car battery will not be able to perform at its maximum efficiency level. This can lead to early wear and failure and ultimately shortens the life of a battery.

6. Extreme temperatures –

The temperatures are what is leading the battery to fail without proper care, which means that you will need to take action as soon as possible.

7. Worn alternator belt –

The alternator belt also happens to be an item that needs replacing every two hundred miles, and if it is not doing its job properly, then you will eventually notice signs of wear and tear and a car battery drain problem.

8. Faulty charging –

The whole process of charging the car battery can become faulty without the correct use of equipment. With the wrong charging source, a vehicle may be charged with too much current, which will lead to a drained battery.

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