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Top PPC Strategies for Amazon Sellers 2022

Amazon advertising is now an integral part of the arsenal of all major sellers. Amazon’s advertising services currently account for more than 13% of all digital advertising expenditure

In a marketplace that is dominated by Facebook and Google Amazon’s rapid growth is powered by the efficiency of ads sponsored by advertisers.

As with any digital marketing service the campaigns you run will be little if they fail to increase your sales or improve your overall bottom line. If you don’t manage your campaigns properly, an Amazon PPC campaign usually has negative results – you lose many dollars. Understand how to set up Amazon PPC with the Best Amazon PPC Course.

How do you ensure this doesn’t occur? How can you increase your profits through Amazon PPC? So, here are seven suggestions and strategies to ensure that you are successful in your PPC campaigns in 2022.

1. Leverage the negative targeting feature

The reason is simple. When you stop spending money on keywords that don’t work the desired results, you’ll have more money to spend on the best performing keywords. This will reduce your ad spending as well as your ACoS.

How do you recognize negative keywords? In general, you should be looking for keywords that receive a lot of clicks but not converting.

However, you should ensure that the keywords do not pertain to the product you are selling.

Sometimes, lowering the bid can be enough in certain cases, particularly for keywords that generate lots of traffic.

2. Keyword research with automatic campaigns

Talk to any PPC expert and they’ll inform you that properly optimized manual campaigns can be more profitable than automated campaigns.

In an automated advertising campaign, the Amazon algorithm searches and then bids on keywords that are relevant to the campaign. The algorithm continuously finds relevant and relevant keywords based on your ads and your previous sales data.

There are times when Amazon uncovers gold in the form of a keyword. If you find it, all you need to do is shift it from the automated program to a manual one to optimize it further.

Of course, this is easy to understand in principle. It typically involves reading lots of search terms reports, as well as lots of information.

You can prevent that from happening by using software like SellerApp which have keyword harvesting capabilities – it’ll help you save a few hours and remove the chance for human errors.

3. Bid on long-tail keywords

This approach is ideal suitable for new sellers as well as new products, particularly in a market that is competitive.

In these circumstances it is advised to stay clear of bidding on most searched-for and competitive keywords.

The cost-per-click can be high, and products that have higher reviews, ratings and organic rankings are more likely to make a sale. It will cost you an enormous amount of money to receive the smallest amount of return.

There’s less competition, so the cost per click will be less. Your campaign will not receive more views, but your ACoS will appear more attractive.

In the long run in the long-term, the extra sales and a higher conversion rate will boost your product’s organic standing.

As your product’s ranking organically improves, you are able to slowly begin adding more keywords that are competitive to your advertising campaign!

4. Start bidding on your brand name

The best method to protect your business and safeguard your customers is to bid for your brand’s name.

In this way, you can will be able to charge more to buy them, while getting a portion of the ads for yourself (you’ll be able to see the three of the first three sponsored ads are on the results page)

5. Bid on your competitor’s brand name

For a majority of companies, this is advertising 101. This is especially the case for smaller brands.

One of the best ways to increase sales and visibility is to bid against your competitors – particularly the larger brands.

However, if your rival isn’t paying attention then you could see an enormous increase in sales.

Make sure you are aware of your margins and your business goals but. If the cost per click is too expensive, it could be detrimental.

6. Automate your campaigns

Controlling your PPC campaigns could take several hours each day. There are plenty of mundane tasks you don’t have time to focus on. The time you should have should be focused on high-level strategy.

There are many tools available, such as SellerApp will help you automate the repetitive aspects in Your PPC campaigns.

I would recommend automated systems that are based on rules because they provide you with greater control over the process of automation.

The keywords and the bidding strategy is yours to decide and the tool will handle the negative and positive targeting as well as bid optimizing.

Automation can be particularly beneficial for those who have multiple PPC campaigns. managing multiple campaigns can be an all-time job that is susceptible to human mistakes. Automatization tools can solve both of these issues.

7. Learn to let go

Making money from Amazon is all about getting the perfect product. If there’s no market for a product there’s no reason to advertise it.

If you don’t have the proper product, I don’t suggest promoting it. This is as if you flushed money in the toilet.

But you shouldn’t make your decision based on a small amount of information. If you’re driving clicks but your results are not great, then optimizing your product’s listing could help to alter the tide.

If, however, your product listings as well as PPC campaigns are optimized, but your product is not selling, it’s sensible to stop the campaign and stop wasting your ad spending.

This is also true for items which have seen demand decline too. You must be able to improve and adjust to compete in the Amazon market.

An item that’s popular now may not be popular in the near future. Be sure to monitor your campaigns to find products that don’t work, and then think about eliminating it or changing your marketing strategy to accommodate it.

Final thoughts

One of the risks is visibility – you don’t want your business to appear on the third page of search results.

Given the numerous choices available to customers with regards to the variety of options available on Amazon and other sites, it’s important to make your mark. Advertisements sponsored by sponsors are among the methods that you can accomplish this.

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