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Legal translation is rendering a legal text from one language into another. Legal translation involves translating contracts, proposals, wills and deeds, trusts, litigation papers, arbitration documents, court transcripts, agreements, laws, witness statements, regulations, testaments, birth certificates, bank deposits, immigration documents, reports, legal rulings, and notarized documents, among others. Drafted by men of law legal language is complex and full of legal jargon and archaic words that is not easy to be understood by regular people. In some cases, legal documents need to be translated into plain language to be better understood. Alsun Legal Translation Dubai introduces the best tips on translating legal documents into plain language.

A recent study, focused on the impact of plain language in legal documents, found that 72 percent of readers preferred plain language over the original text, 38 percent were more likely to understand what they read and 41 percent were more likely to retain the message. Also, 34 percent were more likely to accept and appreciate the message.

Tips to get Legal Translation in Plain Language

Legal translation is a very challenging task that needs to be done accurately and needs extensive knowledge of legal terminology and practices. The most important benefit of translating into plain language is probably that all people, and not only the lawyers, will understand the text.

There are some points to consider when providing legal translation from Arabic to English and in plain language.

In fact, Legal documents need special treatment, so when translating documents into plain language, it is crucial to:

  • Understand how and where the translation will be used.
  • Leave no room for ambiguities.
  • There are certain words and terms that have a very specific meaning in law, do not be changed or use alternatives for it.
  • Avoid leaving out important provisions.
  • Maintain the meaning clear and accurate.
  • Do not reduce rights.
  • Be familiar with your own country’s terminology concerning the ones mentioned specifically in the document.

How much is legal translation accurate?

The legal translation should always be done accurately. The slightest mistake could lead to a complicated legal process. So, when translating legal documents into plain English jargon is being translated into an ordinary language that everyone can understand and at the same time maintain the original meaning. However, you must be careful with certain words and terms which are very specific and must not be changed. Here are some examples of legal terms with specific meanings in law:

  1. Indemnity – this cannot be changed to “pay you back” or “reimburse you
  2. Intellectual Property Rights
  3. Moral Rights

Alsun Legal Translation Dubai gives some examples of terms and words turned into plain language:

Legal Plain Translation
per annum per year, a year, annually
sell, transfer, and assign Sell
Wherein in the
Purchase Buy
with respect to in connection with
provided that if, but only if
whilst While
provision [of the agreement] Term
hereinabove above [or omit and then cross-reference]
hereinafter below [or omit and then cross-reference]


Alsun Legal Translation Office Dubai provides professional Legal Translation of English to Arabic and vice versa at the best prices and on assigned deadlines.  We tailor our services to meet our clients’ specific needs and requirements. We translate your legal documents into plain English accurately. For more information contact us now!

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